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YMMV / Battlestar Galactica (1978)

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  • Angst? What Angst?: For a people whose entire civilization was nearly destroyed, whose population was drastically reduced, who've been forced out of their solar system and their very way of life, and virtually all of whom have lost their homes and many loved ones, and who are still hunted by a race of killer robots who want to make them extinct, the colonists seem pretty upbeat. Granted, this was not a far stretch of general attitude and culture in 1978, but still...
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  • Awesome Music: Stu Phillips' theme for the series, complete with prelude in the pilot episode.
  • Evil Is Cool: The Cylons. Cheesy maybe, but there's just something really badass about their designs and voices.
  • Fair for Its Day: People complained that the series was a TV rip-off of Star Wars, but it had a number of things over that film. For instance, while A New Hope had an all white cast with all male combat personnel, Battlestar had more than one Black character: Viper pilot Boomer and Colonel Tigh, a senior commanding officer no less, for instance. In addition, the series had various female pilots recruited for the viper wings and Lt. Sheba joins the Galactica's crew when the Battlestar Pegasus is found and then lost. Those characters may be tokens by today's perspective, but it was an advance for TV for its time.
    • There’s little question that BSG was green lit because of the huge success of SW, the cylons look quite a bit like Storm Troopers, Space Fighter dogfight are common, and all the larger ships are covered with greebles; but plot wise, there’s very little similarity. And Lucas didn’t invent space opera.
  • First Installment Wins:
    • The Cylons are sci fi icons on the same level as Klingons and Stormtroopers. However, they're only the villains for the first half of the series. In the second half, they are replaced by the far less memorable Eastern Alliance, though they do come Back for the Finale.
    • Some fans prefer this show to Battlestar Galactica (2003) due to its lighter tone and less convoluted storytelling. And even fans who prefer the newer version usually have no trouble admitting this show is still way, way better than Galactica 1980.
  • Fridge Horror: If the Ovions are eating any humans that come to Carrilon, does that mean that the food they're serving the Colonials is people?
    • Not to mention the eventual fate of the minor colonies that the fleet encountered on their way to Earth. Consider what happened to them when the Cylons retraced the fleets path.
    • The fact that Boxey wound up on the lowest levels whilst chasing Muffit shows that the Ovions have no problem with eating kids.
    • Jokes are often made about Scifi Writers Have No Sense Of Scale in regard to this series, since the Galactica and Cylons are hopping from solar system to solar system without any mention of an FTL or hyperspace drive (in fact Lucifer confirms at one point that the maximum velocity of their ships is lightspeed.) However, this is realistic if the ships are actually moving at the speeds indicated; what is left unsaid is that, due to time dilation, although weeks or months pass for the Galactica and the Cylons chasing after them, millions of years are passing on Earth and the remains of the Twelve Colonies.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Eastern Alliance soldiers strongly resemble Spaceballs.
  • Idiot Plot: You would think leaving at least a token defense fleet at your home system would be common military sense.
  • Memetic Mutation: "By your command."
  • Nightmare Fuel: There is a reason why no one has heard of the planet Carrilon. The screaming doesn't help.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: Dirk Benedict's sexist comments about his character getting a Gender Swap in the reboot series have hung a shadow over this series.
  • Popularity Polynomial: For 25 years or so after it first aired, it was regarded as being a pretty solid show considering the time period when it was produced. Then, following the launch of the reimagined series in 2003, people tended to dismiss the original series as being just silly, campy fluff that wasted the potential of its concept. A few years after the base breaking finale of the reimagined series, however, people started to warm up to the original again for at least being fun to watch and not having a storyline that fell victim to The Chris Carter Effect (it helps that it's much easier to ignore Galactica 1980 than it is to ignore the latter few reimagined seasons).
  • Sci Fi Ghetto: The series was largely written off at the time of its release as a hokey attempt to cash in on the popularity of Star Wars.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks!: Isaac Asimov wrote this series off as a rip-off of Star Wars. As did Lucasfilm and Fox. Didn't exactly help that they were kind of right.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The first episode hints at cultural differences and prejudices between the former inhabitants of the twelve colonies. Aside from a few throwaway references and the Borellian Nomen later in the series, this is never really expanded upon. It's as if Earthlings from America, China, Kenya, France, Iraq, and so on were suddenly forced to live and work in the same community, but had almost no cultural barriers or difficulties resulting from this.
    • The Terrans were a spacefaring civilization technologically behind the Cylons and Colonials, but with perfectly habitable planets. Instead of leaving them behind, the colonials could have settled there, and tried to uplift the Terrans to their tech level before the Cylons found them.
  • Wangst: Some think Sheba's got way too much angst for one character.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: Apparently we will all wear togas and discowear in space.


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