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GastonRabbit MOD The world's forgotten boy (he/him) from Robinson, Illinois, USA Relationship Status: I wanna be your dog
The world's forgotten boy (he/him)
GastonRabbit The world's forgotten boy (he/him) from Robinson, Illinois, USA Relationship Status: I wanna be your dog
The world's forgotten boy (he/him)
Oct 26th 2022 at 2:42:23 AM

The page has been disambiguated. Here are the wicks; not as many to go through as with a lot of other recent threads, especially since most of them were misuse and may be able to be removed.

Edit: Made Sandbox.Caffeine Bullet Time using the on-page examples in case anyone wants them for the Sugar Makes Kids Hyper draft. I'll cross-post it on the TLP draft.

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I am a passenger, and I ride and I ride....
GastonRabbit The world's forgotten boy (he/him) from Robinson, Illinois, USA Relationship Status: I wanna be your dog
The world's forgotten boy (he/him)
GastonRabbit The world's forgotten boy (he/him) from Robinson, Illinois, USA Relationship Status: I wanna be your dog
The world's forgotten boy (he/him)
Oct 30th 2022 at 2:13:24 AM

I'm going to archive the wick check since this thread should be done soon:

As discussed in the intro paragraph, Caffeine Bullet Time is for characters who gain temporary superspeed after having caffeine, sugar, or similar, with this superspeed often saving the day somehow. It has many layers, but it gets misused for simply being about general hyperactive reactions (such as a sugar rush), and there's also a possibility that the non-heroic superspeed examples are misuse as well if the first line is to be believed over the image and laconic.

Wicks: 50/50

  • Correct: 2/50, or 4%
  • Nonheroic Superspeed: 4/50, or 8%
  • General Hyperactivity: 10/50, or 20%
  • Accomplishing the mundane: 6/50, or 12%
  • Non-Caffeine Bullet Time: 2/50, or 4%
  • ZCE: 20/50, or 40%
  • Other: 6/50, or 12%

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    Correct (superspeed + heroics) 
  1. Heartwarming.Futurama: Fry, with no thought of making his heroism known, saving his unwitting friends and everybody else from the burning building after downing his 100th cup of coffee is as sweet as it's hilarious, particularly after how jumpy and frustrated he was the entire episode. His serene, knowing smile really brings it home, as does the fact that he rescues Leela first after gently blowing out the fire on her shoe. Aww. It's low context as written, but he does do heroics...
  2. Thundercats2011.Tropes C To E: In "Berbils," the Thunderkittens invoke this by deliberately eating Candyfruit to achieve Super Speed, taunting and baiting a slow-moving Giantor into a tripwire.

    Nonheroic superspeed; possibly misuse 
  1. Recap.We Bare Bears S 2 E 20 The Library: Grizz stuffs Chloe full of vending machine candy, causing her to go super-fast from the sugar high. To keep pace, the bears follow suit.
  2. VideoGame.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa A Reckless Disregard For Gravity: Slamming the triple espresso during gameplay will cause your screen to turn red, time to slow and Lights become MUCH brighter doesn't explain the heroics
  3. VideoGame.Harry The Handsome Executive: Caffeine pills make Harry temporarily flash colors, move faster, and become immune to all damage.
  4. VideoGame.Lilo And Stitch 2 Hamsterviel Havoc: If Stitch drinks a cup of coffee, he will become so hyperactive that everything else in the level slows down, making it easier for him to dodge plasma fire and fire back at enemies. Putting it here mostly because it's not necessarily heroic.

    General hyperactivity 
  1. Characters.Origins SMP: When consuming sugar, Sneeg will gain a major speed boost, before crashing and gaining slowness about a minute later. He'll also start shaking violently.
  2. Fanfic.Petals In The Ash: Not quite to the point of bullet time, but thanks to a well-intentioned expresso from Weiss, Cinder learns that Ruby's body has no caffeine tolerance at all. A single espresso has her jumping of the walls, building flamethrowers, and wanting to hug Weiss.
  3. Fanfic.Sillyhat Productions: Eva's coffee turns George completely hyperactive.
  4. Film.Fat Head: The "Fit for Life" diet says that you should eat proteins and carbohydrates at separate times, but consume only fruit and juice until noon. Tom ended up with a sugar rush that lasted two hours.
  5. Film.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014: The film features a different variation of this trope. When Leo, Mikey, and Donny are kidnapped by the Foot to have their blood and mutagen extracted to serve Eric Sacks's evil plan, April manages to rescue them by pumping them with adrenaline before they can be killed, resulting in them breaking out of their tanks and jumping around, blabbering excitedly yet incoherently before realizing that Raph is getting killed by the Shredder.
  6. Funny.Girl Genius: Agatha's reaction to her first cup of coffee. And when she starts to slowly get down again...
    Agatha: Say, could I get another cup of coffee?
    Von Mekkans: NO!
  7. Pantheon.Technological Experts: People are also aware that she can get very hyper if given any stimulants (e.g. coffee). And when someone like her gets hyper, it usually means something gets made, and it's gonna be great (or terrible).
  8. Toys.Transformers Bot Bots: Nrjeez, being a living can of energy drink, is always going fast, bouncing off the walls, and never sleeps.
  9. Webcomic.Crew Dogs: The protagonist distracts the IG staff during an inspection by making the coffee with Red Bull instead of water. The entire IG staff spends all of their time standing around the coffee machine jittering and going on about how fantastic the coffee is.
  10. Webcomic.The Devils Panties: With travelling and then needing to be awake for the event, Jennie attended a lot of conventions in a crazed state of sleep-deprivation and sugar-rush. Fans would give her sugary snacks to provoke this manic behaviour, something she later cut down on.

    Using caffeine to accomplish the mundane 
  1. ComicStrip.Fox Trot: For Peter, it's whenever he needs to pull an all-nighter to study for a test or finish a report or other homework assignment. Paige also once attempts this by mixing coffee and tea together at Peter's suggestion so she can finish a book for English, but it ends badly as she overdoes it (shocking even Peter with how much she drinks) and is so jittery as a result that she is unable to sit still long enough to read.
  2. PlayingWith.Gigantic Gulp: Bob downs the entire bucket in one gulp at midnight, then finishes in half a second during the Caffeine Bullet Time. He then proceeds to finish the backlog of work he hadn't finished, and fill the next month's quota, too ... all before 3:00 AM. And then promptly falls asleep.
  3. Series.Corner Gas: In "Buzz Driver", Wanda drinks several cans of an energy drink called Haywire and becomes extremely hyper, to the point where she can't sit still or stop talking. Brent and Emma try to take advantage of this by asking her to do various chores at the gas station and the Leroy home. This doesn't work particularly well because the Haywire has seriously affected her concentration, so she just bounces from one task to another without completing anything. Then she crashes and becomes too lethargic to keep her eyes open, let alone help with chores.
  4. Series.The Finder: Done at a more realistic level in "The Conversation", with Willa drinking all of the coffee to help Walter find the missing character in a large amount of security footage.
  5. WebAnimation.Astro LO Logy: In "Capricorn the Party Starter", Capricorn attempts to set up his New Year's Eve party on time by downing at least several dozen cans of energy drink. He succeeds and then immediately crashes, leaving Libra to DJ in his stead.
  6. Webcomic.User Friendly: Greg after he tries some Pitr Cola after Pitr forces Pepsi and Coca Cola to merge under his own brand; the recipe is literally just caffeine.
    Mike: When did YOU learn how to code?!
    Greg: TODAY!

    Bullet Time with no Caffeine 
  1. DarthWiki.Bad Blood: that's how Michal describes his super-speed.
    To you, the world slows down. To the world, you're moving hella fast like something just bit you on the ass.
  2. Fanfic.Haigha: The Quirk called Focus allows the user to slow down their perception of time to process a given situation better.

  1. Girls Love Chocolate: In Shortpacked!, Robin DeSanto once ate a whole cereal bowl of Cadbury Cream Eggs and, because she is so hyper already, she blacked out for four months and woke up a U.S. Representative.
  2. Characters.Com Media: Trope Name Only
  3. Fanfic.Alpha Kidz Redux: Coco goes through this, whenever she eats chocolate.
  4. GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse.Tropes A To H: Mister Excitement was a member of the Crimestoppers a team of superhero wannabe's. Excitement had honest to God super-strength and Super Speed... except he gained the super-strength by way of adrenalin rushes, and there was never a guarantee he was going to have one. Mister Excitement was hyper-active, fidgeted, and his team instinctively knew that whatever they did, giving this man caffeine was a bad thing because who knew what would happen. But when the chips were down and they were captured by a real supervillain, they consciously invoked this trope, allowing Mister Excitement to save the day. falls just short by not explaining what Mister Excitement accomplishes with the caffeine
  5. Literature.Tales Of The Starbuck Avenger: Garuda, to a small extent.
  6. WebAnimation.The Gmod Idiot Box: In Update Day.
  7. Quotes.I Love Nuclear Power: "Bonk! is full-a radiation, which as we all know is pretty great for givin' people superpowers."
  8. Recap.Amphibia S 2 E 13 The Plantars Check In: The espresso served at the coffee shop has this effect on Sprig (whose voice even hilariously slows down in pitch), which he later weaponizes.
  9. Roleplay.Pokemon Creations Egg: Used by Simon, the Drillbur, when he's under the effects of Sandstorm and a passing Whirlipede.
  10. Series.Phone Shop: Showing the effects of Klatchian Coffee, with flashes of Caffeine Bullet Time, and people drinking espresso like tequila slammers.
  11. VideoGame.Grand Theft Auto Vice City: Although Tommy didn't explicitly sell or use drugs barring the "Adrenaline" powerup (which works more like a Caffeine Bullet Time), the "Checkpoint Charlie" mission, where Tommy has to quickly collect white packages through a series of checkpoints, is implied to be drug running via boat.
  12. VideoGame.Perfect Dark: The Combat Boost.
  13. VideoGame.System Shock: The Reflex patches.
  14. WebAnimation.The Annoying Orange: Happens to Orange in ZOOM!!! after he inadvertently drinks some ZOOM Energy Drink.
  15. Webcomic.Girl Genius: Agatha has it. It is implied to be a Heterodyne thing.
  16. WebOriginal.Red Lightning: As Speedsters are somewhat common, caffeine and sugar often has this effect on them. Flashpoint is not allowed it, as he's stupidly fast already.
  17. WebVideo.PATHCO: Rokou ends up with a sugar high from her first ice cream and enters this state when tasked to build a sandcastle. What is "this state" referring to?
  18. WesternAnimation.Spliced: Peri experiences this as a result of consuming huge amounts of sugar in "Sugar Low".
  19. WesternAnimation.The Littlest Pet Shop 2012: Vinnie in "Topped With Buttercream".
  20. ZeroPunctuation.Tropes M To P: In his review of Velvet Assassin, he notes that the Caffeine Bullet Time mechanic in the stealth sections is—unless used under precise circumstances—liable to backfire and leave the player worse off than before.

  1. Anime.Cowboy Be Bop: Bullet Time: The combat drug Bloody Eye is more or less a form of weaponized Caffeine Bullet Time, allowing the user to perceive the world in slow motion and react accordingly. Spike easily counters this in an Establishing Character Moment for himself and the series, quickly realizing that this isn't much help if you can't anticipate your opponent's moves, and it relies entirely on being able to see them... so he wears a poncho and sombrero and tosses up tables and furniture, all to keep Asimov distracted. not caffeine, not heroics
  2. Characters.Dicey Dungeons: She can eat a Chocolate Cookie to gain Fury and repeat her next action. In Reunion, she gets Sugar Rush instead, making her go Berserk and double all her attacks' damage. not caffeine and there's no indication Fury or Berserk mean superspeed
  3. Characters.Wandersong: As they, and the crew in Act 3, quickly find out, when on caffeine, their voice is strong enough to send everyone flying when the most it can do by default is things such as making plants grow, befriending wildlife, etc. However, Lou establishes they will not be getting coffee anytime again for that reason. Caffeine powers, but not the correct type of power.
  4. Fantastic Drug: Serial Experiments Lain: Accela, a powerful nanomachine-powered stimulant that causes Accela Bullet Time, heightened senses, and delusional thoughts. It also seems to physically link the user into the Wired, and susceptible to its more esoteric phenomena. It's a drug, this is the point.
  5. Music.The Agonist: All Drummers Are Animals: Despite his thing for Caffeine Bullet Time, Simon is actually a friendly, funny guy. seems to be trying to apply the trope IRL
  6. Recap.Electrified: When a bolt of lightning turns her into an electricity sponge, Frankie becomes luminescent, twitchy, and gets a super charge that resembles sugar high times ten.

I am a passenger, and I ride and I ride....
GastonRabbit The world's forgotten boy (he/him) from Robinson, Illinois, USA Relationship Status: I wanna be your dog
The world's forgotten boy (he/him)
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