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  • Zac's Squee! reaction to being allowed to go on his first ever mission in the series pilot. Shame things turned out the way they did.
    • Starbuck's reaction to learning the secret of Geminese poker players.
    Starbuck: No wonder those little buggers are such good card players.
    • While exploring the dark surface of the planet Carillon.
    Lieutenant Starbuck: I wonder how this place looks like in the daytime?
    Lieutenant Boomer: Hey, this is the daytime.
    Lieutenant Starbuck: Oooh... lovely...
    • Starbuck and Apollo's use of "Red/Blue" and "Yellow/Green" Squadrons is very brilliant. Apollo draws the line at the idea of adding "Purple" and "Orange".
    Athena: Sir, we're picking up attack signals between Purple and Orange Squadrons... We don't have Purple and Orange Squadrons.
    Adama: (looks completely puzzled) Purple and Orange?
    • A typical conversation between the Imperious Leader and one of his Centurions.
    Centurion: Our Raiders are all destroyed.
    Imperious Leader: All destroyed? How? We took them by surprise.
    Centurion: (as sarcastically as possible for a Cylon) Apparently it was not as big a surprise as we had hoped for.
  • As Lucifer and a Centurion leave to execute Baltar's scheme during "Lost Planet of the Gods".
    Lucifer: Isn't he wonderfully devious? We can learn much from him.
    • When Apollo finds out about Serina's pilot training, he asks Boxey and Muffet to leave the room.
    Boxey: Come on Muffet, they're gonna argue.
    Serina: We're not going to argue!
    Boxey: (leaves with a knowing smile on his face and tells Muffet) Yes they are.
    Apollo: Yes we are.
    • The rookie shuttle pilot's, especially during their training.
    Athena: (blasts the Cylon ship) I got him! I got him!
    Starbuck: Yeah you got him alright, and me.
    Athena: ...what?
    • Starbuck and Apollo mockingly make conversation that mimics the conversation of the female Warriors in the "Lost Planet of the Gods" episode.
    Starbuck: Apollo, what do you plan on doing for living quarters after you're married?
    Apollo: Oh, well, I am so excited. I just found this place in the Astradon freighter. With a little paint and some nice curtains, it's so cozy!
    Starbuck: You always were good with color. (after the female warriors continue talking in the background)
    Apollo: Mmm, you'll never believe what I found. I just found some Valcron in the Tip Barge.
    Starbuck: Really? The soft, translucent kind?
    Apollo: (ridiculously effeminate) Absolutely stunning!
    Serina: (finally notices them) Hey Apollo, Starbuck. You guys aren't feeling left out are you?
    Apollo: Oh no! What would make you think that? (rolls his eyes)
    • Starbuck later gets captured by the Cylons.
    Starbuck: Just to let you know torture wont work, I took a course on resisting. (some Cylon starts shoving him) Hey, hey. I bruise easy.
  • The look on Starbuck's face when he's introduced to Adama by the people of the Serenity settlement as their new "Constable" in "The Magnificent Warriors".
    • That's nothing compared to the look on Adama's face when he has to go courting Siress Belloby.
  • While the episode "The Young Lords" was kinda lame. Starbuck's banter with his Cylon captor was pretty good.
    Centurion: These humanoids are not well constructed. They damage easily.
    Starbuck: At least we don't rust.
    Centurion: Silence!
    • Lucifer, criticizing Specter's sucking up to Baltar.
    Lucifer: Oh felgercarb.
  • When Boxey is hanging out with the pilots in "The Lost Warrior", they play for jelly beans rather than cubits. The hilarity involves this:
    • First, Boxey tells Starbuck to stop dithering and call already.
    • Then, he tells Starbuck off for eating part of his own bet.
    • Finally, Starbuck thinks he's won the pot... and Boxey plays a Complete Pyramid.
  • The way Starbuck and C.O.R.A. would keep snarking back and forth in "The Long Patrol".
    • Later, when Starbuck first woke up in the Protius cell.
    • Starbucks reaction to learning all the crates of the aged Ambrosia were destroyed in the battle with the Cylons.
  • From "Living Legend"
    • Baltar is unaware of the existence of Pegasus:
    Baltar:I don't want to miss a moment of the last Battlestar's destruction.
    Cylon Pilot: I really think you should take look at the other Battlestar.
    • The blink-and-you'll-miss moment between the two IL-series Cylons as their base on Gamorray explodes.
    IL-Cylon: Uh oh.
    • When Starbuck walks off feeling glum about Cassy after she rushes off to meet Commander Cain, Boxey tries to look on the bright side.
    Boxey: Poor Starbuck. Well at least he's still got Athena, and Miriam, and Noday...
    • The list continues until Apollo finally tells him off.
  • Just about all of "The Man With Nine Lives" is a CMoF.
  • From the first episode of the "Terra" two-parter: When trying to smuggle empty, but clear containers covered in space rugs out of a docked ship as part of a plan to help the "Earthlings" escape the Council of Twelve's meddling, the security jerk-of-the-week looks inside after Jolly fails to convince him that they were trying to evacuate the children inside the ship to a hospital (excuse us — "Life Station"). Boomer's lightning fast reaction as soon as everyone sees there's nobody inside? "Jolly, you forgot the kids!"
    • Jolly's reaction is good too, notice for a split second he has no idea what Boomer's up to. A second later he catches on and does his best to look ashamed of his "mistake".
  • After a tense scene when Boomer jumps through the door into a storage room in "Fire in Space", he can't help but add a little quib to Boxey.
    Boomer: Boxey, it looks like I... mashed your mushies.
  • Starbuck and "John's" first meeting in "Experiment in Terra" while brief, is hilarious.
    John: You're just going to walk in there?
    Starbuck: Yeah, pretty much.
    John: (sighs then looks up) I know but, I'm doing the best with what I've got.
    • As Starbuck confronts two guards, his voice can be heard coming from Apollo's communicator. Which a Terrain scientist happens to be examining at that precise moment.
    Starbuck: (over the communicator) Drop it! Or I'll incinerate you! (Terrain scientist panics and drops the device)
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  • Just when the Galactica crew think Starbuck and Apollo haven't survived their mission using their stolen Cylon ship in "The Hand of God". A Cylon Raider approaches Galactica, and is about to be blown out of the sky.
    Boomer: No! Don't fire! It's them!
    Adama: How do you know?
    Boomer: They're waggling!
    Tigh: Waggling?!


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