Characters: Dark Cloud

For characters that appear in the sequel, Dark Chronicles/Dark Cloud 2, please go here.

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    Playable Characters 


The main protagonist, who is granted the Atlamillia by the Fairy King after the Dark Genie wrecks the world. Wields swords, and is the only one that can obtain and rebuild Atla.


Originally Toan's pet cat, Xiao is transformed into a semi-human warrior with a potion from Seda to help Toan in his quest. Wields slingshots, and can jump across small gaps.


The son of a hero from Matataki Village. Wields hammers, and can pound in heavy switches.


A genie unleashed by King, a slick man who lives in Queens. Wields magic rings, and can activate certain triggers.


A warrior from Muska Lacka. Wields spears, and can clear away smoke that blocks passages.


Chief inventor of the Moon People. Wields guns, and can fly across gaps that Xiao cannot jump across.

    Important Characters 

The Fairy King

The King of the Fairies, who tries to save the world by storing its contents in Atma, and bestowing Toan with the power to control it.


The Divine Beast that lives within the cave next to Norune Village.


A mysterious man that keeps crossing paths with Toan.

Dark Genie

A dark being unleashed upon the world that threatens to destroy it.