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The lonely traveler offers his hand. Will you join him?

Tourist Trap OCT is a nonhuman-only Original Character Tournament on deviantART. It is primarily set in an abandoned airstrip, though it seems the OCT may include several locations in the future. This airstrip is owned by Abel - a coyote man who can teleport anywhere in the world. He has offered to take one companion with him to a mythical land at the end of the earth.


Perhaps you'll make it.

Perhaps you won't.

You'll just have to find out for yourself.

    General Tropes 

    Character Tropes 

     The Characters 
  • Icarus and Neonriastal, the former Haut'Haur gladiator and the Thardinxti shaman who can summon spirits.
  • Ilium, the Arkandan scientist with blood magic abilities.
  • Jack the harecrow from another world.
  • Mother and Icky, the "living decoy" and young ruffed lemur.
  • Muffin (Leilu) the peanut-butter loving creature of unknown species.
  • Nihirri-Oh and Isi Foster, the vain piebald anthro peacock Dancer and his hired anthro wolverine bodyguard/servant.
  • Sun and Koi, the white-throated qilin and the long-eared raptor.
  • Ysmina and Dante, the tendril dragons.

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