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"Kiss my ass!"
—"Babbit the Rabbit, Mayor of the Terrace"
"Oh wolfy, aint you the one?"

Technicolor OCT is an Original Character Tournament, taking place on the Terrace, where favorite Toons of different sizes and shapes live. Or at least, where some of them used to live. Toons have been disappearing; when a toon is forgotten, they vanish into thin air (or by paint thinner). The Mayor of the Terrace, Babbit the Rabbit, announced that she has new colors for the toons, which will give them a chance to shine once more. Sadly, there isn't enough for everyone; to get those colors, you must enter to gain them, while fighting opponents who are after that grand prize.

After the conclusion of the original tournament, a second season has begun, taking place in the city of Metropolis. Several years have passed, and Mayor Battsie of Metropolis has begun a tournament of her own, offering the winner's cartoon a primetime television slot. Color is now freely available, but toons must instead contend with The Hays Code. Those who fail to adhere to the code disappear, returning a few days later, changed.


Click here for the characters sheet to find out more about the contestants and judges (still in the works)

This OCT provides examples of:

  • Art-Style Dissonance: The tournament takes place in a bouncy cartoon world, but the story is much darker than that might lead you to think.


The rounds provide examples of

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     Round 1 

     Round 2 


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