Hover Mecha

Who needs legs?
Most Humongous Mecha are quite similar to humans (really big metal humans that is) or the occasional supernatural being like a centaur or an animal like a lion. This is a given in many mecha genres and makes a certain amount of sense as most of the time humans or Space Elves are piloting them.

These Mecha do not do that, instead of say a Transforming Mecha that is both a humanoid and a spaceship but only some of the time these vehicles sacrifice some of the human silhouette such as vestigial or altogether missing legs in order to fly in space.

On the ground a hover mecha would be much like a Hover Tank except with arms and possibly a torso and a head or in the air they would resemble a helicopter (or a harrier jet) with arms.

See also: Walking Tank, Spider Tank, Chicken Walker, Hover Skates, Hover Tank, and Fog Feet.


Anime and Manga
  • A few examples from the Gundam:
    • Mobile Suit Gundam: the MSN-02 Zeong is a legless mecha who has giant rocket boosters in lieu of legs because they weren't finished building it yet. The Dom from the same series function as a Hover Tank thanks to its large boosters on its legs allowing it to hover at high speed.
    • The Tragos and Olifant units from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing are similar, though the Tragos achieves this using an add-on that completely covers its legs.
  • In Code Geass, Jeremiah Gottwald is given a modded Knightmare called the Siegfried, which has no arms or legs but instead packs a whole load of guns. It's later rebuilt as an extension for a modded Sutherland, making it also a Meta Mecha.

  • The robot Maximilian from the old 1970's sci fi move The Black Hole.


Tabletop RPG
  • Classic Traveller
    • Book 8 Robots. It was possible to build a robot with no legs that moved using Anti Gravity and had weapons.
    • Merchants & Merchandise by Paranoia Press. The AIR Security Robot SR-15FG has no legs: it moves by Anti Gravity propulsion. It has a RAM grenade launcher and a FGMP-15 fusion gun.
  • Dungeons & Dragons adventure S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. The police robots aboard the ship have no legs and move via Anti Gravity units. They had a built-in laser pistol, grenade launcher, paralysis pistol and tractor/pressor beams.
  • Warhammer 40,000 has the Necron Destroyers, which replace the legs of a Necron Immortal or Necron Lord with a hovering platform and arm them with heavier weapons.
    • They also use Tomb Spyders, floating mechanical spiders.

Video Games

Western Animation