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Dr. Lopez would give the sisters a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech
  • When she finishes her sessions with them that is. Particularly that despite the bad things they've done to their brother, they themselves are not bad sisters.
    • Sorta confirmed, while Dr. Lopez did told them that in each of their own chapters, and told Lincoln himself that the sisters are not bad girls. Time will tell though, if either Lincoln or the girls will take heed.

The sisters would have their own nightmares

The girls would face their own inner demons
Overall, each and everyone of them would face their own negative selves, and learning to accept consequences and let go of their self-hatred and pity.

Post ideas on how the sisters would earn forgiveness from their peers here
  • Mundanely, such as begging them for a second chance in a public apology.
  • To sacrifice, them taking a beating from a gang to protect Lincoln. While the author already used that already in the end of his other fanfic What is a Person Worth?, it could be something else that involves protecting Lincoln.

One, some, or even all of the sisters will go through a Then Let Me Be Evil
  • Despite visiting Dr. Lopez, they decided if everyone else treated them like bad girls, they'll give them what they've asked for. Only to be stopped in the nick of time, by the other characters. Other than their parents, it could be Lincoln who heard everything.

Lincoln will end up attempting suicide later on in the story.
Imagine Spot in chapter 9 could be a Foreshadowing on what's to come. This will cause even more guilt to the sisters for causing something like this to happen. As a result they'll try to make amends with Lincoln while some of them might outright avoid him thinking that they're only a danger to him and that they're doing a favor by saving him from themselves.

One or more of the girls will turn to Self-Harm.
Considering self-loathing is one of the more common reasons for Self-Harm, it wouldn't be too surprising for one of the girls to turn to this method of "coping" considering their current situation.

Evil Cannot Comprehend Good will occur in the later chapters.
  • Whether Lincoln would get over his fear and possible resentment over his sisters to save them from an Angry Mob, or some bullies harassing them. Without understanding why Lincoln would still defend them even though his sisters beat him up badly for it or not understanding why he doesn't want the girls to suffer.
  • The nightmares Lincoln's experiencing would involve his sisters suffering and dying, even horrifying Lincoln even more, and the nightmare won't understand why Lincoln doesn't want them to die for it. Or this could lead the above WMG where Lincoln would attempt suicide.

Ronnie-Anne will discover that Lynn allowed herself to get beaten up by her.
  • The result will either be Ronnie-Anne showing some remorse in that Lynn herself felt guilt by going through some kind of a self-harm. Or enrage Ronnie-Anne even more, possibly telling Lynn that had she'd known that, she would not beat her up out of spite. Later on, regardless of how she will react, Ronnie-Anne will not understand why Lynn would go through like that before she learns that none of Lincoln's sisters are truly evil people but people with flaws. If Ronnie-Anne reacted with the latter, she will discover that denying the sisters to feel remorse will make her worse than them and not hate them for having such emotions.
  • Confirmed in Chapter 24 with a little bit of both. While Ronnie-Anne hasn't fully forgiven Lynn or the rest of the sisters, Ronnie-Anne is willing to help them out, only for Lincoln's sake .

There will be separate sessions where each of the sisters get to talk to Lincoln one on one
Once Lincoln has recovered enough that he can at least talk to his sisters again, Dr. Lopez will organize another series of sessions where, under her supervision, each sister gets to talk to Lincoln. One at the time, and in her office.

The story will have, at best, a Bittersweet Ending
Lincoln will recover enough to get back to his own house and not suffer from nightmares, panic attacks, nor resentment when being around his sisters. But he will never fully become the boy he was before the incident nor will the sisters' relationship with Lincoln or their peers stayed the same as before. Even if Lincoln and the others forgive the sisters, there might be other people who would never do. But at least his days of trying to break up fights between his sisters are over for good.
  • Seems to be heading that way as of Chapter 27. The parents decide to roll back the sisters' punishments, and the sisters' relationship with one another are improving, but Lola states she is off pageants forever, Lynn can't play sports due to losing the will to do so and the fact she probably couldn't get on any teams anyway because her sports friends except Margo hate her, Luan fails to find anything funny about their current situation, and Lisa feels like spending time with the family and that her chemistry set serves the college better.
  • Chapter 28 reveals that Lana's pet collection has been dialed back to Hops and Izzy, with most of the rest being given away and El Diablo outright being put down, likely putting Lana off finding more pets for a long time and possibly indefinitely.
  • Another idea could be a timeskip since Word of God mentions that something that traumatic to someone will take time, with the girls finally coming to terms that Lincoln and/or the others will never forgive them for their past sin, but instead move on for the future.

In a future chapter, Luan will run into her old bullies
Pretty self-explanatory. One or more of the following scenarios may occur:
Lincoln will beat up one of his sisters
Lincoln will become so angry that he will end up beating up one of them without thinking in chapter 34/35, Instead of being afraid of them, He hates them and go in violent mode when encounter one of them.

Lincoln would go under Tranquil Fury
Since Word of God stated that he won't have Lincoln go under Unstoppable Rage like he did in What is a Person Worth?. But rather, he would give them Cruel Mercy in form of a Flippant Forgiveness and being passive-aggressive towards them. He might not only reject their apology, but outright disown them all while giving them a "Reason You Suck" Speech that they would sleep better at night if they admit they are bad girls. Later on, Lincoln might intentionally goad the girls to beat him up again.

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