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    The Halloween Revenge 1 

  • It wasn't even named "The Halloween Revenge", just "Pikeyo Halloween". It was the pilot for the Pikeyo sprite-series, which started as an anthology of horror parodies like Treehouse of Horror. Only two of the three planned parodies were finished before Halloween of 2010, so the finished version of The Halloween Revenge I with all the shorts and extra material wasn't properly released until the next year on Vimeo. The Halloween Revenge II was the companion piece in Y Ou Tube.

  • The special wasn't going to be canon to the Pikeyo series. After the Christmas special that followed, the franchise was "rebooted" with the Pikeyo cast being young in the "actual" non-special episodes. This makes The Halloween Revenge I and Christmas Holocaust the Distant Finale.

    The Halloween Revenge 2 

  • There was going to be a final scene to close the Framing Device of children telling stories in a campfire. Nothing specific was stated because the animator of that plot and the final story disappeared from social media. The most probable thing was a Diabolus ex Machina with a villain from the stories coming to life and pursuing the protagonists until a Jesus-like parody of Davidsillo Animations defeated it.
    • If the animator hadn't disappear, there would probably have been that ending or a different one for Y Ou Tube the next year, making The Halloween Revenge III the Vimeo-exclusive upload.

  • The Literature/IT parody that Kay Spriter presented the following year was going to be for this instalment.


    The Halloween Revenge 3 

  • Before being the second episode of Red Leo Media, Davidsillo Animations pitched a different story. Characters from Flashestudio and the previous instalment were going to be invited to a Halloween party in "Aitor Molina's mansion". Then, zombies would attack the mansion and the stories were ways of avoiding traps to proceed, an idea that was rescued for future specials. The lack of implication by Flashestudio to develop this idea and the constant delays of Red Leo Media 2 ended-up mixing both things and having the Flashestudio characters as forced cameos with no lines.

    The Halloween Revenge 4: Infernals & Lemons 

  • Series Finale or not, this was going to be Red Leo Media 3 before Dreamcrusher, Kikiyama and Miss Rachel and Paulx, but just as robot duplicates received a Rogues Gallery Transplant to Aitor Molina Vs.. When the Revengeverse was actually codified, Red Leo Media stayed just as Broad Strokes, with Reddy only appearing as a human and Leo Put on a Bus with brief exceptions like Reddy Channel in Retropokon.

  • This special didn't have an actual subtitle like Pikeyo or Red Leo Media until the following year. It was retroactively called "Infernals & Lemons" because Lemon Emon didn't appear that much after this outside some brief cameos. Since the next special was named "Infernals & Yrions" for the one-off Special Guest Josué Yrion, played by Bladedark, it seemed fitting ascending the lemon Ensemble Dark Horse to a Secondary Character Title.

  • This is the last canon time Locovich's name has been used on-screen because it is the same to a similar character of Wacky Races.
    • Terminaemon was also never alluded again after this, the same for the fact that Doctor Pandemia was its creator at the beginning of Christmas Holocaust and Pandemia's motivation in general. Tolaimon made this character redundant.

  • Season 1 Finale of Pesadillas Del Infierno was a direct sequel to this special, with most of the characters returning alongside secondaries from their shows like Lugosi Lavey, some misinterpreted Retropokon robots and characters of The Frollo Show made into sprites, which were a product of Prop Recycling from the queue at the beginning of Infernals & Lemons. Since non-original characters having starring roles was vetoed after Red Leo Media, this is not considered canon and Infernals & Yrions became Oscar's last major storyline.
    • Aitor Molina wrote The Stinger of this episode with Bator Medina, the robotic Paulx and Discordia Squadalá (with Carpet Achmed), Rakzol and Oscar's Arab cousin Mohammoscar recovering Locovich's rotting head to replicate his technology. This scene was added to later editions of Infernals & Lemons because it was going to connect with Infernals 3.

    The Halloween Revenge 5: Infernals & Yrions 

  • Infernals & Yrions was going to be the start of a trilogy of Pesadillas Del Infierno specials directed by the series' creator Oscar Alejandro Bossi and written by Aitor Molina. The Halloween Revenge 4 being renamed Infernals & Lemons extended it to a tetralogy of "Infernals & X", which could be numbered instalments of The Halloween Revenge or not.
    • Infernals & Facemans was going to be the third instalment, with Oscar meeting one of the most popular characters of Pikeyo: Gary Faceman. This was an effort of reinterpreting the Pikeyo cast to slowly imput it into the Revengeverse. This iteration had Gary as a reporter with a talking dog called Cheeseburger, which was in the style of an sprited Chánatos cartoon. The Action Prologue would presumably have Oscar, Sir Pokon de Joy, Reddy the Wizard, Lemon Emon and Coballita Mix invading Batoria to defeat the evil counterparts. Rakzol would be the only survivor for hiding behind a log. Mohammoscar would have been revealed as a cyborg Evil Knockoff instead of an actual human cousin, which would traumatize Oscar and make him giving his infernal powers to his dog so he could rest for a single day. The story would follow Madboy Jorge's death in the Season 1 Finale, with someone stealing his corpse. Oscar and Gary would met in the semetary and initially fight, but join forces after fatally injuring a powerless Oscar with a gun. They had a night to discover who was stealing the corpes of Jorge's family before Oscar recovered his powers to heal himself. In the end, everything was a Xanatos Gambit by Father Manuel's soul inside a secret well and his cult of hooded figures. He wanted to make Oscar abandon his powers to easily possess his body and then recover them, repeating the fight inside Oscar's mind but this time fighting back with the cameos of the friends from Infernals & Lemons, which would only appear as illusions.
      • Mohammoscar was revealed to be an alien cousin instead of a machine in the live-action movie "Nightmares from Hell: The Alien Cousin", which is an Elseworld in both Oscar's show and the Revengeverse.
      • The Working Title of Infernals & Facemans was Infernals & Jolinbers, to make it look like the villain would be the youtuber Jolinbo, Gary Faceman's inclusion was supposed to be a surprise. Oscar still wanted to make Jolinbo into a villain with the same powers as Oscar but using them to earn fame.
      • Gary Faceman and Cheeseburger didn't make it into the Revengeverse because they would be too similar to Aitor Molina's sprite and Ganchito.
    • Infernals & Celestials was going to be the last chapter, this time unrelated to villains from the show or Father Manuel. The concept was similar to Infernals & Lemons, but with the team going to Heaven after discovering the Masquerade of The Christmas Revenge. Ozamelp, Hikairi and the angels would return and give Oscar a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, so he would need to train and develop non-infernal powers.
  • Another completely different idea was having MegaZak and an army of clones trying to conquer the world. Age of MegaZak was going to Up to Eleven the similarities with The Avengers (2012) basically making up a story similar to how they thought the sequel would have been.
    • Later, Mega Zak having multiple non-Arab cousins was introduced, including the evil Zak Mega.
  • The biggest derailment in the Revengeverse by far is The Dreamscape Kingdom, an ambitious Big Damn Movie to celebrate the first year of the established canon. It was going to be the third part of the 1º Year Anniversary Special of Aitor Molina Vs., continuing a Bad Ending where Dreamcrusher The Bad Guy Wins. There was never a complete succession of scenes, which was a huge part of why it amounted to nothing, but the premise involved reality mixing with dreams because Dreamcrusher captured both Reddy and Kikiyama. He put almost everybody into a Lotuseater Machine and sent Aitor Molina to Mars with Lemon Emon. The formula would be Putting the Band Back Together because the characters who were still "awoken" were the robots and people in other planets. So they had to enter a Khan Building transformed into an Eldritch Location, where Dreamcrusher had imprisoned many of the main characters in "dream levels". Defeating the henchmen and rescuing friends, the gang would eventually reach Dreamcrusher himself and fight him with an all-star final blow with Hammer Smith. Dreamcrusher would turn everything normal while dying and unmask himself, revealing a future version of one of the protagonists. Oscar was going to direct the special, but Aitor took the mantle after a year. One year later, the plot was resolved onscreen and it became a Mythology Gag.
    • One of the "dream levels" was based on Retropokon, but with a superhero twist. If Skapokon could turn into Iron Man and Hawkeye in his review of Captain America and the Avengers is because originally the characters were going to have superhero costumes and reviews related to them.
    • Some spare ideas of The Dreamscape Kingdom were adapted into other videos, most notably the Secret Ending of the Best Hercules Musical review, where a Kikiyama from other universe is possessing Aitor and causing Dreamscape Kingdoms all over the Multiverse.
    • The Dreamscape Kingdom was the most relevant Myth Arc in Aitor Molina Vs., so much that the 3º Year Anniversary Special was about Reddy sending Aitor to a different timeline to prevent Kikiyama from taking over. The last stories with ties to this failed special were The Alien Revenge and Reven Game.

    The Halloween Revenge 6: The Fantasia Revenge 

  • "The X Revenge" as an Artifact Title was meant not to limit the yearly specials to Halloween and to turn the Revengeverse into an stand-alone Thematic Series, avoiding the previous cases of Kudzu Plot.
  • Oscar was going to appear reviewing Mickey Mouse's short as the Sorcerer's Apprentice, but he wrote instead the script of a The Sorcerer's Apprentice review. He still has a cameo as a cop, which has been his last completely canon appearance yet assuming the Oscar from the gladiator arena in the Aitor Molina Vs. 4º Year Anniversary Special isn't Mohammoscar or another robotic clone.
  • Unlike what it looks like, it was written after The Christmas Revenge, even if it happens a couple of months before. Coincidentially, both were made five years after The Halloween Revenge I and Christmas Holocaust, making 2010 and 2015 the only years with planned Halloween and Christmas specials.
    • The Christmas Revenge couldn't be finished before Christmas 2015 because Aitor Molina was in charge and had to study for January exams. When he could have continued, he believed that releasing the special outisde Christmas would only turn the short into a meme of stating the obvious and the same problem happened on Christmas 2016. For where the Revengeverse was in 2017, many of the plots weren't followed and the humor was a bit outdated. So the scenes that required new animation were just pictures with the voices and music and it was published as an unfinished film.
    • There were two main reasons The Christmas Revenge shouldn't be canon. One was the Early-Bird Cameo of the Guerra De Consolas cast, a cartoon that Aitor and Lonkplays wanted to make, where Rakzol is a main character. The show was originally Web Original and part of the Revengeverse, but the creators felt that should be in its own separated universe. The other reason was Hikairi and Ozamelp, which opened a plot which was a direct consequence of The Dreamscape Kingdom and would tie to Infernals & Celestials.

    The Halloween Revenge 7: The Non-Halloween Retropokon Special 
  • The original pitch was very different and starred characters from all the Revengeverse instead of just the Retropokon robots and Zurfura. Skapokon was still going to be one of the main characters, but the other robots would be glorified cameos and the guests secondaries instead of the other way around. There was still going to be an expedition into an abandoned high school, but this time looking for some sectarians. This would be Detective Enigma's big debut in the Revengeverse and some of the gags from the final version like Pigsaw's trap were going to appear. In the end, the sectarians were just hooded Aitor Molina and Lonkplays invoking an Eldritch Abomination to help them with the making of Guerra De Consolas. That monster was Edgetrawberry, a parody of the About The New logo and the source of power for Dreamcrusher's mask, which was being weared by John Dimicco. A Brick Joke consisted on Detective Enigma deducing a giant caterpillar was behind the sect because he saw footprints. That caterpillar would actually appear and give the final blow to Edgetrawberry, defeating it and properly finishing the Dreamcrusher saga. The actual special's main antagonist wasn't Edgetrawberry, nor the giant caterpillar, but Zak-Me-Ghost. The silhouette of John holding Dreamcrusher's mask still appears as The Stinger and this plot thread continues in the Action Prologue of The Alien Revenge.
    • The special wasn't uploaded in Halloween, so it became a non-Halloween special.
  • Before Skapokon took the lead to make his own version of the special, Flashestudio suggested a Halloween collab starring their version of Ashe Ylum trick-or-treating. Since nobody did it, Aitor Molina made a companion piece reviewing Niggapokon.
    • This review had Agitox taking Rakzol's role as a ninja edgelord. When an Agitox parody appeared as a gag in Resenacion, it was made into an sprite to substitute the actual Agitox, but maintaining the voice-actor.
    • The ending was going to be different. Darkpokon was going to appear, but Aitor would also have a horde of cheap imitators to fight it, which where mostly colored versions like the ones from Marcianito Go and Pink Gold Aitor. It was changed to a parody of the John Show, since the review was about a John Show episode.
      • Instead of Lovecraftian deities, the source of Darkpokon's invokation was going to be Edgetrawberry. Since it was never introduced, it was an in-joke.


    The Halloween Revenge 7.5: The Alien Revenge 

  • It was originally thought as the 4º Year Anniversary Special of Aitor Molina Vs. and the Working Title was "Amival" because it worked as an acronym for "Aitor Molina IV Anniversary, Lol". Delays on its production put another idea for the anniversary instead and like The Dreamscape Kingdom before it, was almost two years in Development Hell.
  • The Alien Revenge always had a complete script, but plenty of scenes and lines were deleted to make it more straightforward and stand-alone or because some lines weren't properly recorded. The biggest omission was a Dream Sequence in the white void that appeared in the 50 Shades of Belle review, Best Hercules Musical and Infernales & Yrions. This scene would have introduced the Kikiyama from Aitor's original timeline being almost dead and lamenting the damage he caused in the past. The new Kikiyama whom Reddy warned in the 3º Year Anniversary Special was going to be The Manbehindthe Man in the alien invasion.
    • A new character was going to be a president that looked and acted like an idealized Mariano Rajoy and Donald Trump but was secretly an alien. Like the New!Kikiyama, he was added too late into the story and was irrelevant to the plot, so it was scrapped.
    • Enemil was going to have an Early-Bird Cameo in the dream sequence since he's usually sleeping in his show, appears in the following special and works like an Spiritual Successor of Oscar in that way. Melina was also considered, but there were already enough cameos and Continuity Porn in the Action Prologue.

    The Halloween Revenge 8: House of Darkington 

  • The special was originally going to be animated by Aitor Molina or as a collab, but when Darkington was chosen as the Antagonist Title, his creator who also plays him and Detective Enigma took the director chair. This was for the best because the screenplay by Aitor lacked visual punch so it could be easily animated by anybody. Enigma took almost an entire year making the special as good as it was possible.
  • Señor Tigre was the main villain in a film by Rodrigo Caro called Macabre, which animated credits sequence was animated by Aitor Molina. Zurfura didn't have a rival and she was introduced in the last moment of The Halloween Revenge 7, so it felt fitting putting a character with not much backstory against her. Macabre has been for years in Development Hell because it's an Old Shame of the creator, so Señor Tigre may be the only iteration of the character.
  • Enemil, Ricky the Mushroom and Bitzard the VIII were the last additions to the cast, hence why they don't fight or do that much in the end. To compensate, Enemil and Ricky have leading roles in Channel Intro and Bitzard plays a relevant part in Reven Game.
    • Agitox was going to took their roles, parodying again the Bizarro John ending and being a laughingly overpowered antihero.

    The Halloween Revenge 9: Channel Intro 

  • The original pitch was very different and had no relation to Señor Intro. It was going to be The Dreamscape Revenge and retake some of the unused concepts from the "dream levels" in The Dreamscape Kingdom. The protagonists were going to be awaken one by one in sleeping capsules, finding themselves trapped in the same room and remembering something new related to how they ended there before waking up the next character. Fantasia 2000 would be the topic of the collab, with would start with a silent review by Melina, would have Wacky Wai or Lady Gel instead of the usual Skapokon to represent their show and Doctor Pandemia instead of Aitor Molina. Detective Enigma, Enemil, Ricky and Bachur were rumored to appear too, with the latter maybe revealed to be Señor Tigre, since he played him in the previous special. The Development Hell of House Of Darkington made people uninterested on working at the same time in another special, so Aitor pitched Channel Intro instead.
  • Skapokon and Hales declined to appear in Channel Intro, so Mireda Producciones was introduced.
  • Instead of reviews, there were going to be parodies of bad Web Original tropes: Detective Enigma would make an edgy reboot like The Blockbuster Buster, Aitor was going to be trapped in a Jaxsa reality-show, Enemil was going to parody the craze of Undertale Alternate Universe and Ricky would make a video about forced memes. Only the last one was made before deciding that making deliberately bad sketches was unnecessary.
  • Bator Medina was going to appear as Señor Intro's henchman, being the host of the reality-show that traps Aitor Molina in an elevator for most of the screentime and wearing a mask that looked like a mix of Star-Lord and Jaxsa. Instead of being another villain, he was just making sure that Intro hurted nobody with his plans and wanted to minimize the damages. Bator's reinclusion in the Revengeverse was moved to the Aitor Molina Vs. 4º Year Anniversary Special with a similar plot, but working for Lord Serkis. He even wears the mask in one scene!
  • Señor Intro was going to receive a more complete version of his backstory before the third act, told by Aitor and Bator, and connecting it to the Batorian technology. It broke the flow of the narrative and was unnecessary.
    • Aitor and Bator were going to reconstruct Voltiok Atomic's original robotic body to fight Señor Intro.

    The Halloween Revenge 10: Reven Game 

  • The idea of having a 10º Year Anniversary Special where Aitor Molina and Reddy time-travelled to the different specials while being reviewed by guests who weren't there is as old as the Revengeverse itself. It was always meant to be a fun series of fanservice without a deep story, but the script resulted in just two time-jumps plus a third for the present and more story-driven than funny.
  • This special almost didn't enter production because Aitor Molina was already working on The Alien Revenge and Web Animation/Channel Intro. Bitzard was the only one who made a 2-minute review of The Halloween Revenge 7. With the first three specials covered through mini-reviews at the beginning of their reuploads and Channel Intro in the making, only 4 reviews were needed to complete the guest list.


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