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A webcomic about a polar bear and a penguin in Antarctica.

Wally and Osborne is a webcomic by Tyler Martin. It chronicles the many adventures of Osborne, a sarcastic penguin, and Wally, a quirky polar bear, in Antarctica. The small bits of human civilization that pop up in Wally and Osborne’s world, along with the wildlife, set the duo up for all manner of hijinks — frozen water balloons, stolen beaks, tiny penguin salesmen with sleazy business tactics, nearly getting eaten by orcas... you know, the usual stuff.

The format varies from gag-a-day to story arcs, but it's safe to say that the story never takes itself too seriously. Originally starting in 2005 under the title “On the Rocks,” it was syndicated by FunBrain for a few years and was also part of the Lunchbox Funnies collective of all-ages webcomics (which also included strips like Aki Alliance, Cow & Buffalo and Astronaut Elementary, among others). It went on an extended hiatus that started in 2008 and lasted until Martin announced the comic’s return in May 2015. A remastered version of the strip’s original run started on Instagram in 2018, and the newest strips are available on Tyler Martin’s Patreon page.

This webcomic provides examples of: