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Alan Scott/Green Lantern/Sentinel

And I shall shed my light over dark evil,
For the dark things cannot stand the light,
The light of the Green Lantern!

Alan Wellington Scott is the original Green Lantern. Bill Finger and Martin Nodell created the character in 1940, long before Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps were a twinkle in John Broome's eye.

Engineer Alan Scott was traveling on a train when it derailed in a fiery crash, thanks to a sabotaged bridge. Everyone else on the train died, but Alan survived thanks to the protective powers of a mysterious green lantern. A voice filled his mind instructing him to fashion a power ring from the lantern's metal. After bringing the saboteurs to justice, Alan Scott adopted the identity and garish costume of the Green Lantern, the better to make an impression on the criminals he fought against. He climbed his way up the social ladder to become first a broadcaster, and later the owner of Gotham City's biggest media corporation. Meanwhile, as the Green Lantern, he helped found the Justice Society of America and kept Gotham safe from supervillains, fascists, and other threats.

Alan's super-hero career spanned the 1940s, but he retired with the rest of the JSA around 1950. Later this would be revealed to be as a result of Joint Congressional Un-American Activities Committee, who demanded that the members of the JSA reveal their identities. They all refused and retired from the scene. Alan continued his career in broadcasting until the appearance of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern led him out of retirement. He was revealed to operate on Earth-2, in a different dimension from Hal Jordan, and the two universes crossed over many times as the Justice Society met their counterparts in the Justice League.

Then the Crisis on Infinite Earths occurred, and history changed. The Earths were merged, and now shared a common history. Alan became one of the elder statesmen of the superhero community, an honorary member of the GLC, and a father-figure in the new JSA. He's become a mentor to the younger Green Lanterns, especially Kyle Rayner. Just prior to the Crisis, he learned that he had two children by his his first wife Rose Canton, also know as the Thorn: Jade, who possessed the power of his ring as an inherent ability, and Obsidian, who had the opposite power—manipulating darkness instead of light.

Alan had also learned that his lantern was in fact the power battery of an ancient Green Lantern that had merged with the Starheart, a sentient mass of wild magic in the form of a green flame, exiled by the Guardians of the Universe. The Starheart briefly became one with him, and for a while he took a new name, Sentinel, but when the green flame nearly consumed him, he externalized the power again and became Green Lantern once more. Later, he harnessed the Starheart's power to create the Emerald City on the dark side of the moon, a haven for mystical creatures from many worlds. He reconciled with his son, and in the last few adventures of the Justice Society, was apparently killed stopping the villain D’arken, leaving the other members of the Justice Society to mourn his passing.

  • Badass Grandpa: He fought in WWII, and is still a part of the JSA.
  • The Big Guy: Frequently considered the most powerful of the JSA, and is sometimes mentioned to be physically quite large as well.
  • The Cape: He's always been the classic cape archetype, and as far as post-Crisis DC canon is concerned, he was the first Cape.
  • The Chosen One: The mysterious power of the lantern chose Alan to bestow great power upon him.
  • Determinator: The Green Lantern Corps' ring may be powered by willpower.... But Alan Scott wrote the BOOK on willpower!
  • Follow the Leader: Invented the "guy who creates energy shapes" hero, and led to Hal Jordan years later.
  • Gratuitous Animal Sidekick: He was virtually squeezed out of his own book at the tail end of the Golden Age by his own dog, aka "Streak, the Wonder Dog."
  • My Greatest Failure: His son, Obsidian, turned into a crazy monster influenced by the Shadowlands. He got better.
  • Older and Wiser
  • The Southpaw: He is usually depicted as left-handed, and has been so for decades. This is probably because he has always worn his ring on his left hand, and once he became able to make detailed constructs, he also had to be able to manipulate them properly, q.e.d.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Unlike the Oa-based Green Lanterns, Alan's weakness is not the color yellow, but wooden objects. Also unlike the other Lanterns, he still has this weakness.
    • It's suggested that this weakness it psychosomatic; he has a limit to his powers because he thinks he should.
  • Zorro Mark: In his early Golden Age adventures, Alan would often knock out a villain with a left haymaker, leaving an imprint of his ring (at least temporarily) on his foe's cheek.

New 52 Incarnation:

Since the New 52's recreation of Earth-2, Alan and other Golden Age heroes are a part of this alternate universe. Once again depicted as a young man on a very different Earth, Alan is homosexual in the New 52. His power derives from the Earth and "green growing things" rather than a magic lantern or the Starheart. He wears a green bodysuit rather than the old theatrical costume, and is explicitly intended as a replacement for that world’s Superman. A very different man on a different Earth-2, it remains to be seen if this Alan Scott will last as long as the original.

  • Adaptational Sexuality/Composite Character: His sexual orientation in the New 52 is explicitly taken from the now-nonexistent Obsidian.
  • Badass
  • The Cape: The force that gave him his powers outright tells him that he's supposed to fill this role in place of the fallen Superman.
  • The Chosen One: The force chose him to bestow its power upon.
  • I Work Alone: Refuses to join Jay and Kendra after their first team-up. He gets over it.
  • Tragic Keepsake: When he is told that he needs an item to channel his power through, he chooses the ring that he proposed to his boyfriend Sam with.
  • Younger and Hipper: Appears to be a man in his twenties.

The Starheart

A power source created by the Guardians of the Universe. Ages ago, before the Green Lantern Corps was formed, the Guardians gathered up all the chaos magic they could in a mass of energy and sealed it within an orb of their green light. The Starheart drifted for eons until a piece of it fell to Earth, where it was found by a man in China who fashioned into a lamp—from which, millennia later, Alan Scott would fashion his power ring. The Starheart imbued his children with its power—Jade gained the power of the green light, while Obsidian gained the shadow power of the dark magic.

The Starheart is alive. Its sentience has at times called itself the Lord of the Green Flame and, during Brightest Day, possessed Alan Scott and his children. With the JSA and JLA's help, Scott absorbed the Starheart into himself and used its power to create the Emerald City on the dark side of Earth's moon.


AKA: Jennie-Lynn Hayden

The daughter of Alan Scott, Jade inherited her father's powers, but without the need for a power ring. She got her start as a superhero with Infinity, Inc., a group made up of the teenage progeny of the Justice Society of America. Years after Infinity disbanded, she met and fell in love with Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, who created a power ring for her to use, making her an honorary Green Lantern. Jade died (like so many of Kyle's girlfriends) saving the Polaris system in Infinite Crisis, but was resurrected by the White Light at the end of the Blackest Night.

As of the New 52, Alan Scott was reverted in age to be far too young to have adult children, and he's also Gay. Jade's fate hasn't been explicitly confirmed, but as her brother Obsidian has been stated to not exist in the reboot it's unlikely that Jade exists either. Though she does at least make an apperance in the Ame-Comi Girls universe, so she hasn't been completely forgotten...


The son of Alan Scott and twin brother of Jade. Like Jade, he joined up with the Infinity, Inc.. After they disbanded, he went through some issues in his life, including succumbing to his own demons and became evil for a while. Thanks to the help of his father and friends, he recovered from that incident and retired. During the events of Brightest Day, however, he quit from retirement and became a superhero once more.

Obsidian is also notable for being one of DC's openly gay heroes.

As of the New 52, he doesn't exist in the new universe, as his father isn't married. And now a gay man himself (in fact, Word of God is that Alan was made gay at least in part to make up for the loss of Obsidian).

Charles "Doiby" Dickles

When Alan Scott was incapacitated by a group of thugs, a simple taxi driver called "Doiby" Dickles donned a makeshift Green Lantern costume and came to his rescue. Impressed by his spirit, Scott invited Doiby to become his sidekick and eventually revealed his identity to him. Doiby filled the role of comic sidekick, but was also a solid and dependable help for Alan.

Doiby was revisited during the Silver Age, where it was revealed that he he fell in love with Princess Raima of the planet Myrg. Rather than return home with Scott, he married the beautiful extraterrestrial and has remained on Myrg since. His few modern day appearances are a sequel to this story in an issue of Green Lantern Corps Quarterly, and some involvement in a couple of adventures with Young Justice.

The Harlequin

AKA: Molly Mayne-Scott

A secretary at Alan Scott's broadcasting company, Molly Mayne fell in love with Green Lantern, so she adopted the costumed persona of the Harlequin to commit harmless crimes to attract his attention (to no avail, as he loved only one thing—fighting crime). Over the years, she joined numerous gangs, including the Injustice Society, only to covertly betray them; Green Lantern eventually learned she'd been hired by the FBI to infiltrate them. After this, Green Lantern revealed his secret identity to her and the two were married.

The Gambler

AKA: Steven Sharpe III

Steven Sharpe was once an honest man, but a string of unlucky incidents convinced him that the only way to win at life was to cheat. He became the Gambler, a notorious bank robber who clashed with Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern. He also fought Starman and The Sandman, and was one of the founders of the Injustice Society. Years later, after losing everything he had to his gambling addiction, he committed suicide. He is survived by his daughter, Hazard, and his son, the new Gambler.

  • Master of Disguise: To the point that he claimed to no longer remember his true appearance.


Solomon Grundy

AKA: Cyrus Gold

In the late 1800s, a shady businessman named Cyrus Gold was murdered and dumped in Slaughter Swamp outside Gotham City. For decades, rot, flotsam, and debris from the swamp built up around his body, until finally, in 1944, he rose from the swamp as a hulking zombie. Named Solomon Grundy by a group of drifters after the nursery rhyme (he was "born on a Monday"), he fought Green Lantern Alan Scott to a stand-still because his body was largely composed of wood, Scott's one weakness.

Every time Solomon Grundy is "killed", his body rises again from Slaughter Swamp the next Monday. However, every time he is reborn, Grundy has a different facet of Cyrus Gold's personality. His intelligence ranges from stupid to genius to mindless; his personality may be gentle, reclusive, or sadistic. In any case, Grundy is always a danger to those around him.

Because of Slaughter Swamp's proximity to Gotham, Grundy has sometimes gone up against Batman as well.

In the New 52's Earth 2, Grundy is the servant of a force called the Grey. When Alan Scott became the Green Lantern, Grundy appears at Washington DC to challenge him to a fight to death; with the intent to rid the Green of their champion and to rid the Earth of all life.

The Sportsmaster

AKA: Lawrence Crock

  • Badass Normal: He went up against Green Lantern, the wielder of unimaginable power, with mundane (wooden) sporting equipment. Dude had some serious guts...


AKA: Rose Canton

Vandal Savage

AKA: Vandar Adg

The immortal Vandal Savage has attemped to rule the world (and on a few occasions, succeeded) countless times since prehistory. Alan Scott was the first superhero who fought Savage, earning him the counqueror caveman's eternal hatred. Savage continues to clash with all of Earth's heroes to this day. See his own page for more.