Funny / Dark Chronicle

  • Monica's reaction to meeting the incredibly flamboyant holy fish, King Mardan.
    Monica: Wait! You're a guy?!
  • Max and Monica ask the Elder, Jurak if he knows anything about Griffon. Jurak's response results in a face palm from both of them.
    Jurak: Griffon? He likes flowers.
  • When Max and Monica meet Future!Lin, who has become the new Great Sage Crest, she insists that she must be called by her title. As Max and Monica are leaving, this conversation ensues:
    Monica: Thank you, Great Sage Crest.
    Max: Bye, Lin!
  • The feeling many players had when they first fought Emperor Griffon, who was literally A rabbit kid... voiced by Kath Soucie literally doing the Blake Gripling voice. This is lampshaded because Emperor Griffon starts laughing when Monica says "YOU'RE emperor Griffon?!"
  • The english dub has a lot of well-known voice actors - meaning it's kind of funny when you hear some characters speak and you hear Osmond alternate between Chaz Finster and Drew Pickles, a bunny with Carl Foutley's voice, the above voice, or Cam Clarke.
  • Osmond invokes a few of these:
    • When you first meet him, Max and Monica ask him to give them a hand. He then takes his hand off and says "Oh here you go" in a total blase tone of voice. The music goes dead and Monica's reaction is pretty much what anyone else would when faced with such a pun.
    • During Chapter 6, he runs towards Max and Monica, but he runs past them and turns around without even moving any part of his body.