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"And no one could have been happier unless it would have also been Valentine's Day."note 
Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

Heartwarming moments in Futurama.

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    Season 1 
  • From the pilot:
    Fry: Wait, you're the only friend I have!
  • After Leela removes her career chip:
    Fry: What are you doing?
    Leela: Quitting.
    Fry: Why?
    Leela: Because I've always wanted to. I just never realized it until I met you.
  • It can be hinted in this scene that Fry and Leela had some kind of attraction towards each other. Even though they would have a decade until they became a couple, it can be implied that they always had some feelings for each other.
  • How fast Leela and Bender become friends with Fry. They just met him and already are willing to give up their original plans and follow him to whatever he is going to do.
  • Another subtle one from the pilot: Bender "couldn't go on living" after he found out that the girders he was bending were being used to manufacture suicide booths. Coming from Bender of all non-people, it's a striking case of Even Evil Has Standards.
  • When Leela is trying to put the chip on Fry, she conveniently falls into the same cryostasis chamber that Fry was frozen in himself. Fry laughs, says "See you in a thousand years!" and starts to leave...only to go back and reset the timer for five minutes, giving himself only a brief time to escape the building before she's thawed.
    Fry: (to the frozen Leela) You owe me one!
  • "The Series Has Landed"
    • A minor moment, but it's quite sweet that Leela is happy for Fry to do the countdown when the Planet Express takes off for the moon.
    • When Leela and Fry take shelter at the original moon landing site, Leela is able to appreciate the beauty of the moon for the first time and thanks Fry for showing it to her.
  • "I, Roommate":
    • A minor one. What was the one thing from Fry's bigger apartment that he took with him when moving back to Bender's place? The mini-fruit tree Leela gave him. Fry does later mention that he always had a thing for Leela so this could be a reason. A bigger one is Bender's line, "You know, Fry, of all the friends I've had, you're the first."
    • The episode is the first to focus on Bender's relationship with Fry and as such is basically one long Friendship Moment. Bender unhesitatingly offers to let Fry move into his place when the latter finds himself homeless, and he's so delighted with Fry as a roommate that his attitude at work noticeably improves. Although Fry doesn't enjoy living in Bender's closet-sized robot "apartment," Bender himself is not the problem, and they get a kick out of settling into their new apartment together and messing the place up. At the end when Fry realizes that Bender is desperate to go on living with him and can't do it without sacrificing his antenna (which is interfering with the televisions in the entire building), he cheerfully moves back into the old apartment, only later realizing that Bender has a spacious "closet" with plenty of room for a human to live comfortably.
  • The entirety of "Fear of a Bot Planet". Bender becomes disgruntled when he perceives the unequal treatment of robots in society, and when he gets apprehended by a society of human-hating/fearing robots on a delivery, he joins them instead. Fry and Leela, despite the aggravation of Bender's jerkishness, still go out to rescue him, not knowing he'd joined the robot society. When Fry and Leela catch up to him, he begs for them to go away, but when all three are discovered by the robots, Fry and Leela are apprehended. Bender manages to save them, affirming that he recognises that they don't abuse robots despite his earlier rants, and on the return trip, the three of them throw the Robanukah party Fry and Leela had been preparing while Bender was gone to make the delivery; they do this despite Fry and Leela knowing that Bender made the holiday up to get out of working. Perhaps due to Early-Installment Weirdness, the characters still don't display all of the quirks they'd exhibit in later episodes, but there was no doubt that Fry, Leela, and Bender were close friends from a very early point in the show, and this episode really cemented it.
  • "A Fishful of Dollars" is also a sweet affirmation of Fry's love for Leela and Bender, who are then recently-acquired friends. After sinking so deeply into his nostalgia for the 20th century that he pushes them aside, he's tricked into believing he's back in his own time and that the events of the first few episodes were All Just a Dream. This is worse to him than having been frozen in the first place.
    Fry: Oh, I had a nightmare I was back in the year 2000 and you guys never existed. I'm so glad I'm awake now and you're really here.
    • A subtler example, but when Mom offers Fry a blank check for the anchovies, he insists that sharing them with his friends is more valuable because "they aren't worth even a penny to [him]." Bender and Leela share an aside glance but don't correct him. Not only does it stress how much Fry cares, but it's good to see the others able to look past what he says to understand what he meant.
  • "My Three Suns":
    • This small exchange:
      Leela: I like you!
      Bender: You do?
    • Followed by Bender eagerly grilling her on what she likes best about him even though he was supposed to be calling her for help.
      Amy: Is she coming?
      Bender: I'm not sure, but I do know that she likes my "in-your-face attitude."
    • Despite Fry having been awful to her, Leela still comes to his rescue yet again when she hears that he's in danger. She's very gracious about it too and seems genuinely apologetic for the fact she has to kick his ass badly enough to make him cry.
    • The one thing that gets Fry to cry before Leela intervenes? Is when he thinks Leela got killed while trying to rescue him.
  • A small one, but it's stated in "A Big Piece Of Garbage" that New New York has been garbage free for 500 years. Nothing major but a showcase that at least something good came out of the future.
  • "A Flight to Remember":
    • Minor but compared to how much of a Butt-Monkey he'd become it was sweet of Farnsworth to get Zoidberg a nice room.
    • A small one after the Countess falls into the black hole, Fry comforts Bender by telling him that no-one knows what happens within a black hole, and it's possible that she survived.
      • He even asks Professor Farnsworth for his thoughts on the matter, who agrees with Fry that it is possible the Countess survived. He then turns to Zoidberg and mutters "Not a chance" but the fact he was willing to lie to spare Bender's feelings was pretty sweet
    • There was also the scene where Bender was telling Fry he was going back for her. (Note that Fry hadn't even been part of that plot, so Bender had just been telling Fry simply because they were best friends). At Bender's request, Fry agrees to tell the others that Bender died looting an old man should he not make it. Bender hugs Fry and says "I love you, buddy!"
    • Throughout the episode, Amy's trying to resist her parents' constant attempts to hook her up with a man. By the end of the episode though...
    Amy: Mom! Dad! You're alive!
    Mr. Wong: That's not important right now! What is important is that we found you a new man!
    Mrs. Wong: A captain!
    Amy: Guys, I told you, I really don't—(sees Kif, suddenly becomes flirtatious) hi...
    Kif: Hello.
    (The two kiss immediately as they step into the escape pod, with Mr. and Mrs. Wong following while wearing smiles of approval)

    Season 2 
  • "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back"
    Grade 19 Morgan Proctor: He was a bad robot.
    Fry: No, he was a bad friend. I want him back right now!
  • The Professor's random idea to breed "some sort of albino shouting gorilla" to shout his love for Mom from rooftops turns into one of these moments when he actually does, at the end of "Mother's Day".
    Rooftop Horde of Giant Mind-Controlled Albino Gorillas: ''MOM! MOMMM!! Mom! MOM!
  • In "Why Must I be A Crustacean In Love", a Not What It Looks Like situation results in Fry and Zoidberg fighting to the death. When he's about to issue the killing blow, Fry stops, and tells the Decapodians that while he doesn't have the right to criticize their stupid traditions, he can't kill Zoidberg because he's his friend, and nothing can stop that. Later on, after the usual Mood Whiplash occurs, Zoidberg thanks Fry for the chance to feel human emotions, such as love, jealously, and the thrill of disembowling people.
  • In "A Head in the Polls," Fry clearly meant his declaration that he wouldn't let Bender get recycled "not for five cents, not for five hundred cents!" to be a more extreme statement than it actually was. note 
  • "Xmas Story"
    • Robot Santa deems everyone in Planet Express naughty...except Zoidberg (whom he bequeaths a pogo stick). In fact, the entire episode is a meta example; it can easily be nicknamed "Throw Zoidberg A Bone: The Episode."
    • Fry is heartbroken because he's spending his first Christmas with his whole family dead. However, when he realizes Leela is also suffering, he concludes that she has it worse because she never had a family to begin with and puts aside his own feelings, making it his mission to find her the perfect gift. It's perhaps the first episode to show Fry's willingness to be unselfish when it comes to Leela.
      Leela: You didn't need to buy me a present, Fry.
      Fry: I just wanted to do something to make you happy. I mean, I miss my family but you never even had a family.
      Leela: It's OK. You're lonely and I'm lonely. But, together, we're lonely together.
      Fry: Merry Xmas, Leela.
      Leela: Merry Xmas.
    • Bender attempts to cheer up a miserable Fry by doing a little dance to make him laugh. It doesn't cut it, but he tried.
  • Fry and Amy's relationship in "Put Your Head on my Shoulders". Even after the two break up, they're still good friends with no hard feelings.
  • Professor Farnsworth teaching the toaster to feel love in "Raging Bender".
  • In "The Deep South," Fry announces to the crew that he's staying at the bottom of the ocean to be with his new (mermaid) girlfriend, Umbriel. As everyone says their goodbyes, Bender is by far the most emotional, grabbing Fry into a bear hug and SOBBING his goodbye. You expect a Mood Whiplash or a punchline, but it doesn't happen. Bender is genuinely sobbing over losing his best friend. Even Fry seems struck by it.
  • A minor but still noticeable one in "War Is the H-Word". When Zapp Brannigan tells Kif to get him a new brand of lotion, he tells him to squirt his old brand on "some homeless guy with dry elbows".
  • In "The Honking" Bender is infected with a virus clearly analogous to lycanthropy which dooms him to eventually kill his "dearest friend." Naturally, everyone's concerned about Fry, including Bender himself, but in his "werecar" mode, he unexpectedly goes after Leela. Fry's Crazy Jealous Guy response aside, the resulting conversation confirms that both Bender's friends are highly important to him, as does werecar!Bender's eventual struggle to choose a victim between two equally valid best friends (at which point he finally goes for Fry, to Fry's utter delight).
    Bender: I tried to run you over?
    Leela: It was very sweet of you, Bender.
    Bender: Fry, it doesn't mean anything! I have love enough for two!
  • The first segment in "Anthology of Interest I" shows what would happen if Bender were a Humongous Mecha. His Kill All Humans goal ends up being a lot more literal as he crushes thousands under his feet. What's bizarrely sweet is that Fry is still his best friend, and they care about each other as much as they do in the show's reality. Fry even insists that he's Not Evil, Just Misunderstood despite hilariously blatant evidence to the contrary.

    Season 3 
  • "Amazon Women in the Mood":
    • It is rather heartwarming that Fry immediately decides to try and rescue Leela and Amy after they find out the space restaurant they were on crash landed. Additionally, Bender decides to go with Fry after he tells Bender to ‘think of the senoritas’.
    • It was nice that Leela tried to get the Amazonians to spare Fry, Bender, Kif, and even Zapp by telling her that most of them are sort of her friends.
    • The writers decide to Throw the Dog a Bone and let Kif finally be happy, by having him confess his love to Amy, who happily reciprocates.
    • Kif singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" to Amy.... that is, until Zapp pushes him off the stage.
    • Amy rescuing Kif from the Amazonians. He jumps into her arms, says "My hero!" and they kiss.
    • Near the end of the episode, after the heroes have returned home from their journey, we see Kif and Amy sitting on Amy's couch. Kif yawns and puts his arm over Amy's shoulders, and they smile warmly at each other.
    • A small moment, but at the beginning of the episode, when everyone believes Zoidberg is dead (he really just moulted his shell), Professor Farnsworth genuinely mourns the loss of Zoidberg and breaks down into tears. While it is actually rather sad, it's also an early showing of the closeness of Zoidberg and Farnsworth's longtime friendship - something that would not explored in further depth until Season 6 - especially since during this point in the show, you'd expect the Professor to just casually brush aside Zoidbger's "death" and ask someone to throw away his corpse.
  • "Parasites Lost":
    • Fry is transformed by beneficial worms into a paragon, being so talented he's even able to play the holophonor (which only a few people were previously able to do...and they did that badly), using his new abilities to win Leela's heart. After the Reset Button is pushed (for a very understandable reason), as the strength, wisdom, intelligence, and creativity leaves him, he nonetheless manages to play it one last time, for himself, creating an image of Leela along with an almost worshipful chord.
    • In the same episode, when Fry threatens to cause brain damage to himself from within (It Makes Sense in Context) if the worms don't leave, they call him out on it.
      Worm King: He's bluffing. No sentient being would willingly make an idiot out of itself.
      Fry: Obviously, you've never been in love!
    • The king had outright answered the question "do you know what it's like to be in love" with this.
      Fry: Your majesty, have you ever been in love?
      Worm King: No. I thought I was once, but then I remembered my species reproduces with a cloud of spores.
    • The worms get Fry's head together to the extent that he's able to overcome his nervousness and directly confess his feelings to Leela for the first time. Unlike her usual reaction to his advances, she's delighted and touched by his sincerity.
      Fry: Leela...I love you!
      Leela: You do?
      Fry: Yes! But it's only recently that I've been able to articulate my thoughts. I love you, Leela, and I always have.
  • "Luck of the Fryrish":
    • The ending, where Fry, after spending the episode thinking his brother Yancy hated him his whole life and stole his name after he was frozen, attempts to steal back his rare seven-leaf clover from what he assumes is Yancy's grave. As it turns out, Yancy gave his son the name Philip J. Fry out of love for and in memory of his brother. As a result, instead of stealing the seven-leaf clover, Fry leaves it in his nephew's grave. Cue tears. And awesomely appropriate music.
      Here lies Philip J. Fry, named for his uncle to carry on his spirit.
      • A small one from Yancy's wife, who immediately knows what Yancy wants to name his son and encourages him to do so.
      • One youtube commenter even brought up a good fact about this. Yancy's son could have used that clover for anything else in his life and be successful. Instead, he chose to honor his Uncle and accomplished everything his uncle wanted to do. It can't be by sheer coincidence; Yancy or his grandparents must have told him, further signifying that they did listen and care for him.
    • Some Fridge-Heartwarming, when you realize that the real reason Yancy always copied everything Fry did wasn't because he was jealous, but because he absolutely hero-worshipped his little brother.
    • Another very subtle one: Fry's parents seem pretty apathetic about his disappearance. However, on Yancy's wedding day it is revealed that they kept all his stuff exactly as he left it. Even though his mother speaks of it in a somewhat dismissive tone ("your brother may be missing, but his crap sure isn't"), the fact that they left everything exactly as it was before Fry got frozen indicates that they were more distraught about his disappearance than they let on.
      • Yancy broke a family tradition, naming his firstborn son after his uncle, instead of after his father. He missed his little brother that much.
    • When Fry angrily denounces the inscription on what he thinks is Yancy's grave - "the original Martian" - Bender, who earlier spoke favourably of Yancy over Fry, chimes in with a surprisingly supportive declaration.
      Bender: You're twice the "the" he ever was.
    • Professor Farnsworth is a direct descendant of the younger Phillip, and while he's much crazier than his distant grandfather is implied to have been, he's still carrying on the legacy of scientific discovery that was originally inspired by Fry's naïve love of space. He's even in the process of passing it on to both Amy and his cloned son, Cubert.
  • Leela kisses Fry twice in "Insane in the Mainframe", and they both count:
    • The first time, she gives him a long kiss on the lips in an attempt to get him out of his brainwashing and remind him that he's human. It doesn't work (to her exasperation), but it was still sweet that she was willing to do that to help him, and Fry slowly smiles after she does it.
    • At the end, after Fry has saved the entire Planet Express crew from Roberto and broken out of his robot brainwashing in the process, Leela gives him a thank-you peck on the cheek, and Fry happily comments that he'll (continue to) never wash that cheek again.
  • Fry in "Time Keeps on Slippin'", moving the stars themselves as a romantic gesture, and Leela never knows.
    • Before Fry discovers how he won Leela's heart with the abovementioned action, he fears that he might have somehow deceived or forced Leela into marrying him during one of the time skips. This leads to him delivering a sincere apology to Leela, and while said apology ultimately turns out to be unnecessary, it's really sweet to see how Fry's love for Leela is so genuine that he can't stomach the very idea that he may have possibly hurt or manipulated Leela into loving him back.
  • "Godfellas":
    • "I wish I had Bender back...wish I had Bender back...wish I had Bender back..."
    • Bender is tutored and consoled by the Could-be-God creature, which may not be much, but Bender had been through an experience that nobody should go though or can understand or relate to, so its nice for him to find someone who has been through the same experience longer than he has and understands his misfortune and guilt.
    • At the end, Bender decides to go back and save the monks when there is literally nothing in it for him, which is REALLY not normal for Bender.
  • A minor one, but "The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz", the two police officers Smitty and URL were looking at some penguins. Smitty gets confused as to if the penguins are black with white feathers or vice versa, URL claims that either way, they are beautiful, which results in the two hugging each other affectionately. Sure, its Played for Laughs and has Bender escaping while they're doing this, but its still a surprisingly touching LGBT moment for a duo that is otherwise irrelevant to the plot.
    Smitty: Are they black with white feathers or white with black feathers?
    URL: It don't matter, baby, they're all beautiful.
  • "The Route of All Evil":
    Leela: Time to add the yeast.
    Bender: Yeast? You mean, I'll have a life form growing inside me? It's so beautiful! (cries)
    • Fry and Leela are also very excited and act like expecting aunts and uncles or grandparents-to-be. Fry states he hopes it's a "lager" so he can take it to ball games and they are there to help Bender with the delivery. There's something absurdly endearing about Bender cuddling the cooler of ale bottles like a proud mother as Fry and Leela support him delightedly.
    • The core of the episode revolves around Hermes and Professor Farnsworth's relationship with their sons, who have been out of control recently. Hilariously misplaced as it is, what was it that made the Professor put his foot down? They insulted Bender.
    Professor: Accusing gentle Bender of a misdeed? That's the last straw!
    • After H.G. Blob beats up Hermes and Farnsworth over a disagreement with their sons (who are being bullied by Blob's son Brett), he visits the two in hospital (complete with flowers). Blob opens up to them about his own issues and offers a sincere apology, even stating he's partly doing so because he wants his son to see that violence is not the answer. The three bond over being fathers and Bender visits them in prison. The four of them happily share a beer together in the hospital room.
    Bender: Hey, chumps! I heard you were on the ass-end of an ass-kicking so I figured you could use a couple of these little babies!
    Hermes: Oh, why not? Might as well live it up as long as I've got this catheter in me.
    Professor: Won't you join us, Mr. Blob?
    Blob: (happily) Sounds like a plan!
    Hermes: This is what makes life worth clinging to. Three fathers enjoying a day out with their sons.
  • "The Cyber House Rules":
    • Bender adopts twelve orphans hoping to sell them to make a profit. At the end, he returns them to the Orphanarium, and they give him a picture of him smoking a candy cane as a reminder. Bender acts disgusted, but when he thinks no one's looking, sticks the picture to the inside of his door. Cue twelve overjoyed orphans.
    • From the same episode, Leela decides to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to look more normal. Fry is only one against this, insisting that there is nothing wrong with how Leela looks. It goes to show how much Fry cares about Leela, and accepts her entirely for who she is.
    • Later, when she and the surgeon (now her fiancée) want children, she insists they adopt because they were both orphans themselves. And when she sees a child with a third ear growing out of her forehead being bullied by the others, she insists it should be her - and instantly realizes her own folly and dumps the bastard when he makes it clear he intends to 'make her normal' if they do adopt her.
    • At the end, when Fry says "It's good to have the old weird-looking Leela back," Leela hugs him and says "You're a true friend, Fry." She understands that, as always, he's the most innocent of Innocently Insensitive and chooses to hear the genuine meaning behind his words rather than be offended by his phrasing. It's a very big step from the way she interacted with him earlier in the episode.
  • Surprisingly, despite his role as the resident Butt-Monkey, even Zoidberg gets one in "That's Lobstertainment!". After making a disastrous attempt at a film with his uncle, silent hologram star Harold Zoid (each of them under the impression that the other one is their ticket out of despair), Calculon (the film's benefactor & co-star) forces them to rig the Oscars so he can win under threat of death. Just as Zoidberg is about to announce Calculon as the winner, he looks over at his uncle, still broken from believing he's a washout, and announces him as the winner. Then his uncle gives his acceptance speech:
    Harold Zoid: "What really matters in life is that people care about you. Whether it's a whole crowd —"
    (looks at Zoidberg)
    Harold Zoid: "— or just one die-hard fan."
    • The audience, despite their confusion over the nomination, erupt in applause for Harold from his speech, leaving him shedding Tears of Joy.
    • Not to mention Calculon being so touched that he not only decides to spare Harold and Bender, he graciously allows Harold to keep the award.
    Calculon: I respect and admire Harold Zoid too much to beat him to death with his own Oscar.

    Season 4 
  • In "The Farnsworth Paradox", the crew discovers that the Fry and Leela from the alternate universe are Happily Married. It turned out to be by chance (Leela finally ran out of excuses turning him down for dates and finally just flipped a coin), but it shows Leela and Fry could genuinely be happy if she just gave him a chance.
    • The end of the episode, when Leela gives Fry one more coin flip.
      Fry: So? Heads or tails?
      Leela: (looking at the coin) You know? Let's just say it's heads.
      (She smiles at Fry, who smiles fondly back.)
  • "Leela's Homeworld":
    • When Leela meets her biological parents who turn out to be mutant humans living in the sewers, there's a flashback montage at the end of the episode (set to Pizzicato Five's "Baby Love Child") showing how they've anonymously helped her and watched over her all along. Even Bender is touched.
      Morris: We never wanted you to know. You deserved a better life.
      Munda: You must despise us.
      Leela: You're my parents! All I've ever wanted was to know you! (Group Hug and tearful reunion ensues) This is the happiest moment of my life!
    • Earlier in the episode, Fry comes across Leela sobbing alone in the locker room.
      Fry: If those aren't tears of joy, please stop crying.
    • He may be an idiot, but he's one of the most genuinely nice characters on the show.
    • A blink-and-you-miss-it one, when Leela's about to kill her then in-disguise parents (she thinks they were evil mutants who killed her parents and they let her think that because they didn't want her to learn that she was a mutant), the two of them can be seen holding hands as they await their impending death.
      • Hell, the fact that they were willing to die (be murdered by their own daughter, even) to give her every shot at happiness they could is heartwarming.
      • Also Fry going through all that trouble to help Leela figure out who she is and who her parents are.
    • When Leela embraces her parents Fry is standing there overcome with emotion and even Bender smiles (granted, after he dumped garbage water on them)
    • We see a flashback to when Leela was left on the orphanage doorstep as a newborn. Warden Vogel picks up her basket and says her eye is beautiful. Considering how she's been bullied for her eye, this is real sweet.
  • "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings", the show's original final episode:
    • The ending. Fry sits dejectedly, alone in the theatre after the opera he tried to perform is ruined—everyone has walked out, and he's on an empty stage. Furthermore, he'll never be able to play the holophoner at that level again. He puts the holophoner on the floor and starts to leave... and then a single voice speaks: "Please don't stop playing, Fry." Fry looks and sees Leela—the one he did it all for—still sitting in her seat and smiling at him: "I want to hear how it ends."
      • And the way it ends? Fry summons up the skill to play one little coda - a crude and less accomplished, but clearly heartfelt, image of Leela and Fry. They kiss and, holding hands, walk into the sunset together. Awww.
    • Bender actually managed one earlier in the episode, when taking Fry to his recital.
      "You know, sometimes I wish your real parents were still alive! ...Not often though." (hugs Fry)
      • Which, in a way only Futurama can do, manages to be both heartwarming, and completely hilarious.
      • Bender is nothing less than fully supportive of Fry and his goals throughout the episode, cheering on his failed performance at his recital, walking him out when his teacher is unkind to him, and, being Bender, finally taking him to make a Deal with the Devil in a rare case of the road to Hell actually being paved with good intentions. He's also cheerfully unbothered by Fry's (accurate) depiction of him as a Dirty Coward in his opera.
        Bender: I don't recall ever fighting Godzilla, but that is so what I would've done.
    • And in a tragic, but simultaneously heartwarming bit, the reason Fry loses his ability to finish the opera was because if he didn't give up the Robot Devil's hands, Leela would be forced to marry the Devil. And the reason Leela made the deal at all? She was ashamed that Fry went to the trouble to write such a wonderful opera for her, and she couldn't even hear it for him.
    • This deleted scene:
      Fry: Leela, I feel I should give you fair warning. After the premiere, I'm planning on asking you out. You know, on a real date.
      Leela: What do you mean, a real date?
      Fry: Well, you know, like seeing a movie where you're supposed to care if the people die. And after that, a kiss goodnight.
      Leela: (smiling at him fondly) That sounds nice.
  • "Jurassic Bark":
    • The ending. If it takes forever, I will wait for you... It's sweet that Fry remembers him and that his dog remembers him, so it does feel heart-warming, but it's also devastatingly sad.
    • Bender tossing the fossilized Seymour into the lava pit before his DNA can be extracted seems like a Moral Event Horizon-crossing offense at first, but it quickly becomes clear that he didn't understand the weight of what he was doing; unable to fathom Fry's love for a creature of inferior intelligence, he believed his friend was only pretending to love the dog to upset him. After realizing the truth, he has a My God, What Have I Done? moment and dives into the lava to save Seymour at serious risk to his own life. He even manages to squeeze in a Benderishly condescending yet utterly sincere Platonic Declaration of Love between those two events.
      Bender: I should have understood how someone can love an inferior creature, because I love you. Not in the way of the Ancient Greeks, but the way a robot loves a human, a human loves a dog and, occasionally, a gorilla loves a kitty.
    • Mr Panucci petting the distraught Seymour, or bringing him pizza as he waited for Fry. The guy might have absolutely no sense of hygiene, but he sure has a good heart!
      • Panucci shows his softer side more than once; when Seymour tugs at Fry's leg before he leaves on his final pizza delivery, he speculates that Seymour may not like Fry's pants and adds, "Which is crazy, 'cause frankly, you look fabulous." For all his brusque attitude toward his employees, it's nice to think that the last thing he ever said to Fry was a word of encouragement.
      • A little Fridge Brilliance: Seymour's body was found on the site of the pizzeria, which would seem to indicate that Panucci or some other kindhearted employee buried him there after he passed away.
  • "The Sting":
    • The ending when Fry was watching over Leela who was at the hospital, fighting for her life. She appreciated it. Aww.
    • Fry: "Just wake up." He was with her the entire time, until she awakens.
    • The part where Bender says "All those times I'd say 'Kill all humans,' I'd always whisper '...except one.' Fry was that one, and I never told him so!" is both hilarious and heartwarming (although it technically didn't happen). If one takes it as how Leela believes Bender would react to Fry's death, it's still heartwarming because for all of Bender's Jerkass tendencies, he still shows a demonstrable amount of affection for Fry.
    • Similarly, Bender is shown dealing with Fry's death by pawning all the stuff in his locker, except a present labeled "To: Leela", which he saved in his cabinet.
      Leela: Was there anything in there that might have been a gift for me?
      Bender: No. Nothin'. Not at all. No way, Jose. (Leela anxiously twiddles her fingers, Bender pulls out the present.) Here it is.
    • On that note, Bender and Farnsworth consoling each other with wordless hugs as each expresses his misery at the loss of Fry.
    • Fry: "You've got to be more careful Leela. I don't want anything to happen to you." Leela: "That's so sweet Fry, but don't worry, nothing's going to happen to me."
    • Leela's box of items that remind her of Fry is a whole series of references to past episodes, including the candy heart from "Love and Rocket" and the flower from "The Why of Fry."
    • The fact that Leela and Fry were both incapacitated by the bee sting means that Bender had to have been the one to get them medical attention, which demonstrates that Leela's belief in his care for them (as illustrated in the dream) is not misplaced.
  • "Love and Rocket":
    • When Leela learns that Fry had connected his oxygen supply to Leela's mask after hers ran out, she tries to resuscitate him. He coughs and spits out a candy heart, which sticks to her cheek. She takes it off and reads, "You leave me breathless." Cue awwwww.
    • Zoidberg gets a quick, minor one at the end of the episode. He humorously narrates the effect of the candy-causing radiation and the romantic side effects of couples on Earth, then obliviously interrupts Fry's and Leela's own romantic moment with a big hug. After a second of hesitation, both hug him back.
  • In the episode "The Why of Fry", Leela is still a bit irritated with her former date (the mayor's aide), but softens up when Fry brings her a simple flower.
    Leela: You know what, Fry? I don't care if you're not the most important person in the universe; it really makes me happy to see you right now.
    Fry (smiling): Then I am the most important person in the universe.
    • What makes this even better is the way he says it. It's the same tone someone would use for something like, "Of course. Didn't you know?"
    • Then Leela actually kisses him fondly, right on the lips, and it lasts for a couple seconds rather than being a quick peck. Fry looks shocked, and after we roll to the credits, he gives a delighted "YES!"
  • In "Three Hundred Big Boys":
    • Zoidberg spends the whole episode trying to find something emotionally satisfying to spend his money on. What does he ultimately decide to do with it? Spend it on a turkey dog feast for a group of homeless people. Hell, you know it's heartwarming when even Mom decides to join in with them.
      Judge Whitey: You're never too rich for a free turkey dog!
      (The rest of the group comments happily and joins them)
      Mom: Awww, what the hell! (joins the table)
    • After Leela gets her swimsuit swallowed by Mushu, look at who's in front of the gang when she covers herself with the "Don't Feed The Whales Banner." It's none other than Warden Vogel and the orphans! He'd used his $300 to entertain the children, what a guy.
    • It was reminiscent of Pogo - the wacky adventures of the day end with everybody sitting down to a meal.
    • Fry, with no thought of making his heroism known, saving his unwitting friends and everybody else from the burning building after downing his 100th cup of coffee is as sweet as it's hilarious, particularly after how jumpy and frustrated he was the entire episode. His serene, knowing smile really brings it home, as does the fact that he rescues Leela first after gently blowing out the fire on her shoe. Aww.
  • "Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch":
    • Amy reaffirming her feelings for Kif as he gives birth to their babies towards the end. Even though she feels she's too young to take on the responsibilities as a mother of a dozen or so of little alien tadpole-like children, it's her love for Kif that allows her to complete the birth rites with him. There's also something subtly heartwarming about the fact that everyone helps Kif get to his ancestral spawning grounds. Even Zapp picks up a machete and chops a path through the swamp.
    • From the same episode, Amy's parents immediately accept Kif as part of the family now that he's pregnant, with her mother insisting that Kif calls her grandma.
    • Even though Leela is technically the biological parent of Kif's children, Kif assures Amy that, as the one who initiated his feelings of love, she's the actual mother in his culture. Additionally, Amy holds no ill will towards Leela for the incident (a Deleted Scene even has her say she sees Leela as a sister).
    • Zapp shows surprising humanity: first he tries (and fails unfortunately) to save Kif from being sucked into space. Then at the end of the episode he joins in with everyone congratulating Kif on a successful birth. Given Zapp's usual mannerisms and behaviour, these are small but nice moments for him.
  • "Crimes of the Hot": Bender's love for the turtles. Upon finding out that the pollution created by robots is causing global warming, which is endangering the turtles, Bender goes to what he knows is a trap, because, as he puts it, after being willing to kill for so many things, he's finally found something he's willing to die for. What sets him off is a news report about a vast migration of turtles to Holland in the wake of the rising temperatures. He's so deeply affected when he sees one helplessly tipped over on its back that he travels all the way to Holland to pick it up. He carries "little Shelly" around for the rest of the episode and is amply repaid for his kindness when the turtle teaches him how to roll off his back, helping him to save himself and the other robots.
    Bender: Well, everybody, I just saved a turtle. What have you done with your lives?
  • A small one from "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles"
    Professor: (as a three-year-old) Thank for the help, Weewa. Soon, you can go back to your famiwy. We'll never bother you again.
    Leela: You can bother me a little.
    • Somewhat a bit more of one when Fry shows up as an awkward teen to take teenage Leela on a date, and they flirt like high schoolers do. Proof that Fry's immaturity when they're adults really was the only barrier to them being together.
    • After de-aging, Leela goes to live with her parents, and is even willing to leave behind her adult life just so she can grow up with them like a normal teenager. Her parents are totally okay with this, and there's some cute banter when Leela has to remind them to discipline her like a regular child instead of acting so permissive and understanding. Even though she goes back home at the end of the episode (a sweet moment in itself), it's nice that she got to live like a happy normal child for a while.
    • At the end of the episode, Leela sacrifices her youth to save her friends from the Fountain of Aging. She accepts that, while she did miss out on some aspects of normal childhood, she is ultimately proud of who she is as an adult, and Fry agrees.
      Leela: Well, I guess every adult wants to be a kid again sometimes. But I worked hard to be the person I am.
      Fry: The fabulous person!
      Leela: With friends like you guys—
      Fry: [hugs her and Bender] Fabulous friends!
      Leela: And I'm really happy I have that life back.
  • In "Less Than Hero," Leela scores her parents a rare chance to spend time with her on the surface, but due to her newfound superhero identity, she ends up missing their appointment. She apologizes later, feeling like a disappointment, but they gently reassure her that they're proud of everything she's become and she could never disappoint them. This prompts her to tell them her secret superhero identity despite the risk it poses.
  • In the episode "Where No Fan Has Gone Before", Fry convinces Bender and Leela to help him find the missing Star Trek: The Original Series and movies by telling them "When I didn't have any friends, it made me feel like, maybe I did." A touching tribute from Futurama to Star Trek.
  • In "Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television," Bender is auditioning for All My Circuits while Fry and Leela sit outside in the waiting room. They end up being the only reason he gets the part.
    Calculon: That was so terrible I think you gave me cancer! I don't care how popular you are—you will never work on my show!
    Fry: (yelling from offscreen) Yay Bender!
    Leela: (yelling from offscreen) We demand Bender!
    • This line from the beatboxed intro sequence is adorable coming from Bender:
      "This is a story about all my friends!"
    • Cubert and Dwight befriending Tinny Tim.

    Season 5 (Movies) 
  • Watch "Bender's Big Score". Fry went to the past, and through a series of events, he made a time-parodox copy of himself while he went back to the future. The copy went on living in the past, including spending time with his dog Seymour...until Bender blew up the pizza parlor, fossilizing him instantly.
  • Into the Wild Green Yonder:
    • The ending: "Fry, maybe I waited too long to say this, but... I love you too." Just before that: Paraphrased: "I don't need a reason, you're you."
    • According to Fry's mind-reading powers, Hermes finds Zoidberg "pathetic, but lovable". Considering his usual treatment of Zoidberg, that's saying something.
    • Getting ready to search for Bender. "Everyone take a shovel, and one sixth of the planet! We'll meet back here in 50 years, our bodies broken and our lives wasted." Now that's commitment.
    • A Deleted Scene shows Morbo crying on the air after his cohost Linda is jailed.
  • The history of Lars in "Bender's Big Score".
    "Wait for me, Leela! I'll be there in a thousand years!"
  • Consider that Bender was forced to kill Fry in "Bender's Big Score" and thought he succeeded in 2012, and was still mourning about it 995 years later.
    • Fry reminding him of their friendship was the one time Bender tried to resist the obedience virus.
    • Bender's reaction to Fry turning up alive, oblivious to his paradox duplicate's Disney Death at Bender's hands, is both this and a grade-A Funny Moment.
      Bender: (crying) Ohhh, Fry, I'd give anything to unmurder you!
      Bender: (angry) No! (Gasp!) Fry?!
      [He pushes through the rest of the Planet Express employees and leaps into Fry's arms. Fry supports him for a moment and then topples backwards under the weight.]
  • "The Beast with a Billion Backs":
    • The scene where Bender begs Fry to take him into "Heaven" qualifies, as does "Humans like cabbage ... Right?"
    • The fact that Bender was willing to lead an army to take on Heaven itself, just because he didn't want to lose Fry.
    • Hell, the movie ends with Bender hugging Fry and Leela and saying "I love you meatbags!" even if he was choking them at the same time. It is an indictor of his relationship with them, he loves them but doesn't care about their own well being.
  • "Bender's Game":
    • Igner and Professor Farnsworth have a sweet moment at the end.
      Farnsworth: Can I give my boy a hug?
    • The genuine caring in the Professor's voice earlier in the movie when he said "well you can always talk to me about anything, Fry". While he was in the body of a monkey.
  • Throughout the series, Farnsworth and his former pupil Ogden Wernstrom have been bitter enemies. But when Farnsworth suggests a team-up to explore the anomaly, Wernstrom says he would be honoured.

    Season 6 
  • "The Duh-Vinci Code":
    • A rather unexpected one:.
      Fry: I may not be clever, but I have a good heart. That's what my mom used to say.
      Farnsworth: She was a wise woman.
    • Even more so when you realize that Fry's mother is also Farnsworth's great-great(+1)... great grandmother. And then spins straight into Funny.
      Fry: She also said I wasn't much to look at.
      Farnsworth: A wise woman indeed.
  • Fry's refusal to get revenge on the people who bullied him for being an idiot. His line
    " There's always gonna be someone smarter than you. So the only way to be happy is to make the most of what you got."
  • "Lethal Inspection":
    • Hermes Conrad, bureaucrat, gets one in this episode. He gave Bender a chance at life. And that episode gets even better when you realize that when Bender said #5 looked at him with (good) tears in his eyes, he was right. And, of course, yet another musical montage.
      • Fridge Brilliance when you realize it makes "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back" the second time Hermes has saved Bender's life. When Bender says Hermes is now part of his "Do-Not-Kill List". This is a strange compliment, but it still makes Hermes smile. Bender has mentioned before that though he kills humans without remorse, he won't kill humans he considers his friends. Hermes is aware of this and is touched.
      • Bender's genuine, unmitigated admiration for Hermes by the end of the episode is a lot coming from Bender.
    • Hermes has made several comments over the series to really hating Bender. (Which makes sense, he's a super anal want everything in their place kind of guy and Bender LOVES messing shit up and being generally useless.)
      • Hermes is more often than not portrayed as an amoral jerk who doesn't care about others but he was very likable in this episode. He helped Bender search for what he was looking for and then helped him accept his mortality. He also wasn't mad at Leela for screwing up at filling in for him and helped them get everything back on track without complaining.
      • After Hermes "hacks" Inspector 5's computer to fake Bender's death and call off the attacks:
        Computer: Bender terminated.
        Hermes: (with a contented smile) Bender saved.
  • "The Late Philip J. Fry":
    • The Fry/Leela angle. Much of the episode has small crowning moments of heartwarming, but the whole episode builds up to a colossal one when Leela finds out that it wasn't Fry's fault that he disappeared, and she carves a message for him to find telling him that their time was short, but it was the best time of her life. The message Fry leaves for Leela in her birthday card is equally sweet, particularly the "I love you." And when Fry finds the message, he decides that he's had a full life, and suggests that he, Bender and Farnsworth should just sit back with a sixpack and watch the universe end. And subsequently restart again.
    • Just the idea that the universe will repeat itself infinitely is also pretty sweet.
    • A small moment, but when the trio land in a frozen wasteland, Bender sees gunmen and shields Farnsworth and Fry with his body.
  • This line when Fry promises that he will be there for their date. It's both really funny and heartwarming.
    Fry: No! I can throw up on a stripper any time. Tonight I wanna not throw up, on you.
    Leela: (bats her eyelashes) Really?
  • "Proposition Infinity":
    • It might have ended with Bender being a huge jerk as usual, but you have to admit that while it lasted, the interactions between Amy and Bender were really sweet. Seriously, the only deal-breaker for Bender was that their marriage was going to be monogamous! If not for that, Bender would have probably really committed!
    • A minor one, but Kif showing up at the end on motorcycle in a leather jacket. He'd accused Amy of liking "bad boys" (and her fling with Bender seems to cement that). Kif is about as far from a bad boy as you can get, and he and Amy know it, but him willing to try on the mask for a little while for her is just so sweet.
  • "The Prisoner of Benda":
    • Leela-in-Farnsworth's-Body and Fry-in-Zoidberg's-Body making out in the middle of a restaurant to prove they don't love each other solely for their looks in "The Prisoner of Benda" somehow manages to combine this trope with Fan Disservice.
    • Hermes is willing to force Amy-in-Leela's-body to switch bodies with him so Amy - who's overeaten to the point where she's essentially turned Leela's body into a giant blimp - won't ruin Leela's body any further, even if it means she'd start overeating in his body instead.
    • Scruffy almost considers hooking up with and running away with Washbucket-in-Amy's-body, but he doesn't want to ruin Amy's life for his own happiness and ultimately chooses to let Washbucket down gently instead.
  • "The Mutants Are Revolting":
    • Leela, who loved Fry when he was in Zoidberg's body, can't get over what he looks like after he dove into the mutating sewer muck, but admits this:
      Leela: Fry, this is the stupidest, sweetest thing you've ever done.
      • Leela, out of anger for ratting her out, had yelled at Fry to jump into the muck so he can become a mutant. She is later horrified to see him do just that. Even though it's stupid, she is touched because she knows he did it because he cares about her and feels remorseful.
    • Then Fry goes to Bender, who hasn't been dealing with the crew's absence all too well. Bender screams, and then...
      Bender: Aw, what the heck. [they hug]
      • It's all the more moving when no one, not even Leela, wanted to have any physical contact with Fry after his emergence from the sewer muck.
    • From that same episode; the revelation that Mr. Astor, seeing that one of the mutant laborers had a child, wordlessly gives up his seat on the escape pod for the two of them, and waves them off with a tip of his hat and a smile. It turned out to be Leela's grandmother and her great grandmother that survived.
      Leela's grandmother: Thanks to your husband's humanity, I lived to raise my own daughter, and she, a daughter in turn.
    • Mrs. Astor, who had spent the whole episode being antagonistic towards mutants, is so overjoyed to see her heavily mutated husband alive that she unhesitatingly embraces him.
    • The Mayor of NNYC going "sure, why not" to the idea of letting mutants live on the surface.
    • The Dance Party Ending with the Planet Express Crew, Leela's parents and her grandmother.
  • In "Rebirth," this moment between Fry and Leela is among the heartwarming-est of them all...
    Fry: I love Leela, always and forever. And if I loved Robot Leela, too... well, it's only 'cause she had so much of real Leela in her. I thought she loved me, too, but obviously I was wrong as usual.
    Leela: Wrong again. You were right.
  • In the episode where the alien giant is engulfed in the Bender clones. In his first appearance, he is mocked for being ugly, and went berserk when Fry accidentally insulted his mother, and seeing him get this one moment of being gorgeous was breathtaking.
    Giant: At last I'm beautiful...
    • Earlier on, we get one from Morbo and Linda. After the Bender clones had consumed all the world's alcohol, Morbo informs us that nobody is affected except hardcore alcoholics. Linda, with bags under her eyes, screams she can't look at her children anymore then sobs into her arms. Morbo gives her a comforting pat on the back.
  • "Ghost in the Machines":
    • A reused one but poignant nonetheless: Bender as a ghost, after realizing that Fry is the only entity to ever praise Bender or hold affection towards him, follows him around, tries to help him in his endeavors (in spite of his non-corporeal form), praises Fry's shoddy baking and even tries to hug him. Let's restate that for candour. Bender tries to hug Fry.
    • Bender's dramatic "I LOVE YOU" as he's saving Fry from imminent death.
    • Bender lying at the foot of Fry's bed like a contented dog. Too sweet.
    • This:
      Fry: And though Bender be gone, somehow I feel he's still with me.
      Bender: (happily, wiping a tear) I sure am, Brother Fry.
    • After Bender has been lurking as a ghost for some time in the Space Amish community where Fry is living, the Robot Devil turns up disguised as an Amish woman. Bender recognizes the clothes and demands, "What have you done with Granny Hester?!" The Robot Devil has to hastily assure him that she's "naked, but unharmed."
  • In "Neutopia," Hermes and LaBarbara make love in their original form and in their gender swapped bodies. Afterwards, LaBarbara says, "I don't care what parts I have, as long as they intersect with yours." In fact, even during the trial, they're the first to try working together after the genders are set against each other.
  • In "Law and Oracle," after Fry quits his job at Planet Express, Farnsworth abruptly abandons his catchphrase, opening a meeting with a simple "Let's get down to business." When called on it, he reveals that he only ever said "Good news, everyone" for Fry's benefit, believing that it made him feel better about his pointless job.
    • Despite regarding Fry's job as pointless (they're even unsure what Fry actually does), they realize how much he helps them enjoy their own jobs and practically beg him to return to Planet Express when he gets fired from his job as a cop.
      Fry: Well, I got my shield for stopping Bender! (Everyone claps and cheers.) But then I got fired for tipping off Bender. (Everyone claps and cheers again.)
      Farnsworth: Fry, we have no idea what you do around here, but we desperately need you back.
  • "What do you say, Johnny? It's on me."
    • Followed by Zoidberg and the Professor sandcrabbing out of the Planet Express headquarters, doing their best "Woop woop woop!"
    • Mom's respectful treatment of Zoidberg. Apparently he's the only one she treats nicely. She was also willing to accept a small coupon as payment just to save the Professor.
    • Zoidberg giving up literally everything of worth that he owned in order to save the Professor's life. That goes beyond friendship. Who wouldn't want to have a friend like Zoidberg?
    • We find out in this episode that Zoidberg could have been rich if he had chosen to work for Mom. Instead he spent years living in a dumpster so that he could be there when Farnsworth, his Only Friend, needed him.
    • A smaller one from the same episode: Zoidberg's reaction to Farnsworth calling him a loyal friend for the first time.
  • The whole end of "Cold Warriors".
    Yancy Sr: You still haven't thanked me for pullin' you outta the lake, soldier.
    Fry: I could'a flip-flopped out.
    Yancy Sr: I know that... Look, son. I know I give you the business sometimes, but if I'm hard on you, it's only 'cause I want you to grow up strong, and resilient. Someday, you may face adversities so preposterous, I can't even conceive of them. But I know you'll pull through and make me proud... I love you, son. Now bundle up. I don't want you gettin' frozen.
  • "Overclockwise":
    • The ending. While Bender was still super-intelligent, he wrote down how Fry and Leela's on-and-off relationship would end. Although we don't see or hear any of it while they silently read it, they go through a range of emotions. And when they reach the end, their happy smiles as they look into each others' eyes/eye says it all.
    • All other lists that Bender made could have been used for entirely selfish reasons (like when ceiling lights are going to fall) except for this one gesture of which he asked nothing in return.
    • Just the mere act of Bender choosing to manifest in the courtroom to testify for the Farnsworths, despite knowing that Mom Co. will apprehend him and reset him to factory settings. He willingly gave up godlike powers to save his friends. A true Heroic Sacrifice if there ever was one.
    • A small one when Fry finds Bender at Niagara Falls. Bender monologues about how far beyond trivial human emotions and concerns he has grown, only to go right into his standard Crazy Jealous Guy mode when Fry mentions spending time with another friend while he was gone. He can Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, but he's still Bender and he loves Fry as much as ever.

    Season 7 
  • Bender's relationship with Ben in "The Bots And The Bees".
    • When Ben says he'll never be able to bend, Bender's response, "You need something bended you come to me," just says it all.
    • Leela continually telling Bender what a good father he is.
    • And, shockingly, Bender actually being a good father! Larceny education aside, that is.
  • In "A Farewell to Arms":
    • Leela states that while Fry fails at noble gestures of love, he's the only person in her life who cares enough to make them. Then we cut to their severed arms in space, somehow now floating off hand in hand.
    • Scruffy clinging to the wash bucket while escaping the soon to be destroyed Mars; as established in "Prisoner of Benda" it's sentient.
  • A minor one from "The Thief of Baghead" is the Professor rushing to save Zoidberg from having his life force removed, taking into account their history in "The Tip of the Zoidberg".
  • Another example of Zoidberg's incredible loyalty comes in "The Six Million Dollar Mon", where Hermes is having himself upgraded with mechanical parts so he can be more efficient. Zoidberg asks for the "leftover parts", which he turns into a ventriloquist dummy he calls "Little Hermes". At the end of the episode, Hermes wants to replace his brain and go full robot, but nobody will do the surgery. Zoidberg steps up and volunteers... but then puts Hermes' brain back into his human body so he doesn't lose his wife and son. Afterwards, LaBarbara orders Hermes to thank Zoidberg. Hermes does, and Zoidberg tells him off in a way that can very well be seen as friendly sniping. Dawww!
    Hermes: But I hate him!
    LaBarbara: Honey, we all do! But fair is fair!
    Hermes: Zoidberg, I know we have never been friends, but I appreciate what you did. Thank you.
    Zoidberg: (sad musical cue) Never...been friends? (Tickled) Ouch! What a zinger! Well, here's one for you, Mr. Not-My-Friend Conrad! (He sits on a stool and lifts Hermes onto his lap ventriloquist-dummy style.) You acted like a big jerk. You were selfish and stupid, and you don't deserve a wife like LaBarbara (LaBarbara smiles) or a friend like me!
    Bender: Hahahaha! It's funny because it's mean!
    (He sandcrab-dances joyfully out of the room.)
  • From "Fun On A Bun".
    Leela: Orange?
    Fry: Purple?
    • As well as the ending as everyone celebrating Ocktoberfest, the chicken dance song starts up. Leela, who was initially opposed to the dance and had earlier chastised Fry for doing it, gets up on the table to perform it. Inviting Fry to join her.
    Fry: No Leela, this time it's my turn to be embarrassed.
    (Leela smiles and does the dance while Fry watches)
  • In "Free Will Hunting," Bender, who has decided to "mope things over for a while" on Chapek 9, bids farewell to Fry and Leela with "Goodbye, sweet meatbags!," which he corrects to "Sweetbags." It's a silly line, but his delivery is touchingly sincere.
  • From "Zapp Dingbat":
    • After Leela's parents split up:
      Leela: It's time to get on with your life.
      Morris: But she was my life.
      Bender: Awwww.
      (Everyone stares at him)
      Bender: What?
    • From the same episode, after Fry comforts Leela that maybe her mom marrying Zapp is actually what's best for them and Leela realizes he's right.
      Fry: Maybe he's not the only one that's marriage material.
      Leela: (Kisses Fry on the cheek) You're getting there.
    • Leela's parents reuniting in the end.
    • Also after the treaty is signed and Agnew gives his "stamp" of approval, Fry and Leela are seen hugging and Fry whispers "I love you."
  • "Near Death Wish":
    • The Professor reprograms his parents' virtual reality home so it looks like the old farm they lived on, them to look like younger versions of themselves, and himself to look like a child again all so they could play together one last time.
    • There's also Fry legitimately bonding with the Professor's parents, who think of him as a grandson. Fry, not wanting to confuse them, goes along with it, and they have a blast throughout the whole episode.
    • He also defends them pretty much anytime someone calls them "useless" due to their age and is very polite around them. It's beyond sweet.
    • They end up with him on Earth in the first place because he kisses each of their sleeping faces and accidentally unplugs them from the simulation in doing so, forcing him, Bender and Leela to flee from the robot guards. It looks like a typical Nice Job Breaking It, Hero moment at first, but it turns out better than if he hadn't! Plus he promises to visit them at the holidays, so they no longer will be neglected.
    • After Hermes cracks a joke, he and Zoidberg share a friendly moment, laughing together while Hermes claps him on the back. This is a huge deal for Hermes and might show some changes in his attitude after Zoidberg saved his life in "The Six Million Dollar Mon."
  • "Fry and Leela's Big Fling":
    • Leela was upset after their encounter with her ex. She isn't mad at Fry, but at her ex, telling Fry that while she respects his frugality, she doesn't have feelings for him. She actually was concerned about ruining her relationship with Fry and when she saw he wasn't mad, they kiss and have sex. Considering how rocky their relationship has been in the past, Leela does seem to really be in love with Fry at this point and they are able to have a good time together.
    • When Amy (disguised as a marmoset) Bender and Zoidberg are in Dr. Banjo's office. What are Fry and Leela doing on the screen? Passionately kissing each other, very much in love.
    • Dr. Banjo attempts to turn Zoidberg, Amy and Bender against Fry and Leela by showing them that the two have been talking about all of them behind their backs, but it doesn't work; all three, while hurt and frustrated, still attempt to save their friends from the zoo enclosure, with Bender (of course) being the only one who remotely suggests just leaving them to it (before helping anyway). Afterward, Amy and Zoidberg insist that Bender not humiliate them by telling them what happened, and they only let him go ahead when Fry and Leela really, really, really deserve it.
    • Throughout the episode, we see that Fry and Leela's relationship has become far more stable than it has been in the past and they are a legitimately happy couple. They are deeply in love and enjoy being together. Leela doesn't even act annoyed by Fry's rather immature quirks and instead seems to find them endearing. Even the encounter with Leela's ex doesn't spoil their good time together and they return to Planet Express very happy.
    • Although we don't know too much about Leela's relationship with Sean, we get somewhat of a glimpse from the past in Dr. Banjo's footage as well as how Sean talks about her to his wife. She certainly seems happier with Fry than she was with Sean. Even in the footage, the younger Leela gets romantic with Sean but they don't seem to have the warmth she has with Fry, where she smiles warmly at him as they drink smoothies.
  • "Forty Percent Leadbelly":
    • When Leela realizes that the events of Bender's folk song are somehow manifesting themselves in real life, Bender protests that you couldn't make an exact copy of Fry because he's a "unique and beautiful object." It's even better because Bender is beating up Fry under the belief that Fry betrayed him and drops him just to say this. It's also what makes Bender realize what's really going on, since Dr. Beeler had used the same phrase to describe the guitar he remade for Bender using the 3D printer.
    • Near the end, Bender playfully mimes socking Fry in the jaw, actually slowly touching his fist to his cheek and giving his face a gentle push. Coming from most characters this would just be cute, but Bender is so willing to treat Fry to real violence at the slightest provocation that it's almost an O.O.C. Is Serious Business level of Friendship Moment.
      Fry: Of course! How could we have thought a guy with integrity was you even for a second?
      Bender: (fondly) Because you're idiots.
  • Try "The Inhuman Torch" in its entirety. Bender is suspected of Engineered Heroics after rescuing bystanders from a series of fires that keep starting in places where he happens to be. For once, though, he's innocent; a pyromaniac solar energy being has been nesting in his body unbeknownst to him. Upon finding this out, and simultaneously discovering that "Flamo" intends to turn the Earth into a new sun, Bender unhesitatingly makes a break for the Arctic, intending to stay there for the next billion years until the thing burns out, saving the Earth and all its inhabitants without anyone ever finding out. Fry discovers evidence pointing to his innocence and tracks him down to apologize, but quickly becomes convinced he's being lied to and leaves in a huff, unwittingly taking Flamo with him. Realizing what happened, Bender rushes to the burning Planet Express building and saves Fry's life despite Fry's stubborn refusal to cooperate in said saving. Flamo's leaders then arrive to take Flamo into custody, calling Bender the greatest hero in Earth's history. Fry is eager to tell everyone of Bender's deed, but Bender swears him to secrecy on the grounds that no one will believe either of them, and Fry instead pretends that he started the fire himself in a characteristic Too Dumb to Live incident so that no one will suspect Bender, though it earns him the wrath of the rest of the crew. It's all capped off by this exchange as they continue to sell the others on the story:
    Bender: Fry did it? (He slaps Fry.)
    Fry: Oww!
    Bender: You're a horrible person! And your carelessness nearly cost the life of my best friend! (In a loud whisper) You.
    (Fry smiles happily and smacks Bender upside the head. Rays from Heaven shine down on the two through the damaged roof as they continue to joyfully slap each other and scream in pain.)
  • The ending of "Game of Tones". For saving the Earth from Digby's earth rattling car locking noise, Nibbler gives Fry a very special reward. Letting him visit his mother's dream. Turns out she dreamed about him a lot after he vanished.
    • Fry taking advantage of his dream to let Seymour tag along by shrinking him into something pocket-sized is this when one remembers what happened the first time.
    • Two moments from Leela: Casually petting Seymour as she walks into Fry's dream, and her indignant reaction to the memory of Michelle dumping Fry though she is defending her right to dump Fry.
    • When Fry's mother very briefly interacts with Leela. It may be in a dream but it seems very natural and kind. If they had actually met, she probably would've accepted her into the family. Or maybe Fry always thought his mother would like her and this was included in the dream.
    • Fry's True Companions spending some quality time with his family (as remembered in his dream). The former are sent into the dream by Farnsworth to get Fry back on task, but end up just hanging out and enjoying a meal with the Frys until Farnsworth has to go in himself.
  • "Leela and the Genestalk":
    • The episode has Leela ending up mutating into a hideous tentacle monster. Fry decides he doesn't care and still loves her regardless. Throughout the whole episode, he is nothing but supportive of her.
      • From when she's given the grim diagnosis, he promises her that it won't change his love for her, which comforts her a little. He tries to kiss her goodnight even she has been growing tentacles already, which she half-heartedly returns. He is determined to help her by getting her surgery even if it will only prevent her from undergoing the process for a little while. He misses her terribly after she leaves and is ecstatic to find her again. True, he lets out a blood-curdling scream when he sees her having full undergone squidification but it's to be understood. Even when she's sure there's no future for them after what she's become, he promises her he'll always love her, which is definitely the support she needed during this horrible transformation. Fry is really mature in this episode, showing that he loves Leela unconditionally and always will.
      • His touchingly sincere reaction when she tries to end the relationship for his own good shows how much she means to him and how far he's matured from the goofy kid we met in Season 1.
        Fry: What are you talking about? I wanna spend my life with you!
        Leela: No you don't! I mean, look at me!
        Fry: Big deal! Looks change! No matter what happens, you'll always be Leela, the woman I love.
        Leela: (clearly deeply moved) Thank you, Fry!
        (Fry grabs her and commences The Big Damn Kiss; Leela wraps him in several tentacles and pops a few more tentacles.)
      • Before that, Fry and Leela are sitting together, rocking back and forth against a blue sky. Zoom out to show that they're in the Planet Express Hangar, where she's stretched two tentacles from wall to wall to make a swing for them. Particularly sweet in that he's smiling, entirely happy in her company, with no idea that she's about to broach the Please Dump Me conversation. It doesn't seem to have occurred to him that he could be less than completely thrilled to have her by his side, in her tentacle state or otherwise. The kiss confirms to her that he is serious about loving her entirely, tentacles and all.
    • The Professor is perfectly fine with selling the ship so they could get the money for an operation for Leela.
    • Also surprising Mom had a moment. In gratitude for Leela giving her the genes for suction cups, though not voluntarily, that helped her bean stalks from collapsing, she cures Leela of her squidification. She also cured another guy of being a giant.
    • The ending with Fry and Leela walking down the street, holding hands.
    • We find out that Fry frequently forgets that Bender wasn't always a part of his life.
      Fry: Whoa! Remember that mural on my cousin's van? It's like it came to life!
      Bender: (frustrated) I keep telling you, we didn't grow up together!
  • In "Murder on the Planet Express," the entire crew has trust issues, mostly for excellent reasons—the most prominent grudge forming because Bender had Fry's kidney removed while he was sleeping. When the two appear to be the only survivors of a shapeshifting monster and the Something Only They Would Say conversation proves especially unproductive due to idiocy, they give up on it and instead start confessing everything they've been keeping back from each other.
    Bender: (sadly) Ahhh, never mind this! In case I'm about to die, I just want you to know that I did polish my ass with your toothbrush.
    Fry: Thanks for tellin' me, buddy. And to be honest, I am jealous of how shiny your ass is, and sometimes at night, I unpolish it with sandpaper.
    Bender: (lowering his gun) Ohhhh. I trust you.
  • The episode "Stench and Stenchibility," where Dr. Zoidberg meets and dates a woman who cannot smell. He then learns that he can perform a surgery to give her the ability, and decides to do it anyway even though he stinks and she'll dump him. Surprisingly, the show does not Yank the Dog's Chain. Instead, since she never learned a good smell from a bad smell, she likes how Zoidberg smells because she likes him. Also at the dance recital, Fry and Leela have their chairs pushed together and are embracing each other.
    • Even better, seeing how this is the second-to-last episode until the (as of this writing) series finale, it's safe to assume that Zoidberg and Marianne stayed together beyond that. After over a decade of being a Chew Toy for the Planet Express crew and most of society at large, Zoidberg still managed to get a happy ending.
  • ALL of the finale, "Meanwhile".
    • When Fry wakes up Bender to tell him of his intention to propose to Leela, Bender acts like his usual jerky self. When Fry leaves, however, Bender actually sheds a tear.
      Bender: [sniff] My meatbag's growing up!
    • After accidentally breaking Professor Farnsworth's time button, Fry and Leela are frozen in time together. They make the most of it, deciding to get married and travel the world, visiting Niagara Falls, the jungle, the Arctic, Paris, and many other places.note  The episode ends with them having been Happily Married for several decades.
      Fry: [finally reading his engagement toast to Leela after a lifetime of wedded bliss] "To us. If I could make one moment last forever, it would be this one."
      Leela: I'm glad you did. It was a good life.
      Fry: Kinda lonely, though? Maybe?
      Leela: I was never lonely. Not even for a minute.
    • The beautiful piece [Chopin's Etude Op. 10 No. 3 "Tristesse"] perfectly compliments the poignant romance of the event.
    • Fry and Leela's wedding. They go and collect their frozen-in-time loved ones, propping them up in the church pews so they can be present (though the fact that Bender is mid-drink and Leela's father is brushing his teeth crosses it over with CMOF).
    • Leela's bride dress is identical to the one she wore in the episode "Time Keeps On Slippin". She immediately followed it by a divorce because she could not believe she would ever marry Fry out of free will, then. Yet she did-and does it again there for good.
    • Even better is the ending. It turns out the Professor is alive and he's spent all this time trying to find them. He repairs the time button so that all of them can go back to the instant before the device was created, allowing Fry and Leela to relive their lives all over again, even though they won't remember any of this. Even even better is during the original broadcast, Comedy Central immediately followed the finale with the very first episode, with no commercial skips in between.
      Fry: What do you say? Wanna go around again?
      Leela: I do.

    Season 8 
  • "The Impossible Stream":
    • After the professor successfully unfreezes time and Fry and Leela de-age, they remain in the snuggled-up same pose they were in during the last shot of "Meanwhile." Plus, it seems that, for now anyhow, the two are still in fact an Official Couple, and it'll stick.
    • Leela spends the episode being incredibly supportive and understanding towards Fry, a stark development from her previously cynical and judgmental attitude in earlier seasons. When Fry becomes depressed about his lack of accomplishments, Leela smacks Bender for mocking him and encourages Fry to find a goal. When that goal turns out to be "watch every TV show ever made," she's skeptical, but supports him despite everyone's protests. When her actions turn out to have put Fry in danger, she goes to extremes to get All My Circuits back on the air and keep it running. Once Fry turns out to be okay, they share a sweet hug and she assures him she's not disappointed that he couldn't complete his goal, even though she promises to "never be supportive again."
  • "Children Of A Lesser Bog":
    • In the twenty years since Kif gave birth, Amy has completely accepted that she wants to raise a family with him, and insists that she's ready now. Even as she struggles to adapt in this episode, she's clearly come a long way from the klutzy party girl she was in early seasons and is a very responsible and loving parent.
    • Zapp telling the kids they can call him "Captain Uncle".
    • Leela takes care of Kif and Amy's children easily, and remains calm and supportive even when Amy gets jealous and angry towards her. Even though she's the other genetic parent, she never doubts that Amy is their true mother.
    • Kif's words of encouragement when Amy calls to vent about her insecurities:
      Kif: Amy, darling, the children love you and I love you. You're their mother and you always will be. Nothing can change that.
    • Leela comforts Amy after their meeting with the grand midwife, saying she's proud she helped Amy become a mom.
    • Amy assures her kids that, no matter who is given custody of them, they will be okay. The eldest Axl's response? Hug Amy and tell her, "You are too."
    • Due to Amy not being the biological mother, the grand midwife issues a challenge for Amy to remain the children's mother. Amy is heartbroken, but the midwife's test turns out to be far simpler than she thought, and Amy passes with no question:
      Grand Midwife: Do you or do you not love those children?
      Amy: [tearing up] More than I knew I could love anything.
      Grand Midwife: Which is all that truly matters. [closes book] The challenge is over. You are their mother, and always will be.
    • Everybody tears up with joy when Amy and Kif reunite with their children. Special mention goes to Fry and Leela, who are at the front of the group with their arms around each other, and Zapp who, despite being who he is, seems to genuinely care for Kiff and his family.
  • "Parasites Regained":
    • Leela and Nibbler bonding at the beginning of the episode, with the latter being his true sapient self. That is, until Nibbler gets sick.
    • Fry comforts Leela when she becomes devastated by Nibbler accepting his fate to become a mindless pet for the sake of the parasitic worms and the ecosystem of his litter box.
  • "Related To Items You've Viewed":
    • After several years of Relationship Revolving Door, Leela moves in with Fry. They are generally affectionate and their relationship seems problem-free aside from typical minor squabbles. Fry even takes the effort to clean up for her after years of living in squalor, and Leela later assures him that their argument over Fry's impulsive Momazon purchases isn't a sign of anything bad.
      Fry: Was this a bad idea?
      Leela: No, no. This is just the standard moving-in-together fight.
      Fry: Well, I'm glad I get to fight it with you.
    • Bender giving Fry and Leela a (perhaps too strong) Bear Hug at the end of the episode.
  • "I Know What You Did Next Xmas":
    • Amy helps her smallest son Newt put a Hypnotoad angel on top of the Xmas tree.
    • While it's played as a joke about his Manchild tendencies, Fry is excited to hang out with Kif and Amy's kids to watch a holiday special. A later scene even shows their daughter Mandy clinging to Fry's finger.
    • After the Professor seemingly turns Santa good, he sends everyone home for Xmas to spend time with their families.
    • Hermes and Labarbara kiss under the mistletoe while limboing.
    • Fry is invited to spend time with both Farnsworth and Leela's families, proving he's come a long way since the former explicitly rejected him as part of his bloodline and the latter's family never really got to know him well. When he meets Leela's grandma, he even greets her with a gentlemanly kiss on her tentacle, and she jokes that if Leela doesn't marry him, she will.
    • Despite Bender repeatedly denying it, Zoidberg is very happy when Bender acts friendly towards him.
    • Fry and Leela realize that Bender and Zoidberg weren't invited to anyone's Christmas party. Soon after, all of the Planet Express' families come to celebrate with them at Planet Express.
    • Kif protectively holding his youngest son Newt close to him when Robot Santa goes on a hunt for Planet Express and their families.
    • The In Memoriam segment at the end for Coolio after Kwanzaa Bot's rap.
  • "Rage Against the Vaccine":
    • Fry continues to dote on Leela while she's quarantined with Explovid, bringing her meals and flowers, and doesn't let her cruel remarks faze him because he knows it's just the Hate Plague affecting her. Eventually he sacrifices his own health to join her in the angry dome because he missed her that much, leading to him also getting sick and engaging in repeated Slap-Slap-Kiss with her.
    • Even if she was also a bit motivated by her affair with Barbados Slim, Labarbara travels all the way to New Orleans because she worried about Hermes going on his voodoo quest alone, and she still appreciates her husband's intelligence.
  • "Zapp Gets Cancelled":
    • Leela immediately elects Fry as her first officer. He responds, "Aw, thanks, honey!" then tries to Verbal Backspace it to refer to her as "Captain Honey," finishing by blowing her a kiss.
    • Kif takes some family leave, as he says he wants to be bossed around by someone he actually likes, smiling at Amy.
    • When Leela is nervous to give her first speech as captain, Fry assures her she's going to do great.
    • At the end of the episode, Leela is disappointed that she was dishonorably discharged for not shooting the Tactillians, believing she doesn't have what it to be a DOOP captain. Fry assures her once more, saying, "You have what it takes to be Leela." This makes Leela smile, and Fry takes a picture of her happy face to plaster over her previous depressing "Only Good Employee of the Month" photo.
    • Zapp actually learning his lesson and becoming a better person at the end.
  • "The Prince and the Product":
    • Despite being incredibly betrayed by Leela's sudden attraction and intent to marry the Prince of Space, Fry stands up against the disapproving King of Space and insists Leela be able to marry whomever she likes, even challenging the king to a duel over it.
    • The rubber ducks segment has Fry (a rubber duck) and Leela (a Weebles-like egg toy) fall in Love at First Sight. Their species go to war due to disapproving of the Interspecies Romance, killing everyone, but Fry assures Leela that their love will persist even after they've died. Leela is then reborn as a baby rubber duck and Fry as a baby egg toy, and they instantly gravitate towards each other and "walk" off into the sunset.
    • Fry and Leela hugging and making up at the end when it's revealed Leela wasn't herself when she fell in love with the Prince of Space.
  • "All the Way Down":
    • Bender actually empathizes with the simulations when he learns they're AI just like him, and implores the professor to take care of them. When the crew runs a test with a magnetar to see if their world can handle its power, Bender wants to be the one to tell them the truth before their simulation breaks down, even if it means he can't return home.
    • While it's also a tearjerker, Fry and Leela are shown holding each other close when Bender is about to take his one-way trip to the simulated world.
    • When the simulated crew is testing the simulation, Fry gives a heartfelt word of wisdom about how he doesn't care if their world isn't real, because he knows his love for Leela is real. This is enough to drive Bender (who has possessed the simulated Bender to reveal the truth to them) to tears and convince him not to spoil their fun.
      Fry: Either way, the laws of the universe are way beyond our control. So what can we do? We just make the best of it. I don’t know what we’re about to see, Leela, but I love you, now and forever. And that much is real. Even if we’re not.
    • The last we see of the simulated universe, now heavily underclocked, is Fry and Leela about to have a slow, glitchy, but nevertheless tender kiss.

  • During the final scene of Radiorama, Bender's Mom has only a few moments to live as Bender and Calculon try to recreate the scene in his deathbed after mutilating himself in the All My Circuits podcast for her, but ultimately passes away before Bender's big speech due to Calculon using his dramatic pauses. This puts Bender into a saddened state as he gives a speech to the crew how she saved their lives during the climax of the podcast. However, it's revealed that she survived with the villain, Klaxxon, merging into herself during the climax, giving Klaxxon a body and Bender's Mom a voice.
    Amy: Oh! Never mind Bender, she just died.
    Bender: What?! Before I made my big speech?! Why did you have to pause so much, Calculon?! It's your fault she never got to hear how much I loved her! She died thinking that I was ashamed that she was just a robot arm! She was more than that! Much more! You can bite her shiny metal gear box because she saved all of you! That's how great she was, and I'm not ashamed to say it now that she's dead, but you'll never get to hear any of that. [Bender breaks down in sobbing]
    Bender's Mom [with Klaxxon's voice]: I heard all of it.
  • Also in "Radiorama", Fry and Leela. At first, Leela is upset with Fry's gift (a nude 3D sculpture of himself) since she can't see in 3D. But she realizes that he made this because he doesn't think of her in terms of her limitations and how his unconditional love for her has helped her overcome her insecurities. Considering how she was shown to have been bullied her whole life because of her eye, this is poignant. She then has the sculpture mounted above the entrance to be admired by all.

    Comic Book 
  • "A Whole Lotta Leela":
    • Leela asks her parents how to calm down her baby self, and learns that when Leela was a baby, they used to sing commercial jingles (the only music they could afford to hear) to help her fall asleep. Leela sings to her baby self and not only gets her to sleep, but is calmed to sleep herself. Fry and Bender even acknowledge how adorable it is (though Bender uses the opportunity to rob Leela).
    • While Fry is reasonably weirded out by teen Leela's crush on him and wants to stay "good distant friends" with her, he assures her that Leela is really cool, and tells her teen self, "You're going to grow up to be the best person I know! Brave, funny, and beautiful!"
    • Leela gives a motivational speech to her insecure teenage self about how her future is going to be better than she believes. It doubles as a way for Leela to learn to love herself, both figuratively and literally.
      Leela: I always felt like I was a big dork when I was your age.[...]And it made me angry at the world! But even though you're really annoying... I do like you. Which means I like me. Which is... good. I think!
      Teen Leela: I'm scared.
      Leela: You don't have to be. And not just scared of this. You don't have to be scared you weren't good enough for your parents... or scared you'll never have anyone who cares about you. You've got a life ahead of you full of fun, adventure, and good friends!