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List of Tokimeki Memorial YMMV entries.

They are classified in several folders: one folder is dedicated to entries related to the franchise in general; the others are dedicated to character-related entries, in each game of the franchise.

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    Tokimeki Memorial franchise in general 

    Tokimeki Memorial 1 characters 

  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Saki, Miharu, and to a lesser extend Ayako are characters the fandom loves just as much as extremely well-loved heroine Shiori. Their popularity got them to each get their own Drama Series game (Nijiiro no Seishun for Saki, Irodori no Love Song for Ayako, and Tabidachi no Uta for Miharu), along with a big line of goods dedicated to them.
    • Saki's Ensemble Dark Horse status was Lampshaded by the creators of Nijiiro no Seishun, the 1st game of the Drama Series, in an interview contained inside one of the game's official guide books: the reason they chose Saki as the heroine of this game was because she was extremely popular with the fans.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: When Chapter 9 (“School Festival”) of the Radio Drama Motto! Tokimeki Memorial was aired and revealed that Yoshio and Mio are going out in the end, the Japanese Yoshio / Yuko fans were not amused.

    Tokimeki Memorial 2 characters 

  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Kaori Yae is the biggest of them all in this game, to the point she's the heroine of one of the only two Novelizations of the game (the other is dedicated to the game's main heroine, Hikari Hinomoto), and her and Hikari being referred as the "Hinohachi Combi" (Hinohachi is made with the Kanji of "Hinomoto" and "Yae", "Ya" being read in his "Hachi" alternate reading) regarding the line of goods: when Konami release official character goods, 3 characters are used, in a pattern of "1 good of Hikari, 1 of Kaori, and 1 of one of the remaining characters".
    • Another Ensemble Dark Horse character in this game is Maho Shirayuki, who's one of the Secret Characters in the main game. Both she and Kaori become the main girls in the Gaiden Game Tokimeki Memorial 2: Dancing Summer Vacation.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Kaedeko Sakura
  • Memetic Mutation: The maid outfit Kaori dons during the 3rd Year School Festival reached this status. If you search for Kaori fanarts, she'll be drawn with it in at least a third of them; and there's a sizeable number of official artworks and figurines of her with that outfit as well.
  • Moe: A lot of the characters in the entire series can easily be labelled as such, but Miho probably embodies this trope the most amongst them all.
  • The Woobie: Kaori, in spades. See her entry for more details.

    Tokimeki Memorial 4 characters 

  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Miyako Okura, due to being the game's childhood friend of the Protagonist, and due the revelation during the game that she's a Yandere, gaining her instant love in the Japanese fandom.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Elisa Dolittle Naruse's story deals heavily with the bigotry and xenophobia that she's a victim of due to being half-British and looking very Western. Sometimes it may get heavy-handed but since such deals aren't openly touched upon in Japanese media, the honesty is quite refreshing.


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