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  • Angst Dissonance: To put it bluntly, many fans wouldn't find it hard to say/do certain things the Jokers refuse or consider to be going too far. There's also the fact that one punishment may involve being rude or being in a slightly uncomfortable situation, while the next could involve a serious phobia being exploited, which are pretty unfair (i.e. "Catastrophe" had Sal being chained down and have cats piled on top of him, while the previous episode "The Parent Trap" was just Joe being condescending to people). This logic was best described in a joke from One Night At The Grand by Joe.
    Joe: Tune in next week when Q performs open-heart surgery!
  • Badass Decay:
    • Joe is arguably more tame since he got married. One challenge (which happened shortly after his wedding) required him to insult his wife, which he flat out declined to do, while the old Joe would've been perfectly fine with insulting his metaphorical wife. Not only does he back out on subjects regarding his wife, but he now has a fear of sumo wrestlers. In his punishment, Joe prepared to wrestle with a sumo, but ran away in terror when the fight begins.
    • Q has been losing more episodes as of season 5, which sticks out because prior to that, he had lost the fewest episodes of the four. Ironically, that honor now goes to Joe.
    • Subverted with Sal, who seems to be growing more ballsy as the show goes on.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: During one of the White Castle challenges, Q, Murr and Joe had someone put on a full-sized cat costume to scare Sal (who hates cats) out of the store and chase him around the parking lot. It works.
    • In one punishment, Sal has to walk through a sewer and encounters "Middle-Aged Karate Tortoise." This has absolutely nothing to do with the zombie apocalypse Sal is on his way to.
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    • This punishment is easily the weirdest the guys have ever done.
  • Crazy Awesome: Q and Joe both have moments of this. It ends up winning them a lot of challenges, because they're so audacious.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • The picture of Q stomping on Chinese children in "Who Arted" was enough for Q to laugh at.
    • The Punishments started to go down this route by the end of season 2.
    • For one challenge, Q has to sabotage a story Sal made up. To introduce the story, Sal blurts out "I hate the guy who killed my uncle." His double take is what sells it.
  • Discredited Meme: Sal detests the image of his fatter-looking self from his youth because people tend to spam various Photoshop jokes of it at him.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Benjamin Cat, Sloppy Joe, and The Fat Crow were all popular and memorable enough to be brought back for multiple episodes.
    • Joey Fatone! He successfully filled in for Q twice, and has gone on to host several Impractical Jokers-related specials and events.
    • LARRY!!
  • Fridge Logic: In one episode BOTH Joe and Murr lost...but only Murr got punished! Why didn't Joe get punished? The rules are if you lose the most challenges, you get punished, and it was a tie. So, logically they BOTH should have received punishments! Although, it's worth mentioning that in the introduction to the punishment, it's clearly evident that Murr thinks that Joe is going to be the only one punished. Which suggests that Sal and Q were likely misleading him into thinking this, and that he had no evident objection to it. Kind of hard to complain about unfair treatment if you were expecting to be the beneficiary of it.
    • Wild Mass Guessing: It was only a couple episodes after the one where Murr groped Joe's sister's butt for a gag, and considering that Joe's sister's husband wasn't pleased in the slightest, the guys probably did him a favor and let them beat on Murr the next time he lost, and seeing of Joe was the other one who lost, it would seem kind of illogical, even for the shows standards, to have his brother-in-law beat him up because he is angry for Murr groping his wife.
    • Then why didn't they wait for a Murr-only punishment to do that?!
      • Given that the "Water Torture" episode just made Sal the loser of the episode so they could come up with the punishment on the fly, it could be possible that a situation like that happened in reverse where Joe and Murr were originally gonna be punished together, but something happened (probably Joe's brother getting in like mentioned above) that couldn't be altered so they decided to just say "Welp; guess it's just Murr that's just getting punished, then!" Q also mentioned in the "Water Torture" episode "What are you talking about? We make the rules!" when questioned if they could do that. So yeah, Rule of Funny overrides all other rules in their logic.
      • The "Inside Jokes" airing of the episode revealed that the Jokers decided to punish only Murr because they wanted to exploit his fear of heights.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In the Season 2 episode "Cyber Buddies", Murr's punishment involves hosting a computer cleanliness seminar. One of the files he comes across in the computer's recycle bin is named "Gross Baltimore People". A woman tells Murr she's from Baltimore to which he replies "So you know what I'm talking about". The Baltimore riots in 2015 make this moment cringeworthy.
    • In the Season 3 episode "Snow Way Out", Murr has to get a signature for a made-up holiday. He goes up to a woman and says he need to get a signature for "Bill the Cosby", then does an impression of Cosby. The woman ends up refusing to sign it, giving Murr the loss. After Cosby's 2015 rape allegations, this starts making sense.
    • In the Season 3 episode "B-I-N-G-NO", the guys make Murr climb into a popsicle cart, at which point Q goes over, shuts the cart, and takes it for a spin. It looked pretty darn funny...until a couple years later, on an "Inside Jokes" special, where it was revealed that the cart had dry ice in it, giving Murr burns on his legs severe enough that he needed to go to the hospital (the Jokers didn't know this beforehand).
    • A challenge in the Season 6 episode "Vampire Weakened" has Q rename Joe's dog Mishkeen to Ice-Pops, claiming it was wearing it's dead brother's collar. At the very end, after the credits, it was revealed Mishkeen actually did die shortly after the filming.
    • Q on an ATV was awesome until he fell off and busted two ribs. It caused him to heave in pain in an episode they taped shortly afterward from laughing too hard as he watched a punishment unfolding.
  • Funny Moments: The show lives off this trope!
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • During a live clip show, they played a montage of the other Jokers intentionally teasing Murr rather cruelly and even smacking him around a couple of times. At the end of it Q turns to Murr, in front of the live audience, and tells him, "I just want to state offically, that I love you," and hugs him.
    • Q and Sal both get these moments in "Bidder Loser" on the first challenge that has them get someone to help bury a random item. Q buries the sex robot without any qualms (and even chatted up the girl he buried the robot with) but won't bury a bag full of still living goldfish since he's a dedicated animal lover (he has three cats). Sal was supposed to bury his niece and not only does he refuse to bury her but tells her to never conspire with the guys ever again.
    • One challenge requires Murr to solicit donations for "some serious shit." A cop contributes a dollar, then starts to talk about her own "serious shit" — namely her two kids in college and three at home. Murr immediately pours out the jar for her.
    • Joe announcing to the other Jokers that he and his wife were expecting. Has the standard jokes and ribbing, but each one are clearly happy for him and they all hug him.
    • "The Coward" manages to sneak in a couple sweet moments in between Sal dry heaving. Q encourages the viewers to call their mothers, and Sal (despite still being extremely grossed out) takes a moment to pet the calf and tell it "everyone loves you."
    • During "Silence The Lame", Murr strikes up a conversation with a bystander as part of a bit. After the gang insists that he invite the bystander to a broadway showing of Aladdin, Murr does. The guy actually shows up, and it legitimately seems like they had an enjoyable time.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • In the "Human Pinata" episode, the guys were talking about inventions, and Joe mentions he wants something that can do chores for him and keep him warm at night, to which Sal replies, "that's a wife." The "find a wife" challenge in the same episode is also worth mentioning, with Joe telling the audience: "side note, none of us have wives", and then going on to describe his fake wife during the challenge. It's made funny when Joe became the first Joker to get married several months later.
    • The episode when Q is pretending to be a bouncer and is told to ask a woman if she believes in God. When she says yes, he is supposed to scoff and walks away, which he does. Q later confirmed on Twitter that he is an atheist in real life- though he wouldn't laugh at anyone's beliefs.
    • In the episode where Joe and Sal are the opening act to Imagine Dragons, Sal reads out a note where they dedicated this act "to the people of Pittsburgh", in front of the audience of Long Island. Made more hilarious after Bruce Springsteen, during a 2016 show, gave a shout out to, none other than, Pittsburgh, in front of an audience in Cleveland.
    • In early Season 1, a challenge required the Jokers to convince people to get inside the trunk of a car. Sal was the only one to do it. Come Season 3, and getting inside the trunk of a car is one of Sal's punishments.
    • When Murr had his head shaved for a punishment, Q remarks how he would quit if he was the one receiving the punishment. Several seasons later, Q does get his head shaved...voluntarily, as it's to create a wig that Murr has to wear for a punishment.note 
  • Hollywood Pudgy:
    • Joe, Sal and Q (especially Joe) are often treated as though they are grotesquely obese even though they range from stocky to mildly overweight (their weights have fluctuated over the years). This comes to a head in the second episode of season 7 where Sal and Joe had to roleplay as an alien attacking a grossly overweight person, and it was up to the class they were teaching to pick which was which (Sal was chosen as the "grossly overweight" one. Though to be fair, he was bigger than Joe there.)
    • Not even the relatively trim and fit Murr is exempt from this, as shown when he confessed to gaining a few pounds in one episode.
  • Internet Backdraft: The Impractical Jokers Facebook page exploded with hate for Joe, as well as his Twitter for his Took a Level in Jerkass stunt. It's worth noting that this is the second time Q tried to stop a punishment against Murr when he felt it was going too far. Thankfully, however, Murr himself revealed that both blankets were fake.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Like the guys would burn Murr's blanket ("Doomed") or get him in a deadly knife stunt ("Joke and Dagger").
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • LARRY!
    • Good morrow sire! Welcome to the Castle of White!
      • 'Tis confusion!
      • Welcome to White Castle, bitch.
    • Hey, mustache!
    • Cranjis McBasketball
    • [Joker] did [stupid or deplorable action], making him tonight's biggest loser.
    • Benjamin Cat (a man in a giant cat suit who torments Sal whenever he appears).
    • The Q-Pay (Murr had to wear Q's hair as a wig for all of Season 6).
    • Whose phone is ringing? MINE! MINE! Whose phone is ringing? MINE! It's MINE! Whose phone is ringing? MINE! MINE! My phone-ph-phone-phone-phone! My phone-ph-phone-phone-phone!
  • Moment of Awesome: While Q walking the entire high rope in the Live Punishment special was CMOA in its own right, Murr has one that stands out: Being deathly afraid of heights and was unsurprisingly first, Murr attempted to walk, but lost his balance. Yet, he grabbed the rope before he could fall completely off and made it the rest of the way by crawling on his hands. For someone afraid of heights, this was pretty impressive!
    • Another example comes in 'Below The Belt'. Murr has to give a lecture about CFC's and the environment while the other Jokers do things to his legs (i.e. getting them waxed, cutting off the legs of his pants to make shorts, making him wear high heels) as a punishment. Murr never breaks concentration throughout and despite him looking rather silly at the end of it, manages to finish the entire lecture with a straight face!
    • In one episode, Murr is posing as an employee at a pizza place. The guys tell him to ask the woman who he's talking to if she wants him to wipe something off her neck. It's a tattoo saying "Barry". The woman says it should've been replaced 10 years ago. Murr says she can change the B to a G, saying that his name is Garry. He ends up getting a date in the end.
    • In the recent ep 'Footloose' a challenge was to read a fake dating profile to a group of strangers and have them rate it. Murr's is so over-the-top that the girls he was reading his to gave him an 11 for originality!
    • Sal taking on a fake zombie apocalypse in "The Walking Dread" is genuinely cool (even with Sal's obvious terror at the situation). And he ends it with a legitimately clever move—locking himself in the cage with his nieces, then moving the cage to the door to allow them all to escape while blocking the zombies.
      Sal: Screw you, zombies!
    • In the "get people to pick your actor" challenge" of "Hell on Wheels," Q beats out Joe 3-to-0, mostly via Joe's actor repeatedly insisting he didn't want to act. After Q leaves, Joe stays behind and convinces the focus group that he wants his actor (who he claims is just afraid) to be better and go for it. This devious manupulation reverses enough votes for Joe to steal the victory.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Q, Sal, and Joe cross this to some in "Human Pinata" when they gave Murr the pinata punishment, despite the fact that both Murr and Joe lost, and had Joe's brother-in-law bat the crap out of him.
    • To other fans, Joe and Sal cross it when they force Murr to skydive for a punishment, despite the fact that he's so terrified of heights he was actually crying. Q gets a pass (and redeems himself for the Human Pinata) because he was the one who tried to talk Joe and Sal out of doing the skydive and giving Murr a different punishment instead after seeing how upset Murr was.
    • To some others, Joe almost crossed it for good in the episode "Doomed", where he tricked Murr into thinking that Joe was burning up his favorite blanket that his grandmother made in a ritualistic fire while he had to watch, twice.
  • Most Annoying Sound: Sal, during the elevator etiquette challenge in the Season 1 finale sounded like a goose having an orgasm. Of course that was the point of the challenge.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Pretty much any time a customer reacts in a way no one saw coming, it's this. Notable examples include the kind old man who helped Murr learn the meaning of the word douche, the crazy shirtless dude who frightened Q half to death while he was pretending to be a clerk, and a guy actually named Larry who caused much joy for the Jokers when they learned his name. Hilariously (and surprisingly) subverted with "Moustache", who showed up at the White Castle drive through at the precise moment the Joe was posing as a worker by pure coincidence. Also, Murr's old downstairs neighbor and the woman who shared she loved kolonics.
  • Signature Scene: The White Castle sketch from the first episode.
  • Squick: The rich minefield of Sal's germophobia does not go unplumbed when he loses, being forced to dig through elephant feces for his car keys (in which they never put in said feces) and holding (fresh) dog poop for twenty seconds.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in the punishment where he had to find his new phone in a trash barge; the first thing he said when he started going through it was "Is that diarrhea?", and eventually, the barge left the dock and headed out to the river. The guys told him to call them when he found his phone and they'd get him. After freaking out when he realized the ship was getting further and further out, he found his phone and called Joe...who sent him straight to voicemail.
    • And Up to Twelve when the guys snuck into Sal's house while he was away on vacation. Q rubbed a cat on Sal's bed, Murr went through his fridge and soiled his food, and Joe slept naked on his sofa, took a massive crap on the toilet, and rubbed his hands on everything in the restroom (including Sal's toothbrush). Finally, all three stood naked in his window and pelvic thrusted, to the horror of Sal's neighbors. After, the stressed-out Sal (as part of a stress-relieving seminar, no less), declared he had to move because he now probably had "Hepatitis A through Zed."
    • Up to Thirteen when Sal was forced to help give birth to a cow. He was pretty much gagging through the entire process.
  • What an Idiot!: While Q is a badass who loves bending some of the rules, there were times when he pulled a move that was completely idiotic. From betting an episode loss if another joker said a line he thought would never say ("Bigger In Texas") or dumping an entire bowl of mashed potatoes when he has to make a number of scoops from it ("Everything's Just Rosie").
    • Murr asking if two school children were over 18note  right in front of a police officer. He needed to blow his cover and lose the challenge in order to avoid getting in trouble.
  • The Woobie: All the guys qualify, especially during the punishments.
    • Murr in "Charity Case", "Art Attack", "The Truth Hurts", "Strip High Five", "Human Pinata", "Not Safe for Work", "Look Out Below", "Cyber Buddies", "Puncture Perfect", "The Blunder Years", "Doomed", "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Browbeaten".
    • Sal in "Pay it Forward", "Drawing a Blank", "Elephant in the Room", "Psychotic Not-line", "Sound Effexxx", "Scaredy Cat", "Down in the Dump", "Sweat the Small Things", "The Permanent Punishment", "B-I-N-G-NO", "Brother-in-Loss", "You're Cut Off", "Whose Phone is Ringing?" and "The Coward".
    • Q in "Birds and the Bees", "The Lost Boy", "Make Womb for Daddy", "Car Sick", "Bidder Loser" and "Spider Man". And especially in "X-Man", one of the show's most sadistic impromptu punishments ever (drawing a big red "X" on every drawing made by an entire class of children after refusing to do one turned him into the episode's big loser and just made things even worse, which left Q feeling beyond terrible and was enforced by the sound of Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor playing as he did it).
    • Joe in "Uncool and the Gang", "Psuedo-Sumo" and "Cruisin' for a Bruisin'".


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