Characters: Dark Chronicle

Characters found in Dark Chronicle. For characters that appeared in Dark Cloud, the first game, please go here.

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    Playable Characters 


"I guess it's easiest to start at the beginning."
Voiced by Megumi Kubota (Japanese) and Scott Menville (English).

The son of the wealthiest man in the town of Palm Brinks. Max is a kind kid, who's also handy with a camera and has a very strong knowledge of machinery. He has been chosen by the Red Atlamillia. His weapons of choice are Wrenches, Hammers, and Guns, and he can control Steve the Ridepod after he helps Cedric fix it up.

Monica Raybrandt

Voiced by Hiroko Takaguchi (Japanese) and Anndi McAfee (English).

The daughter of King Raybrandt, Monica is a girl from the future that has been sent to the past to prevent its destruction. She holds the Blue Atlamillia. Her weapons of choice are swords and magic armlets, and by equipping medallions, she can transform into monsters.

    Supporting Characters 


Voiced by Armin Shimmerman (English).

The leader of the Firbits living in Sindain. After Max and Monica help the Firbits, he'll offer them use of the Carpenterion and he'll hang out in the back of the train, selling Georama parts.

Lin/Great Sage Crest

"I was saved just by having you with me."
Voiced by Kim Mai Guest

A young, student mage from Balance Valley.

Doctor Nobb

"I know what you're thinking. 'What's a kid doing in a place like this?' Right?"'
Voiced by Ryan O'Donohue (English).

The head researcher in the Lunatic Wisdom Laboratories.


"Get ready. To ten-thousand years in the past!"
Voiced by Michael Bell (English).

One of the top researchers in the Lunatic Wisdom Laboratories.


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Voiced by Kath Soucie (English).

Max's mother, and a prominent figure in the rebellion against Griffon.



Voiced by Phil Proctor (English).

A crazed circus ringmaster, and one of Emperor Griffin's servants.

Doctor Jaming

Voiced by Cam Clarke (English).

Gaspard's henchman and final boss of Veniccio.


"All there is to see in the future is darkness and despair."
Voiced by Rino Romano (English).

A recurring servant of Emperor Griffon's and the final boss of Heim Rada.

Emperor Griffon/Sirus

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"The one you would call Emperor Griffon, the ruler of darkness! That is me."
Voiced by Kath Soucie (English) and Mark Hamill (English).

A mysterious figure that's threatening all human life, past and future.

    Optional Party Members 

In alphabetical order:


Max's maid. She sells fruit and gradually restores weapon durability to unequipped weapons.


The sheriff of Palm Brinks.


Voiced by Gregg Berger (English).

One of the men sent to repair and maintain the railroad. He can boost enemy item drops and sell ore.

Priest Bruno

The man that maintains the church in Palm Brinks.


Voiced by Paul Eiding (English).

The owner of the Palm Brinks Maintenance Shop, and Max's mentor when it comes to mechanics. He can help repair and rebuild the Ridepod.


Max's next door neighbor.


A girl residing in Palm Brinks that has you play hide-and-seek with her.

Dr. Dell

Voiced by Michael Bell (English).

An anthropomorphic duck with a medical degree.


Voied by Debi Derryberry (English).

An old friend of Max's that spends his time in the Underground Channel, and knows a few things about getting scoops with a camera. He can bypass locks and sell repair powders.


Borneo's assistant. He can construct bombs and sell gunpowder.


Firbit boy that loves to fish.


The chef at Max's house. He can cook chicken and sell recovery items.


Max's father.

  • Gun Nut: If the collection in his room is anything to go by. And then there's the fact that you need to level one up to get him to join you.


The gardener that maintains Max's house. He sells Georama parts and allows Max and Monica's weapons to deal extra damage to plant monsters.


Parn's girlfriend/wife. She can charm enemies and sell armbands.


A girl from Palm Brinks. She complains of an illness that's beyond even Dr. Dell.


The owner of the Palm Brinks weapon shop.

Mayor Need

Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer (English).

The mayor of Palm Brinks.


An artist living in Palm Brinks. He sells paint, and can help Max and Monica escape from un-cleared dungeon floors.


Little rabbit with a Shigura orphan for a pet.

Aunt Polly

The owner of the Palm Brinks bakery. She makes bread.

Granny Rosa

An elderly lady with an unknown relationship to Max.


A strange little figure that feels connected to the moon and is wary of humans.


Max's butler. He sells shoes and heals Max and Monica if they've been in a dungeon floor longer than three minutes.

  • Bookworm: Joins the party after Max gives him money for a book and he'll refuse to go anywhere his collection could get damaged.