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YMMV / The Nobody of Ever After High

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  • Ass Pull: The absence of Aqua from Twist In Time is never explained. Instead, Ven is the main Birth By Sleep character who is even mentioned, yet nothing of Aqua or Terra.
  • Author's Saving Throw: The Story fleshes out characters more than the show did, and gives them more personality than they ever had. Everyone undergoes Character Development, such as Apple deciding to follow her heart and not force Raven to follow her destiny, Cupid getting over her crush on Dexter, and Daring's depression fleshed out after it was revealed that Roxas was Apple's Prince Charming.
    • Fans of Mira Shards were pleased that she has a more prominent role as a Vessel of Xehanort.
    • Those who were upset about Anastasia dying in Birth By Sleep felt satisfied when Twist In Time was adapted.
    • Ramona being introduced early allowed her to be fleshed out more, given that the last episode of Ever After High felt like it should have been the first.
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    • Courtly not being Easily Forgiven and having to earn the trust has garnered interest.
    • The inclusion of Non-Disney movies has provided a possibility of new Worlds for fans to request.
    • The inclusion of the Narrators, after being absent until Chapter 80, has gained more attention.
    • In general, the extension of Ever After High since it was cancelled, this one having more interesting plots, has garnered plenty of attention.
  • Broken Base:
    • Some fans when reading the Story felt that signature scenes were Adapted Out. One complaint for Twist In Time was the window scene was cut out.
    • There is also the fact that Dexter asking Raven out in front of Cupid was kept in, though it is justified when it was needed to bring Riku as the new love interest of Cupid.
    • The inclusion of Miraculous Ladybug was not well-received at first, though opinions changed once it came out.
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    • The inclusion of Happily Never After, due to both films being the worst fairy tale films.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: In Chapter 86, Roxas believes that Holly likes him. Awkward? Yes. Poppy, the first to kiss Roxas and 1/8th of the Harem, and Farrah, one of the new additions, attacking her? Hilarious.
    • Same chapter, Crystal reveals her crush on Roxas, saying he is the fire to her ice, and Cerise and Amora, a teacher, tackle her.
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • The fact that this Story seems to derail from some of the downsides of the Kingdom Hearts III game seems strong now that the main cast of the main games are students of Ever After High, and with there being new vessels, anything looks possible.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Namine being able to use a Keyblade was first used in Dead Fantasy. Here, she is officially one.
    • The promotional images for the Keyblades for Kingdom Hearts III included a Tangled Keyblade with the tower as the blade and the Corona Sun as the teeth. The Story version has the same design for the blade and teeth, but different designs for the rest of the Blade.
      • To add to that, the game Keyblade is known as Ever After. An Ever After High Keyblade later introduced was titled Forever After.
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    • The addition of Crystal Winter into the harem for Roxas came out just a week before the trailer for Frozen II.
    • The Corona Chapter involved several elements that were absent from the movie, such as the fact that Eugene never dies. An episode of Tangled: The Series involves what would have happened if Rapunzel's hair never grew back.
    • A poll for additional girls to add to Roxas's harem included Ahsoka Tano. Two months after it closed, a new Story known as The Keyblade Jedi was published, showing Ahsoka as a friend to Roxas.
    • Lea's Keyblade was named Flaming Memory shortly before official sources labeled it as Flame Liberator.
    • In 358/2 Days, a joke weapon for Roxas and Xion was an umbrella in place of a Keyblade. In the Story, Mary Poppins was introduced, leaving open a possibility of a Keyblade with an umbrella on it.
    • The "That's a stick" meme from 358/2 Days is shown, not said for word, but the fact that both Namine and Ashlynn started out with sticks as weapons that eventually became their Keyblades.
    • The Brave Keyblade, Strength of 10 Men, was also the name for a custom Brave Keyblade a few year before the Story was made.
  • Memetic Mutation: The scenes of Poppy and Farrah attacking Holly for thinking she was trying to flirt with Roxas and Cerise and Amora attacking Crystal have made people wonder if they got detention or any kind of punishment for the assault.
  • Moral Event Horizon: EAH!Snow White crosses it once she labels Roxas a criminal, all because she felt Roxas was taking away everything special about her, and leads to the Near-Villain Victory of Organization XIII over Ever After High.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Even though there were no Scrappies in the original show, some unpopular characters were made better in the Story:
    • Ashlynn becoming a Keyblade Wielder has gained attention, the same with Alistair as well.
    • The O'Hair twins being more involved and being homages to the Tangled Rapunzel have been popular.
    • See Author's Saving Throw Above for Ramona Badwolf.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Snow White's turn to evil has taken many by surprise, to the point where she is no longer seen as the hero. Some Stories even have her as the villain due to this turn of events.

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