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Moments of Awesome in "The Nobody of Ever After High":

  • Roxas's first battle at Book End. No Keyblades, just his bare hands and magic. Even Raven gets in on it. Probably not a stepping stone to people liking her, but the fact that Roxas went in with no weapons is quite a feat.
    • Then he saves Daring from more Heartless, finally summoning Oblivion. He impresses everyone so much that Daring is impressed.
      • Note that most would think Daring to be jealous for someone else taking the spotlight. He's just impressed.
  • Poppy makes work of several Heartless in her first battle, using only a Frying Pan. Not bad for the Daughter of Rapunzel.
    • Her debut chapter also has a special meaning to it. In the show, she was the only "Roybel". Now, Roxas shares the title as well.
  • Roxas to Cerise and Ramona:
    Roxas: Can you girls fight?
    *Cerise and Ramona grin*
    • Also, Roxas having Mr. Badwolf send him flying to defeat the last Heartless.
  • Roxas's fight with Vanitas is pure awesome. He gets his coat shredded, but takes out Oathkeeper, and presses on. Even Raven gets a few hits before Roxas goes out and breaks his helmet. Then, with the last of his strength, saves Wonderland Grove.
  • This Story brings something for Roxas that he could possibly never pull off from the game: use Sora's Drive Forms.
    • Plus, his original Heat Drive's basis? Lea.
  • Roxas manages to teach at least a fourth of the school how to fight the Heartless. Granted it would have taken them months to learn. It only took them a few days.
    • Let's give a special round of applause to Cloud4012 himself for coming up with some fighting methods:
      • Maddie using stuff from her hat, and her own madness.
      • Lizzie with a croquet mallet.
      • Melody with a levitating DJ Station, the Battle Mix.
  • Namine summoning her Keyblade for the first time.
  • Apple at first doesn't want to learn to fight Because Destiny Says So. How does she start to later stray from her path? By stopping Heartless at the Legacy Orchard via dropping books on them.
    • And what does this start? Her journey to learning to use magic.
  • Roxas managing to bring his Samurai Nobodies to his side. That's right. The forgotten Nobodies under Roxas's command are now with Ever After High.
    • Roxas's Wonder Drive, and his and Namine's fight against Marluxia.
  • Doubling as a Heartwarming Moment, Roxas, Dexter and Namine prepare to save the Worlds on their own. Cue Raven, Apple, Briar, Blonde, Daring, Darling, Ashlynn, Hunter, Sparrow, Melody, Cerise, Poppy, Holly, Cupid, Cedar, Alistair, Bunny, Lizzie, Kitty, and Ginger, all having come to help.
  • The Worlds. Just… the Worlds:
    • Twist In Time:
      • Off-screen, Raven, Daring, Hunter, Cupid, Maddie, Sparrow, Melody and Lizzie take out a bunch of Heartless.
      • Namine uses her memory powers… for good, this time.
      • Cupid finally showing some rage, and is the one to take the lead in the first fight against the Tremaine family.
      • Ashlynn and Maddie working with Cinderella to take the wand. Even Lucifer gets scared of Roxas when he sees him as Ventus.
      • Apple using magic for the first time.
      • Ashlynn showing her bad side when Lady Tremaine ruins Cinderella's plans, scaring everyone and taking charge. Even Kitty gets scared.
      • Let's not forget the big "The Reason You Suck" Speech she gives to Tremaine herself"
        Ashlynn: (after Tremaine hurts Hunter) My mother always told me that there's good in ever living thing, but today I found out she was wrong. You might be the worst human being in the world!
      • What does this lead to? Her getting Her own Keyblade.
      • Roxas managing to be the one to end the Tremaines.

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