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Please Get Off Me

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Affection can be crushing.
Two characters, typically a guy and a girl, end up in a heap on the floor, either the result of a scuffle, one of them pushing the other one down to protect them, or just a chance landing due to one or the both of them becoming temporarily airborne. They have a few moments to trade words, maybe seeming to flirt a little.

Then the person on the bottom points out that the other is in fact sitting on them. Please Get Off Me? For bonus points, the person on bottom will start off by noting how heavy the person on top is, or that they landed on them hard enough to injure them.

This trope is the logical conclusion of The Glomp, Suggestive Collision or Living Crashpad. Often can result in one of the characters being an Accidental Pervert.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Digimon Adventure 02: Happens in the first couple of episodes in the series when the five heroes and Digimon haven't yet mastered the art of interdimensional travel and always land in a huge heap of bodies on the floor when returning to Earth through the portal.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Rei says this word for word in her usual monotone when Shinji lands on her chest as she comes out of the shower. Her total non-reaction is one of the first signs that she isn't normal.
  • Berserk: Happens with Jill and Guts. Normally this would be an issue since Jill is a small teenaged girl and Guts is the size of a Renaissance statue, but he was fighting a giant moth-woman at the time, hence his "Hey. Get off, you're heavy.".
  • Nagasarete Airantou has Machi sit on top of Ikuto when she's inviting him to go see cherry blossoms. He asks her to get off because she's heavy. Her reaction? Jump up and down on him, asking for clarification if she really is heavy.

  • El Dorado: Mississippi sneaks up on and tackles a mysterious gunman hiding out across the street from The Sheriff's office, discovering it to be Joey MacDonald, who, true to form, trades a few words before asking him to get off. He replies that he's actually pretty comfortable before getting smacked for his trouble.
  • Rush Hour: Lee is barely hanging off a rafter. When he slips off, Carter catches him with a large flag. Lee slides down the flag and Carter realizes that he's going to land on top of him and gives a "Oh Shit" before he does. Lee (on top) thanks Carter for saving his life and gives him kisses until Carter pushes Lee off him and tells him this.
    Lee: "I'm just being polite!"
    Carter: "Well, next time be polite to my nuts!"
  • Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen: Mikaela finds herself on top after she and Leo end up in a pile after being teleported to a point roughly 20 or 30 feet over Egypt. Leo has the presence of mind to note that it's a dream come true to find such a beautiful woman land in his lap... except that she accidentally performed a gravity-assisted Groin Attack during her landing.
  • In Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Little John makes the mistake of helping Broomhilde (who probably outweighs him) down from her horse, and falls, with her landing on him. When she's thanking him and asking him if there's anything she can do, his response is the trope title.
  • In The Wedding Planner, Mary is nearly smashed by a dumpster rolling downhill, and is saved by Steve when he tackles her out of the way. When he starts asking her questions to judge if she is hurt or not, including asking if she has trouble breathing, she notes that it is hard to breath with him lying on top of her.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Occurs a couple of times between Ziva and Tony on NCIS. Justified when McGee and Ziva are examining the underside of the car, and McGee gets stuck on top of her. It requires a good bit of wriggling to free themselves, but aside from a single innuendo ("That had better be your handcuffs"), they don't flirt.
    • Also when Ari snipes at Abby through the window of her lab in Season 3's "Kill Ari" storyline. Tony dives on top of her to protect her, then asks if she's okay. She weakly replies, "Yes. . . you're heavy", prompting him to get off of her and pull her to safety.
  • Inverted in Torchwood during Ianto's backstory. After capturing Myfanwy Jack and Ianto end up in this position. After a few moments of pure unleaded Ho Yay, Ianto (who is on top) excuses himself and leaves.
  • Farscape: In "The Flax", John and Aeryn's ship is disabled, and during their Damage Control efforts, John narrowly saves Aeryn from having part of the ceiling collapse on her via a running-tackle. One long drawn-out silence later, Aeryn lampshades the moment.
  • In an episode of ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo, the titular character Woo Young-woo experiments a Bait-and-Switch Suicide on herselfnote , only for Love Interest Lee Jun-ho to walk into her office and accidentally push her off her desk while getting the noose off of her. He's able to catch her, but they both end up on the floor in a Suggestive Collision. Right after that, Young-woo tells Jun-ho simply that he's still holding her butt, prompting him to let go in embarrassment.


    Western Animation