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Heartwarming / Battlestar Galactica (1978)

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It would be almost impossible to list all of the heartwarming moments in the original series:

  • In "Saga of a Star World", Apollo would never see his brother again, but when Zac heroically convinced his brother to fly ahead to warn the fleet, Apollo got to say one nice thing for his brother who dreamed of going on duty with him; "You can fly with me anytime."
    • Despite the fact that many think of Boxey as The Scrappy, Muffet also gets this treatment. The first time they meet is truly moment of heartwarming.
  • After Apollo is brought back to life in "War of the Gods". The looks on Starbuck and Sheba's faces are priceless.
  • When Muffet - yes that Muffet - is thought to have "died" in "Fire in Space". Man, that happens to daggits a lot dosen't it? Of course he's alive, just slightly singged. Turns out he'd risked his own life to save a downed firefighter he saw earlier. Take that Muffet haters.
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  • In "The Long Patrol", when Apollo and Boomer come under laser fire while looking for Starbuck and the man who stole his Viper. Boomer discovers a little girl and her mother. The thief is able to get the drop on Apollo, but when he hears Boomer's found a woman and a child, he surrenders to Apollo asking that they not hurt his family. Robber then reveals that he only stole Starbuck's Viper because he needed a craft capable of reaching Aeries, for the sake of his daughter Tanya. While Apollo is understandably angry at first, it takes just one look at little Tanya for him to admit that he probably would have done the same thing.
  • For his whole episode appearance in "The Man With Nine Lives", Chameleon has been nothing but a manipulative jerk. But when Starbuck says he wants to quit the service so they can spend time together, the old snake oil salesman feels awful and tries to tell him the truth. Unfortunately, some assassins he'd pissed off earlier interrupt him.
    • The fact that he also turns out to really be Starbuck's father is another heartwarming moment.
    • Off screen, Fred Astaire inquired through his agent if he could appear in at least a cameo on that series, his grandchildren's favorite show. The producers were delighted at the idea and created a whole episode to feature him, "The Man with Nine Lives." Furthermore, for actress Anne Jeffreys, she got the unexpected opportunity to be Astaire's partner in a social dancing scene, making her technically the final dance partner of Fred Astaire.
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  • Starbuck and Hector wander around the city in "Greetings from Earth", philosophizing as they go. While much of what they discuss is very somber, it's nice to see Starbucks more thoughtful side.
  • Apollo's speech to the Precedium near the end of "Experiment in Terra". The music that played during the scene made it a surprisingly touching moment.
  • One of the deleted scenes where Starbuck offers to look after Muffit while Boxey goes to see his dying mother, who was shot by a Cylon.
    • Just about any scene with Boxey, including the one where Cassiopeia allows Boxey to sneak right by hear to visit the ailing Adama and tell him a story much like what Adama did for Boxey while the latter was ill. Or a reunion scene where Boxey's entire family is reuinted at sickbay after the fire that threatened to destroy the battlestar - with Starbuck presenting the injured Muffit.
    • How about a couple scenes between Boxey and his adoptive father Apollo. Like the one in "Gun on Ice Planet Zero", where Apollo gives his boy a pendent before going off on a mission. Or "War of the Gods", where Apollo has to explain to him his reasoning for not going to play at Triad, with Adama looking on fondly. Bonus points for Apollo mentioning that he'll be just as happy to see Boomer win the game for a change.
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    • Notice throughout "Gun on Ice Planet Zero", none of the criminal's (including a few murderers) ever threaten Boxey in any way. It might be a stretch, but perhaps a case of Even Evil Has Standards?


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