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  • Breather Level: The Wyrm's Maw / Ignis Mountains. In between the annoyance that is Ashtaroth and the evil that is the Altar of (im)Balance, Ignis looks positively easy in comparison.
  • Broken Base:
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  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Lire players have made the Gorge of Oath their official home in PVP, along with anyone else needing wins.
  • Demonic Spiders: EVERY MONSTER in the Altar of Balance (before Season 3).
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The Skill Trees turn lower-tier jobs into people of mass destruction. This make people even wonder why you should do the other jobs quests.
    • It's still worthwhile to advance your job, because the Skill Trees often have passive boosts that apply to these jobs, too. Also, it's not unreasonable to assume that the second jobs onward will have Skill Trees. And in Season 4, advancing to higher jobs gives you a fixed stat bonus.
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    • Grabbing.
    • MP-recovery equipment in PVP (though this has been nerfed when Season 4 rolled around).
    • Critical Chance equipment and cards. Double Damage is great in PVP, but when you realize that grabs can take out well over 1/3rd of your HP normally, and some people have up to about 50% critical, it gets game breaking. Then there's the more powerful 1 MP skills, such as Arme's Level 2 Stone Curse - which WILL kill you in one critical hit.
    • Dio at the time of his release was a walking Game-Breaker — while he did take a massive nerf, he is still absurdly versatile and powerful. Dio is the first character that the Korean Version dedicated a whole patch to nerfing, and it was BY FAR the biggest single nerf ever done in the 8-year history of the Korean version of the game. The size of the nerf was to the degree that it was possibly larger than every single other nerf the Korean Version has ever done put together. Using a certain tandem of moves in quick sequence will remove the "skill freeze" from the first move cast.
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    • Arme Glenstid is the only character who has a Cash Skill banned in tournaments (Athena's Sword).
    • Though not to the degree that Gladiator Sieghart has, Ryan's Druid Skill Tree greatly improved his maneuverability and utility.
    • Ronan Erudon:
      • Doubling as Good Bad Bug, his (level 1) Blast Bomb skill refills his MP. Against large opponents, this allows him to cast this infinitely, in theory. Samsara is a particularly good example of this.
      • Aegis Knight's level 4 MP special — he summons the Tempest Guardian, and gains a x2 damage multiplier while it is active.
    • Amy Plie:
      • Sistina's Action Mode level 1 special move (Jack Knife) is taking to the air on a bicycle and crashing back down. This is perhaps one of the most damaging and spammable moves in PVP.
      • Metal Idol / Lasting Lyrics in team battles, to the point where in team games, the resident tank Elesis is frequently shoved aside for Amy because of this buff. Isn't it sad, Elesis?
    • Ercnard Sieghart is rather good as a Gladiator, especially with his grabs. Then his Skill Tree came out, which gave him even more speed, even stronger skills, a passive buff to his defense (making him take about 30% less damage than any other character), the ability to heal, block hits like Aegis Knight (avoiding damage altogether), and very high priority on his aerial attacks. Add all those up and you'll see more than half of PVP stuffed with Gladiators. The Imperium Skill update also gave him a four-level MP special that decimates mooks with frightening ease.
    • Although not to the degree Dio was, Ley received a rather substantial nerf shortly after her release. Her combo speed was lowered [Teleporting + a combo which was literally impassable for Melee characters at the speed it was fired] and a nerf to the cooldown of 'Secret Passage', an AoE, instant-cast skill which had the capability to OHKO in PVP with extreme ease.
    • Rin:
      • Post 2nd job, her new "dark" level 3 skill, Screaming Gust, is even more so. Not only it deals ludicrous amounts of damage, almost on par with her 4th skill, it even receives a buff in the 3rd job, allowing Rin to become invincible and cause damage after the skill, in a manner similar to Sieghart's Mocking Blade!
      • Her 4th skill, Ultrasonic Hymn, is essentially Ley's Secret Passage Up to Eleven! And unlike the other MP characters, Lin's 4th skill is the same, no matter the job or the path you follow, in a manner similar to the AP characters.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff:
    • Grand Chase was a huge hit in Brazil and easily one of the most popular MMOs in the country alongside with Ragnarok Online and Counter-Strike. For some years, the Brazilian server was the biggest of the world in number of players. Dio and Mari were the popular choices of the Brazilians. In 2015, Many players lamented the shut down of the servers and the even the company which ran the Brazilian version (Level Up Games) tried to buy the rights of the game for keep it running, but KOG refused the deal.
    • Grand Chase was also a huge hit in the Philippines to the extent that it became the first country outside Korea chosen to have its sequel localised for them while becoming the host of its Southeast Asia Server. When the news of the sequel first came out, pre-registrations for it exceeded 100 thousand, which was quite impressive considering that it has been over 3 years since the original closed in mid-2015 and most of its original players have moved on from it.
  • Goddamned Harpies and Goddamned Gargoyles
  • Good Bad Bug:
    • The "ottoshot", before they fixed it.
    • Stepping as well.
    • The Heroic Dungeon bugs, too.
    • Before season 4, Zig cannot hit you with his usual attack if you are in front of him. You could easily solo hims for 6 Hero's Bullions everyday
      • This left a question. If they bother to fix the bug in a boss' attack, why they didn't fix the bug in The Iron Guard/Hammermon that enable him to damage player behind him using his regular front punch?
  • Just Here for Godzilla:
    • PVP mostly.
    • Amy's buffs to her Metal Idol dance is worth her entire Skill Tree — as usual.
  • Macekre:
    • In a ways, people do NOT like Ntreev for their obvious cash ploys and other "crimes" made into their version of the game such as Class Nerfs for the prospect of PVP having less complaints.
    • Ergo Level-Up Games Philippines and gacha.
  • Memetic Badass: Treant is unbeatable! Subverted in the first stage on Phantasmic Sector. After spending minutes defeating 3 Poisonous Mushroom (on steroid), you will be ambushed by 2 level 85 Treant (for your information: the game level cap is 75).
  • Most Annoying Sound:
    • "The Holy Light will lead us!" If the Arme has latency issues it tends to result in the sound clip spamming and overlapping.
    • Amy's continuous "IT HURTS" whining whenever in Fatal status qualifies.
    • Jin's heavy breathing whenever in Fatal status.
    • "Your power is TRUUUEEEELLLLYYYY depressing." Worse if Veigas isn't on your team, cause that means you're losing mana too!
  • Narm:
    • Most of Ronan's lines. "It's my victory!" is a particularly narmful one. (He says it differently for his Magic Knight and Aegis Knight jobs, but both are equally as narmful.)
    • Some of Lire's lines can qualify, such as "Oh, no... I won!".
  • Narm Charm: The reason Ronan is particularly popular with the fanbase is his So Bad, It's Good English VA.
  • Pandering to the Base:
    • PVP is overpromoted due to the fact that no one in the community really cares that much about dungeons.
    • Ronan came before Lass and Ryan due to people whining about having to play as a girl.
  • Tear Jerker: Crosses into Heartwarming Moments but mostly Tear Jerker. When the game's servers being turned off for good on April 2015, the staff of KOG and the top players said their thanks and farewells in a video called: A Farewell From Grand Chase. Pretty much all of the players state that they had great memories playing the game and are sad to see it go.
  • The Scrappy: Arme and Lire in PvP in the Brazilian server. Many Brazilian players (especially Lass/Ryan/Ronan users) complained about Arme and Lire being "too broken" for PvP (especially the former for having healing abilities) because of their ranged attacks. "NO LIRE/ARME" becomes a trademark in the name of the rooms of this server.
  • That One Attack:
    • Lire Eryuell:
      • Her first bar skill key moves are know to cause fits in PvP.
      • Her non-skill key special moves are also very dangerous, as getting hit by one point-blank means you will get grabbed or hit with another special move in short order.
      • Headshot Level 2 is a ranged version of Lass' Fatal Attack, which hits twice; for the same mana cost. And if at point blank, she can follow it up with an immediate grab for an instant kill if successful. This skill was so potent it was initially removed in NAGC.
    • Everyone and Ryan Woodguard's dog who buys a cash skill key for Ryan will always, always, always get Poison Spore.
  • That One Boss: The game starts off easy, but then smacks you with quite a few of these. Each fully completed continent has at least one, besides Bermesiah: Ellia has the Giant Stone Golem, Silver Land has King Guang / Ness and Victor, and Xenia has Yamini / Juriore and Thanatos. Archaemedia and Alcubra/Atum haven't got their hard bosses... yet.
    • The minibosses Vanessa and Ashtaroth are usually considered to be much harder than their end-of-level bosses Zen/Samsara and Bultaros/Mynos, respectively. To wit: Vanessa can corner-lock you with consecutive Spinning Phantom attacks when in Wolf form.
    • Iblis of the Temple of Domination is also a mind-numbingly hard miniboss in Champion Mode.
    • Kassias Grandiel, the boss in Wizards Labyrinth is bigger pain than Thanatos. He starts with huge 600 life bar with powerful attacks such as homing energy ball, lightning streams and circullar lightning ball. Keep reducing his health then he will summon two elite mooks,Veron and Drawl with equal stats with Grandiel and he will remain invincible unless if those two were eliminated. Having fun? Wait until you see when his life bar is 200 below. He will summon 4 clones of him that can turn the entire arena into one freaking bullet hell.
    • KoG went too far when they turn KazeAze to become the queen of this trope. She got new insane moves and an insane life bar. The players will fight her twice, she got 220 life bars in first round, taken to the extreme on second round as her life bar is 2200 with shield. The player will notice that she summon a huge monster to assist her in battle, retain all her moves and teleports fast, though the players here are withstand on KazeAze's attacks for 5 minutes.
  • That One Level: The Altar of Balance in Season 2; the Castle of Domination in Season 3.
    • The Castle of Domination puts the Altar of Balance to shame, and is practically Nintendo Hard on Champion Mode.
    • Heroic Dungeons qualify, unless you know the way around them.
    • The Temple of Cuatal / Origins qualifies if you go through it using a solo Lire. Nearly all of the enemies there (including Vanessa and Samsara / Zen) have Arrow Defense.
    • And now there's The Shrine of Ruin, which despite its level requirement (40 and up) makes the Altar of Balance look like a walk in the park by comparison.
      • Hell's Furnace (despite the lower level requirement) can contend with The Shrine of Ruin in sheer difficulty if you come unprepared.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: The supposed "Ottofix" by Ntreev.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Equip the Valkyrie, Highlander and/or Mohican sets on a male character (notably Ronan) and watch this happen.

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