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Numerous people have worn the mantle of the Hawk over the years. Here's a run-down on the Hawkmen, Hawkwomen, and other assorted Hawkpeople who have flown the skies of the DC Universe since 1940, plus their friends and enemies.

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Despite his reputation as a big, flying Continuity Snarl, Hawkman's history has been more or less sorted out. (For now.) Here is, more or less, how the Winged Wonder's history works out in the current DC Universe.

Hawkman I

AKA: Carter Hall

In Ancient Egypt, Prince Khufu discovered a crashed alien vessel from the planet Thanagar. Using the "Nth metal" that powered the craft, he and his beloved, Princess Chay-Ara, crafted golden wings that allowed them to become Egypt's greatest heroes, but the jealous priest Hath-Set killed them with an Nth metal knife. This began a cycle of reincarnation as Khufu and Chay-Ara were reborn throughout the ages, always to meet and fall in love, and always to die at the hands of the reincarnated Hath-Set.

In the early 20th century, Khufu was reincarnated as American archeologist Carter Hall, who became the costumed hero Hawkman alongside Shiera Saunders as Hawkgirl. Hawkman became one of the founders of the Justice Society of America and later its chairman. He retired with the rest of the Golden Age mystery men, but when the Silver Age began, he joined the Justice League of America as a mentor to the younger heroes. After Crisis on Infinite Earths, he and the rest of the JSA were banished to Limbo to stave off Ragnarok, but were rescued during Armageddon 2001; during Hall's absence, Fel Andar and Katar Hol assumed the mantle of Hawkman in succession.

During Zero Hour, Carter Hall merged with Shiera, Katar Hol, and the Hawkgod to become a composite Hawkman, who was later killed. Years later, a cult of Thanagarian priests resurrected Carter Hall, who now retains the memories of his past lives and Katar Hol's. Hall remains active as the current Hawkman.

(Before Hawkworld, Carter Hall lived on Earth-Two and had remained a member of the JSA throughout the Silver Age and the Bronze Age.)

Hawkman II

AKA: Fel Andar / Carter Hall, Jr.

Fel Andar was a Thanagarian agent in deep cover on Earth, gathering information for an invasion. After Crisis on Infinite Earths, when Carter Hall was trapped in Limbo with the rest of the JSA, Andar posed as Carter Hall's long-lost son and, with a duped human woman as "Hawkwoman", joined Justice League International as Hawkman. Hawkwoman learned the truth and exposed Andar, who killed her and fled back to Thanagar, where he was imprisoned for failure.

Years later, during the Rann-Thanagar War, Fel Andar tried to reuinite with his son Charlie Parker and atone for his crimes, but was killed by the Tamaranian warlord Blackfire (sister of Starfire).

(Before Hawkworld, Fell Andar—two "l"s—was a Thanagarian spy who fought Katar Hol in The Shadow War of Hawkman, which was rendered out-of-continuity. The JLI's Hawkman and Hawkwoman were Katar and Shayera Hol.)

Hawkman III

AKA: Katar Hol / Carter Hall (pre-Hawkworld)

In the 1940s, Thanagarian nobleman Paran Katar visited Earth. Here, he met Carter Hall, who inspired him to create a corps of winged police officers called the Wingmen. He also fell in love with a Native American woman named Naomi, with whom he had a son, whom he named Katar Hol after Carter. Paran took his son back to Thanagar.

Katar became a Wingman, and after stopping the criminal Byth with the aid of his partner, Shayera Thal, they were sent to Earth as ambassadors not long after Fel Andar was sent as a spy. Katar was dubbed the new Hawkman by the press. He met Carter and Shiera Hall and learned of his half-human heritage, but due to their troubled relationship, Shayera broke away from him.

In Zero Hour, Katar was merged with Carter, Shiera, and the Hawkgod to become a composite Hawkman, but the conflicting voices in his mind drove him mad. He was banished to Limbo by Martian Manhunter and the sorcerer Arion. Years later, Carter Hall was resurrected on Thanagar with both his and Katar's memories. Katar lives on today in Carter Hall.

(Before Hawkworld, Katar and Shayera were married, arrived on Earth in the Silver Age, and were members of the Justice League through to the International era. After Hawkworld, their place in the pre-International League was taken by Carter and Shiera Hall and in the JLI by Fel Andar and Sharon Parker.)

Golden Eagle / Hawkman IV

AKA: Charlie Parker / Ch'al Andar

Charlie Parker was an orphan in Midway City who lived a troubled life of crime, but when he turned 18 he was taken in by Carter Hall, who gave him a job at his museum. Charlie idolized Hawkman, who gave him a Thanagarian battlesuit and trained him to fight crime as Golden Eagle. During an adventure with the Teen Titans, Charlie was apparently killed.

Years later, when Carter had apparently fallen in battle, Charlie resurfaced and took the identity of Hawkman and tried to seduce Kendra Saunders, the new Hawkgirl. She refused his advances and he tried to kill her, but Carter returned and stopped him. Charlie revealed that he was Ch'al Andar, the son of the impostors Fel Andar and Sharon Parker, and wanted revenge on Hawkman in the name of his father. Carter defeated Charlie and brought him to Thanagar for trial.

On Thanagar, Charlie was pardoned and became an officer on the Wingmen. During the Rann-Thanagar War, he was reunited with his father, who pled with him to give up his plans of revenge just before he was killed by Blackfire. He is currently living on Thanagar and has apparently abandoned his crusade against Carter Hall.

    Hawkgirl / Hawkwoman 

Hawkgirl I / Hawkwoman I

AKA: Shiera Saunders Hall

The modern-day reincarnation of the Egyptian princess Chay-Ara, Hawkwoman (originally known as Hawkgirl) has been reborn throughout the ages with her lover, Hawkman. She was a member of both the Justice Society and the League, though she was denied League membership until the move to their sattelite because she was deemed redundant with Hawkman.

Shiera was exiled to Limbo with Carter after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and escaped with him as well. She was merged into the composite Hawkman during Zero Hour, trapped in Limbo again, and resurrected in the body of her cousin, Kendra Saunders; Kendra died in Blackest Night, and Shiera was resurrected in her original body in Brightest Day.

(Before Hawkworld, Shiera lived on Earth-Two and remained a member of the JSA throughout the Silver and Bronze Ages; the JLA's Hawkwoman was Shayera Hol.)

Hawkwoman II

AKA: Sharon Parker / Sharon Hall

When Fel Andar infiltrated Earth, he fell in love with human woman Sharon Parker, and together they had a son, Charlie. He never told her about his Thanagarian origin. After Carter Hall disappeared following Crisis on Infinite Earths, when Charlie was four years old, Thanagar activated Andar. They brainwashed Sharon, and with Andar she joined Justice League International as Hawkwoman. Charlie was abandoned.

Eventually, Sharon discovered the truth about her husband and exposed him to the Justice League. For this betrayal, Andar murdered her.

(Before Hawkworld, the JLI's Hawkwoman was Shayera Hol.)

Hawkwoman III

AKA: Shayera Thal II / Shayera Hol (pre-Hawkworld) / Shiera Hall (pre-Hawkworld)

The daughter of disgraced Thanagarian noblewoman Shayera Thal I, Shayera conceived when her mother was only 13 and abandoned in Thanagar's Downside slums as an infant. She worked her way up into the Wingmen police, where she met Katar Hol.

Shayera and Katar traveled to Earth to apprehend the shapeshifting criminal Byth. They succeeded, and after working together on Earth for some time, they fell in love and decided to leave the corrupt Thanagar behind them. Earth's media dubbed them the new Hawkwoman and Hawkman.

When Katar was merged into the composite Hawkman during Zero Hour, the new Hawkman broke off his relationship with Shayera, who retired from the superhero life to become a police officer in Detroit. Years later, she took up the mantle of the hawk again to aid the resurrected Carter Hall and the new Hawkgirl, Kendra Saunders, to catch Byth one last time, after which she returned to Thanagar. She later aided the Hawks against Thanagar during the Rann-Thanagar War, but was killed by Blackfire.

(Before Hawkworld, Shayera Hol was Katar's wife, came to Earth in the Silver Age, and joined the JLA in the Bronze Age. Post-Hawkworld, her place in the JLA was taken by Shiera Hall and in the JLI by Sharon Parker.)

Hawkgirl II

AKA: Kendra Saunders

When the composite Hawkman died after being banished to Limbo, Shiera Hall's soul was not reincarnated as usual. Her young cousin Kendra Saunders attempted suicide, and Shiera's soul took up residence in her body. Her grandfather, adventurer Cyril Saunders, encouraged her to become the new Hawkgirl, but she had no memory of any of her past lives.

Kendra resisted the advances of the resurrected Carter Hall, of whom she had no memory. As time went on, however, she regained bits and pieces of her memories and reluctantly restarted her relationship with Carter. At the beginning of the Blackest Night, Carter and Kendra were attacked and killed by Black Lanterns; with her dying breath, Kendra admitted her love for Carter.

    Supporting Characters 

George Emmett

Joe Tracy

A public relations man who worked with Hawkman and Hawkwoman.

Mavis Trent

An archaeologist who worked for a Chicago museum. She flirted with Hawkman constantly.

  • Killed Off for Real: Pre-Hawkworld, she was killed by Thanagarian Wingmen in The Shadow War of Hawkman. This was rendered out-of-continuity by Hawkworld.
  • Love Triangle: With the Hawks, pre-Hawkworld.


AKA: Norda Cantrell

Silver Scarab

AKA: Hector Hall

Speed Saunders

AKA: Cyril Saunders

An American adventurer, detective, and secret agent. Speed was Shiera Saunders's first cousin and grandfather of Kendra. He was also a life-long friend of Wesley Dodds, the Sandman. Though now in his 80s, he remains as hale as ever.

Faraway Woman

AKA: Naomi Carter

A Cherokee medicine woman and the biological mother of Katar Hol.


Byth Rok

Former Wingman commander-turned-thief.

Fadeaway Man

AKA: Anton Lamont

The Gentleman Ghost

AKA: James Craddock


AKA: Anton Hastor

  • Archnemesis: To Carter and Shiera Hall.
  • Depending on the Writer: In early comics, Hath-Set was reincarnated countless times, along with Carter and Shiera. Though some comics claims that he's a disembodied spirit that can possess/manipulate his descendants.
    • In Geoff Johns' run, it is explained that his spirit evolved to the point where he could possess his descendants.
  • Grand Theft Me


AKA: Ira Quimby

Konrad Kaslak


AKA: Ed Dawson

The Manhawks

Matter Master

AKA: Mark Mandrill

The Monocle

AKA: Jonathan Cheval

Onimar Synn

The Shadow Thief

AKA: Carl Sands


Vandal Savage

AKA: Vandar Adg

See his own page for info.


Count Viper

AKA: Etienne Du Vipere