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The Silent Scavengers oppose Titan because they are being led by one of the Demon's who took Wrathia's potion.
  • Alternatively, the Silent Scavengers are simply Wrathia's now-disbanded armies keeping themselves occupied until she returns.
  • Both quashed. TITAN tech is the same as scavenger tech. It can't even run without being connected to TITAN-net.

The Pacts Odin and Gil will or have made
Gil is already possessed, so we know he will likely make a pact. Odin shows some blatant signs of being a host and seems to know more than he let on, so here is my theory:Gil's pact with Nevy:
  • Gil's side: To get into paradise
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  • Nevy's side: To learn about her past
Odin's pact (assuming his demon is Pedri)
  • Odin's side: To gain respect and prestige within the Arrow family
  • Pedri's side: To either get revenge on TITAN or to be reunited with his wife, as some of the panels with Ava and Odin show Pedri weaving a ribbon into Ava/Wrathia's hair and putting his hand on his heart while summoning fireflies. Odin appears shocked at this, but irritably flicks away a firefly and doesn't seem to question Pedri on this.

Gil's possible pact is pretty straightforward, he's devoted to TITAN, so getting into paradise is likely to be his overall goal. Nevy doesn't remember much of her past but it means a lot to her, so her side is almost certainly going to be to find out what she forgot. Odin's is tricky, but we can tell from the way his sisters talk about him that he isn't highly respected among the Arrows, and assuming he is themed around pride (not too much of a stretch with hi conversation Maggie and trolling of Ava) gaining respect and status would likely be important to him. If he is pride, Pedri is likely his demon and since he and Wrathia made the plan to get revenge on TITAN, he would probably be after that.


Alternatively, Nevy and Gil haven't made a pact at all
Nevy has amnesia to the point that she doesn't remember who she is - she's not even sure that "Nevy" is her name. She doesn't remember her past, so it's not that hard to assume that she doesn't remember how to make a pact either. None of the other demons seem to be able to float around like she does corporeally, either, though that could be attributed to her powers, or that she's possibly just one of the souls that float around, able to stick around longer due to having a platonic bond of friendship with Gil.
  • Possibly, due to the potion that Wrathia brewed with her color scheme, the amnesia could even be intentional, though for whatever reason we don't yet know.

TITAN is a Silent Scavenger.
That is, they at least appear to be the same race. They have similar builds, heads, and notably, a single eye. Titan's primary colors (White/Blue) are also a direct inversion of the Silent Scavenger's colors (Red/Black). It could be that Titan uses the Scavengers as his "secret army", deconstructing planets for their resources to fuel his empire, while also conveniently creating masses of refuges that he can "rescue" and indoctrinate into becoming his followers.

Probably not Ava, since her side of the contract is to have a completely different life, and that's more of gradual road than a goal. That said, she might just end up fulfilling her wish on the way of throwing down TITAN.

The Greed demon will either be named Gede or Dege.
Because how many anagrams can you think of for greed? Deeg? Eegd? Eedg?
  • Of course, this is assuming that the name won't be anagram of "avarice."
  • You forgot the r, the anagrams could be Gedre, Drege, Dreeg,Deerg, Eregd, Egerd, ect... Gedre has the best ring to it I think.
  • Well, now Strategos Six has placed a call to someone named Veevra Avvrice. Possibly the host of Greed?

This fish was originally Nevy's host
Before she found Gil, she inhabited a fish. That is why she wants her head to stop 'swimming'.
  • This is 100% wrong as there is no way for a demon to change hosts like that. If the demon's host dies, at any point, like Wrathia said, the demon will pass on as if they had died normally.

Wrathia's husband betrayed her for some reason.
We didn't see her husband take the potion with her in the same panels, which is all but pointed out with her saying that she had no idea what had happened to her husband, and that usually bodes badly in these kinds of scenarios...

Odin stutters because he had a demon attached to him who at least bullied him, if not made his life hell like Wrathia did to Ava's over time.
I don't think a WMG needs to be made about his (or Maggie) holding a demon much like Ava and Gil inside them, considering their crazy survival skills and peculiar iris patterns, so just putting the above out there.

Or not; just being able to see Nevy left Gil ostracized, so it could be a side effect of that for him, too.

Also, it should be noted that his pupils are an odd color, something Raven and Crow don't share with him and which appears in the other hosts. Maggie's pupils were black in a flashback so she may not have been a host at birth like Ava but probably became one in a similar manner to Gil. Ava's were always strange before she made her pact,so it is likely that the pupils are a mark of a person being a host to a demon, but does not mean they have completed the pact. Gil's comments about Odin's survival could either indicate he did complete the pact, or that he didn't and was just very lucky. Hard to say, but if he didn't make a pact, it is still likely he is a host. Also he didn't try to fight Maggie when she tried to kill him.

If the first WMG is true, then the demon sending the Scavengers out has a pact with Odin's brother or someone Odin's brother knows.
Odin mentioned that he became aware of the Scavengers coming to reeducation planet because his brother told him at the nick of time when coming to rescue Maggie, after all. If he's not simply part of some rebellion who keeps track of Scavengers or something, and has a pact with a demon instead, that may be the reason he knew about it.

If it's someone else that Odin's brother is acquainted with instead calling the shots, then maybe he catches onto tell-tale signs of "talks to himself because demon" faster than others do.

There are 13 demons out there with each their own host.
May be a no-brainer, but there were a total of thirteen vials in one panel of Wrathia's flashback, so maybe we'll be seeing thirteen demons and their alternate species host. Or less, if some didn't take the assigned potion or something happened along the way, but it's still a possibility...
  • Actually, on the author's, she has confirmed that the demons are all representative to the seven deadly sins, implying there are seven demons.
    • Given by the meanings of the characters shown so far, the only demons left to be shown would be greed, sloth, and gluttony.

Silhouettes of the later released characters in the Cast Page
After looking at the cast page and seeing the images I tried to make out what I think they’ll be like
  • Lifeforms Row 2
In the star-Looks like he has a guitar,perhaps a rock star or travelling guitarist
  • Might have star-shaped pupils.
    • Speaking of star- shaped pupils...
      • She's a cameo of a friend, that's why she has those pupils.
      • I don't know, she appears here, is yellow like Ranunculae, and her name is an anagram for "fair" as in "fair Ranunculae."
      • False. She is the oc of a friend of Michelle's. She has a demon of her own, as can be seen on her blog; [1].

In the heart(?)-Looks like the character is a smoker and might be a snobby aristocrat or celebrity

  • Perhaps the person on the far left.
    • That particular character is a friend cameo. Michelle had to change her pupils due to people continuously asking if she was the heart girl.

In the crescent-All I can really say is that it looks like she has horns on her head

  • She might have hexagons for pupil shapes rather than crescents.
  • The horns bear more resemblance to antennae. Combined with the hexagonal pattern in the crescent, they may have a bee/insect motif.

  • Lifeforms Row 3
In the circle-Also looks like horns or possibly animal ears(Maybe they have a connection?),and those are either wings,shirt sleeves or armor sticking out a bit
  • This one is probably a member of the titan employed aliens that saved Gil and appear throughout his flashback

Trio in the rectangles like they’re about to hold hands-The series’ equivalent to magical girls

  • Or not,the two revealed; Raven and Crow don't exactly scream magical girl. Also given the dialogue said about Olai, it is likely that he/she is the third figure and no less creepy than their siblings.
    • On page 550, Olai is most likely to be their brother.
    • All characters in rectangles are Arrows. Odin mentions having three sisters, and Olai is a boy (or man). My guess is that the character in bigger rectangle is Olai and person in smaller rectangle is sister no. 3.

  • Lifeforms Row 4
Can't really distinguish much about them but those two are probably female,either wearing glasses or have pointy ears.The first of the current duo looks like she might have a small ponytail and the latter with a braid tied with a ribbon(Also looks like there's horn-shaped features on different spots of them).
  • They may be living demons, Wrathia has an image of a pair of twins that resemble them in the book to gives Ava, but they don't appear with the rest of the demons.
  • The last one looks like it has mushrooms growing on him/her. Michelle outright stated that demon of sloth is connected to mushrooms, so this might be the host for Sloth.

  • Demons Row 1
Looks like it could be male and grass-based
  • Looks similar to the demon shown on this page and this pagewith a somewhat sad look and leaves and vines surrounding him. This demon could be Maggie's.

  • Demons Row 2
The first one looks like it could be rock based and the other two all I can really say look like more girls
  • Maybe the first one is Pedri? Pedri's head look similar to the image in the first page of Wrathia's book and cast page.
  • From same page above, the third demon looks like the demon holding a sewing needle and threads who has the ability to create and control dolls.
  • Fourth demon has something protruding from its body in one image with the image next to it have spirits rising from gems.
    • From this video at 0:46, there is an image of a demon with very similar horns to the silouette and appears to have rock- like abilities
  • From seeing the second demon's silhouette, it may give the ability relating to poison as it looks it has a mushroom and snake tongue.
    • The second demon can be seen after the pages relating to the glasses Wrathia gave to Ava. S/he has mostly mushrooms relating to her in the two images.
    • There's a link that's heavily implied to be the demon of sloth.
  • The sins that aren't already tied to an existing demon are sloth, greed, and gluttony. The sloth is all but confirmed to be the second image, so that leaves greed and gluttony. The last demon has imagery that resembles formations that may be precious gemstones, which would tie into greed, which leaves the third demon to represent gluttony.

This Olai character that Odin mentioned in the 535th panel is having Odin gather as many possessed people as possible.
This is why he's trying to get Maggie to come with him. He's trying to recruit her against Titan. He didn't try to do so for Ava because she didn't show any signs (abrupt hair color change, possibly witnesses to a pact user manifesting their powers.)

Pupil shape symbols how people are related to each other
Odin's last name is Arrow,same seems for Raven and Crow all three of them seem to have square-shaped pupils(Though Odin's are red in shade),when Olai shows up she's might be the same and the all four are probably triplets and their brother.If it goes this way we might be finding significant connections between other characters as the series progresses.
  • While this is true, pupil shape is completely dependent on race [2], so family would have the same shape, but not everyone who has the same shape would be family. Ex; Ava has circular pupils, normal human characters have circles.

Pedri is Odin's demon
As the above troper pointed out, Odin's last name is Arrow and Arrow is close in sound to Arrogant. And Pedri is an anagram of Pride so it would make sense that he is Odin's demon. Also Odin has shown a few arrogant/prideful traits. He'd rather have Maggie crash his ship than apologize to her. Odin's eye and hair color is also purple, like Pedri's skin color, and Pride is purple. It seems like Pedri is one of the demon's if you look at the cast page, one silhouette is similar in shape to Pedri.
Everyone with a demon will naturally be drawn to meeting each other, pact formed or otherwise.
  • Seems confirmed.

One of the females will have a male demon
Since Gil is a male with a female they could do it this way as well.Maggie's demon may be male, a look at the silhouettes on the cast page shows a demon that looks both male and likeit would correspond to Maggie's powers.

One of the lifeforms will be from Earth
  • Michelle confirmed Earth may exist but won't appear in comic.

A factor of the ending will involve Ava deciding even with demonic possession she has had an adventurous and eventual good life.
  • It is stated and repeated that the terms of a pact cannot be changed, so I'm guessing that in the ending Ava will have to start her life over, losing the bonds and experiences that she developed on the road.

We will see twins who share a demon
If you look at the cast page there are a set of silhouettes, underneath Crow and Raven Arrow, who have the same background shape. This troper guesses they are possibly another set of twins. Since demons attach to the first thing born after taking the potion it seems possible for a demon to attach to two life forms if they're twins.
  • In a blink or you'll miss it moment, in the animation when Ava is going through Wrathia's plan, there are at least two sets of twins depicted which appear to have demon powers. It's unclear exactly what this means, but at least one set bears a resemblance to the silhouette. Maybe they are simply demons who survived TITAN's conquest?

A living demon will make a appearance
Possibly Wrathia and Pedri's child was born premature. One silhouette has horns. So do a pair which are speculated to be twins. Since the only demons which appear to be dead are Wrathia's most powerful warriors, it is likely most of her subjects survived TITAN's conquest.
  • This is redundant seeing as a demon is defined as being dead. This simply suggests a warrior of Wrathia's who is still alive will be met, which is perfectly likely.

The Silent Scavengers work for Titan
Unlikely, the Scavengers attacked a TITAN controlled planet at the beginning, and in Gil's flashback he was rescued by TITAN soldiers/agents when the Scavengers attacked his home planet. Whatever the Scavengers are, they are not TITAN's side nor is he on theirs. In all likelihood, they're a third party without ties to either TITAN or the demons. After all who is to say that TITAN and Wrathia are the only players in the galaxy?
  • It is a plausible idea. Not that they can't be there own group that are separate from TITAN or Wrathia, but the Scavengers do share some similarities to TITAN appearance wise. They don't look exactly like him but they all do seem to have only one eye. As for why they would destroy his planets if they work for him, it could be for several reasons. One, by having the Scavengers destroying some less important planets (ones that have non-TITAN soldiers/trainees) it could encourage more people to enlist as a soldier of TITAN. Two, he needs to save some money, to do this he has a planet raided then destroyed so he gets any items of material worth and doesn't have to fund the now blown up planet anymore. Three, the scavengers are looking for anyone who is possessed for TITAN. Of course they could be their own thing too, can't tell for sure until we find out.
  • In Gil's flashback there were TITAN forces on the planet that was attacked, so if TITAN was just scrapping planets for resources why would he send his troops to go to a planet he was about to destroy? TITAN's resemblance to the scavengers could be if he were a defector from their species. From Gil's comments it seems that the scavengers don't discriminate on the planet they raid. In all likelyhood, they're another species TITAN is at war with after having taken over Wrathia's galaxies, one that is giving him some trouble. Again it is much too early to tell what is going on with the scavengers, we will probably find out more from Odin.
    • TITAN doesn't seem to care that much for anyone, really. It's hard to imagine he wouldn't be willing to sacrifice his people but at the same time we don't know that much about TITAN. He could be a really good guy.
      • Well, the planet had at least two demons on it, both seemingly aware of their own nature. If TITAN was aware of this, it would make sense that he'd do anything necessary to delay their plans.
  • This was what I thought while reading as well. Why would they attack a TITAN-controlled planet? Simple, to create more fanatics like Gil by "saving" people (especially children young enough to be malleable) who survived the Scavenger's sweep and indoctrinating them into TITAN's ways while they're still grateful to his followers for saving them and shaken up by having their life destroyed. By Maggie's own admission no one on their schooling planet actually paid attention to TITAN's curriculum, they'd probably see it as no great sacrifice to kill off a bunch of heretics who seem set in their ways if its the price for turning a handful or two of them into true, completely faithful, followers. And as a bonus TITAN's forces would look like heroes who swooped in and saved those who could be to those not in the know, strengthening their public image and making others more likely to convert.
  • According to Odin, confirmed.
TITAN is an artificial intelligence
TITAN's name is always spelled in all caps, which could possibly be because it was an acronym for something at one point. TITAN's overall color scheme seems to have a very artificial feel, and he has a vaguely mechanical appearance in flashbacks. He is described as all-knowing by Gil, and assuming this isn't just some outrageous boast (people do ask him questions after all) he could conceivably have this ability with some kind of network or internet access. He is described as having created many technological wonders and is implied to be immortal or at least very long-lived. While it is clear there is exaggeration in the accounts of him, it could be perfectly conceivable that he is an artificial construct of a previous powerful civilization and simply reintroduced forgotten technology.
  • That could explain his extreme height too. Pedri who looks about seven feet tall is barely more than half TITAN's size. It also could explain how he was able to take all of Wrathia's planets hostage in one night, he'd have to be able to make not just an efficient plan but an unbeatable one, considering his enemy.

The ring is a piece of someone's soul.
When Ava asks Wrathia for a piece of the latter soul as collateral to prevent her from leaving until she fulfills her end of the bargain, Wrathia gives Ava her heart. She warns Ava not to lose it, otherwise the pact can't be completed. Her heart takes the form of a key which appears in the physical world. Given the way Odin reacted to the loss of the ring, it could be that it is a part of someone's soul, either his, a demon he is a host for, or someone he cares about.
  • Which means we're all f*cked because the twins took out the gem...

Odin knew Maggie made a pact
And that's why he's interested in her and saved her. Coincidentally, Ava hadn't made hers at the beginning this would be why he didn't give two flips about her.
Odin made a pact
It was pretty clear Odin was a host at the start, and likely that he made a pact when he survived the crash. What really seals it however is this page, the lines around on Odin's legs resemble the markings that appeared when Ava made her pact with Wrathia. The questions remaining is what power it gave him and why he made the pact?
  • Looks Half-right. Odin clearly hasn't made a pact yet but he is the host of Pedri.

Along with the demons we are meeting right now that are based on the Seven Deadly Sins in their namings, there will also be Six Perfection themed.

Tuls will be a Shrinking Violet.

Nevy was in love with Pedri
This WMG leans on the as yet unverified WMG that Pedri was reborn in Odin, and also speculates a bit on foreshadowing. In the scene where Maggie and Gil talk over tea, Nevy tries in vain to recapture Gil's attention, telling him that she remembers something new. She claims to have remembered the sensation of being in love. It would appear that Odin is here lying on the floor, head pointing towards the table, and at the side of Gil and Maggie. When Nevy fails to get rid of Maggie, she is next seen here. Based on Odin's position relative to everyone else in the room, it would seem that he is the only person that Nevy could be focusing on, since Nevy would be either facing the direction parallel to the direction Gil faces, only at Odin instead of Maggie, or slightly at an angle, with her back on Gil a little bit.

Nevy appears to be associated with "envy"...envious of Wrathia? Perhaps Nevy's memory loss can also be explained here. She wanted for Pedri, but, of course, was in the service of Wrathia, who is, y'know, Wrathia. She couldn't hide it well enough, and Wrathia caught on. Wrathia spikes Nevy's portion of wine, and when Nevy is reborn, she remembers nothing of her previous life, including Pedri. If this seems a bit tame as far as retribution goes for Wrathia, we've seen before that Pedri can inspire rationality in his wife even during her rages. Wrathia's solution to take Nevy's memory both removes the threat to her marriage and conserves the power at her command—she'll need every scrap of it to go up against TITAN, and it wouldn't do to sacrifice one of her strongest warriors if another option is available.

If Nevy is telling the truth, and not merely making things up to get Gil's attention, then whatever Wrathia worked on her is clearly wearing off or only temporary (unlikely to be Wrathia's intention). If so, then it could be possible that Nevy is also realizing some of her former power, and thus, may have sensed something about Odin.

Ranunculae (The girl in the photo on the cast page) is someone who was turned into a demon
and the demon she was turned into is the flower lady seen here and here Since there are pictures of her in Maggie's and Tuls' mind and Tuls is most likely lust, maybe Tuls(assuming that in his past life, he was her lover) gave her an extra potion so she would be able to be with him.

Odin has a zipper somewhere on his body
Based on this picture and this response, though this applies if Odin has a demon and made the pact.
  • Confirmed. In one of the recent updates he reveals a massive zipper-shaped scar on his stomach.

Tuls will not be as sympathetic as he initially seems.
He's the demon of lust, and has a room full of paintings of an absent girl. He seems sad, and Maggie treats him terribly, but that doesn't make him a good person either.

Ranunculae is not Tuls' Lost Lenore.
Fitting in with the above theory. Whether she's alive or not, she was never his lover. Instead, Tuls sought her out and lusted after her, but she either was never aware of his attentions or outright rejected him. If she's still alive, it paints his room full of portraits of her as more of a Room Full of Crazy than anything else. Tuls isn't a mourning lover - he's a withdrawn stalker who can't or won't let go.
  • Basically confirmed - Tuls is in possession of a Body Guard Crush, and was never romantically involved with Ranunculae. His half of the pact with Maggie involves finding her so he can properly confess his feelings.
  • Alternatively, here's a theory I came up with: remember Tuls is the demon of lust. It's highly possible that, well... you know. And that's why he's trying to find and properly tel Ranunculae that he loves her?

An almighty form of fate also played a part in which demon was attached to each birth.
There is a force that knew what sorts of lives each lifeform would have and so when the demons drank to the death they force then placed where they seemed the most similarities would be found as life went on.

The Sloth demon will have a mushroom motif.
Mushrooms need dark, still surfaces to grow on, and one of the demon silhouettes has shapes reminiscent of mushrooms. Two of the silhouettes for lifeforms do as well.
  • Further WMG, the bright pink bottle containing what appears to be a pill may be the bottle associated with Sloth (as the others can be accounted for more readily). Many mushrooms are psychotropic, and many drugs come in pill form.

Maggie used one of Tuls's flowers on Odin
It's a likely explanation for why he is in love with her.

Ava's name could also be a shortened form of avarice

Odin was reborn like Gil
This is based on the ages of each of their hosts respective to when Wrathia confronted TITAN. Ava who is 15 was born with Wrathia bonded to her, a process we are shown occued at roughly the exact moment Wrathia died. Gil is 19 did not become bonded to Nevy until after the Silent scavanger attack. From what information we are given, the earliest possible demons to die and become bonded would have had to be either Pedri or Wrathia, and since Ava is 15 we know that would place the earliest possible hosts at 15 years of age. Odin is 16 and shows all the signs of being a host (odd colored eyes and hair, unexplainable survival skills, and a suspicious interest in pact wielders). This means that Odin is likely a host, but the earliest available demons would come around 15 years ago, a year after he was born. So assuming Pedri died shortly after Wrathia he would still have likely had to be reborn to be bonded to him. If this is incorrect, it is either because Odin lied to Ava about his age, or that he is host to a different demon who died before Pedri (not much of a stretch, he may be arrogant but Gil isn't particularly envious even though he is bonded to the demon sharing that theme. As such is possible for Odin to have a demon whose theme his personality doesn't quite match with)
  • different troper: Wrathia was the FIRST to die, so there's a chance we don't know when the other demons died. In her backstory she says she's not sure if he fought long enough to live or if Pedri died instantly, there's a multitude of chances that they all died at different times, even Pedri. Since Wrathia is the must rash and obstinate of the demons she didn't even wait it out to see what TITAN might say or do. Gil is envious but it's more subtle-y done. (he's picked himself the best career, was envious of others' scores and is even envious of the higher-ranking followers who are already promised to go to Paradise. And even though he cared about helping Maggie, Odin and Ava, he made it clear he wasn't going to stick around if it meant having his licensing delayed for another year... he's very good-willed but actually quite envious...)

And so was Maggie
When trying to reassure Tuls that not much time has passed, Maggie mentions that it's only been three years (presumably since Tuls last saw Ranunculae before his death), though Tuls corrects her to four. Even still, four years is still too short a time for Maggie to have had Tuls from birth, so unless the four years refers to how long they have had a pact she would have had to be reborn. In Wrathia's flashback, young Maggie has normal pupils, and likewise in her photo of herself and Ava while Ava's show up glowing red. However, currently her pupils are white, like Gil's were after he was healed (his pupils were the regular black before) and like all the other known hosts. This may have something to do with the incident that ruined her friendship with Ava.
  • Combined with the WMG below the one below this, Wrathia would've tried to kill Maggie, but she came back, resulting in her bond with Tuls. However, there's something that this troper doesn't think fits... Maggie wearing a yellow dress grew into current Maggie in four years? Well, she certainly had a growth spurt.

When the pact is complete, the life Wrathia gives Ava will be her egg
  • The egg takes 20 years to hatch, and it now been 15 years, leaving 5 years. Five years should be enough time for Ava to complete the pact, so when she receives her new life from Wrathia, Ava will be reborn as the heir.

Wrathia tried to kill Maggie
  • Ava and Maggie used to be friends until an incident ruined their friendship. Wrathia tried to get Ava to kill herself by destroying her social relationships with anyone who remotely liked her. Her comments to Odin also state that Maggie's present demeanor is a rapid departure from what she was originally like. So from this we can guess that the incident was traumatizing to Maggie, enough to make her near suicidally reckless and unstable enough to constantly lash out. We can also guess that Wrathia was involved. Now how do we know Maggie was killed. Her pupils in all the flashbacks before the incident Wrathia's, [[ :The door picture]], and Maggie's, are black, but she presently has pale green ones like the other hosts. We know from Gil that the pupils change color when the host becomes reborn, and in the process bonded to a demon. Thus Maggie would have had to be reborn, her hatred of Ava suggests that Wrathia manipulated her into doing something horrible, and the flashback further seems to reenforce the connection between the incident and Tuls being bonded to Maggie.

The "Gate to Paradise" isn't.
It's a collecting bin for something that's Powered by a Forsaken Child, likely what makes TITAN so powerful. Maybe even TITAN himself, if the theories that he's a robot are correct.


The Gate's an Assimilation Plot.
All your physical problems melt away into tang! Possibly while your spirit is being used as an energy source.
  • This theory and the one directly above it appear to have been Jossed as of the 11/24/14 update, or at least neither of those appear to be the machine's primary function. The machine does appear to be for the express purpose of creating elite followers. It simply does so in the most painful way possible.

Olai and Odin are twins and "share" Pedri.
If Crow and Raven are twins why not Olai and Odin? And if Odin has Pedri as his demon, then Olai should too. That's also why Odin knew about the Silent Scavengers' attack so quickly. It may also explain the markings on the ground when we're shown Odin is Pedri's host.Even more WMG is that Olai and Odin might have been conjoined twins.

Concerning the 01/26/15 update
Prudith, under that charred skin, red hot insides and limp body... is still alive.

Nevy's memory loss isn't due to Wrathia's potion
It's actually due to how she died. Wrathia said she and Pedri poisoned only "their shares" of wine, so the potion alone would have just caused Nevy to become a demon upon her death. What actually killed Nevy was some form of head injury that left her mind and memories scrambled when her spirit got tied to Gil.

Maggie and Tuls will fail the pact.
This is going off the conversation from pages 875-877. Either the chances for Maggie to be loved or Tuls to confess will be irreparably damaged, and this will reveal the details surrounding the failing of a pact.

Odin uses those Fantastic Drugs to cope with seeing Pedri all the time.
Ava’s way of handling it was convincing herself that she was under Demonic Possession. How’d a guy like Odin react if he saw the invisible third cousin of The Grim Reaper stalking him at age four?
  • Not really, but sort of. Wrathia, when she was alive, used Florem Mortem, and Pedri keeps quite while Odin smokes Florem Mortem because it reminds him of Wrathia, who we can infer he loved very, very much.

Pedri wears skulls of his enemies
It's been confirmed by Word of God that Pedri wears a skull helmet, so the question remains: whose skull?Considering that most people of this world would marry their own species, and that Wrathia and Pedri are different species, she would've had a husband as terrifying as herself, and its skull would've been terrifying too. The skull Pedri wears might be the skull of Weathia's former husband, and quite possibly, he killed him to gain Wrathia's love and admiration.
  • Also, his skull necklace. One, those are the skulls of enemies that dared to rebel against him... Or two, because those skulls are so small, those are of their children. Probably to teach them a lesson, too- defy me and have me wear your son's skull as a necklace.
    • With the reveal of how large Wraithia, and thus Pedri is, its likely those are full grown adults, just ones closer to human size

Wrathia is a usurper of her throne
The Author confirmed that there are heavy Alice in Wonderland references in this comic, and in Book 2, there are Alice in Wonderland character versions of them. Look it up to see them, but Ava is Alice, Maggie is the Mad Hatter, Odin is the March Hare, and Wrathia is the Cheshire Cat, among others.

If you read the classic versions of Alice in Wonderland- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, Alice returns to Wonderland during the sequel and eventually becomes the Queen of Wonderland.

What is Wonderland without the Queen of Hearts? And remember the Heart Demon in the Cast page?

My theory is that Wrathia challenged the 'Queen of Hearts' and she bowed to Wrathia, becoming one of her greatest warriors, and eventually got the potion to become a demon.

This might be bad for Ava, because the Queen of Hearts might decide a feeble, weak life-form like Ava is weak enough to be challenged...

Concerning Strategos Six
Okay, there is no way someone was named Strategos with their last name Six, so going into name-analyzations (this webcomic is big on that):

Strategos, plural strategoi: literally meaning "army leader", is used in Greek to mean military general

So we get the Strategos part- they're the second in command of the entire TITAN whatever. And Six? I'm guessing a lot of people already figured that, but this theory goes in this vein. Strategos Six is the sixth person (?) that became the second-in-command, or went to paradise, or went to paradise and then came back, or survived the process of becoming a follower.

And then we go on to the 4/15/2016 update, where Strategos Six pulls out a sword (sabre or falchion, I'm not sure) from their chest. Then this also branches off to several different categories, but one thing is clear; Strategos Six has made a pact at one point. It's doubtful they know what exactly they've done, or if they are aware of others being able to form a pact.

Also, something that many fans don't seem to know... Wrathia made hundreds of bottles of Cursed Wine to send to her warriors. We're assuming that there are Seven very powerful demons and their respective 'hosts'. But does Six know what the hell they've done?

  • Or maybe is TITAN who they made a pact - or something like a pact - with.

  • An alternate theory for Strategos Six's name, referencing the idea that there might be seven "virtues" to contrast the seven demons: Strategos Six was the second in command to Titan. One would think if they had a number, it would be two, not six. Unless the numbering convention ascends, rather than descends as it gets to the top of the food chain. In other words, the second most important person in Titan's Army was Strategos Six, the third was Strategos Five, the fourth Strategos four, etc. The seventh in the chain isn't called "Strategos Seven," because that entity is Titan.

The names of the Arrow parents are Jackdaw and Rook, continuing the Family Theme Naming motif.

Pedri used to be tied to the third Arrow sister, Magpie.
But something happened, causing him to tie to Odin instead at the cost of Magpie's well-being. This is why Odin holds a grudge against Pedri.

Gil doesn't remember his past right, or was possibly brainwashed.
This came to me suddenly, but the thought stemmed from this: His apparent former classmates who he regards very warmly don't seem to remember him at all. Initially I assumed it was because of Nevy's presence and amnesia possibly affecting the environment around her, and maybe that's more likely...

But seeing how people are ruled under TITAN's thumb and seeing his cult, perhaps instead it's Gil who has flawed memories of his past up until or beyond the time he joined TITAN's legions of "followers." (I think his entire life would be the most unlikely, since I feel like a demon attached to someone would notice the incongruities.) Or perhaps followers of TITAN have their memories altered or erased pretty often, a la (spoilers for Tiger & Bunny) Barnaby from Tiger & Bunny, so he and his classmates all have flawed recollections, to the point some don't even recall most of their memories with old friends.

If he's deemed "dangerous" due to memories that are suppressed by TITAN's people, that might be why he's for some reason listed as a hospital janitor instead of a doctor, as he'd been preparing to be.

Nevy recognized the smell of Florem Mortem on Odin, even though she didn't remember why.

In this panel we see hearts coming out of Nevy when she looks at Odin. This could conceivably mean she finds him attractive, of course. But given Ava's question about whether Nevy and Wrathia were "good friends," it seems likely that there was something between the two of them. And if the smell of Florem Mortem was common enough to Wrathia in life that Odin smokes it to placate Pedri, it makes sense that Nevy would get some warm, bubbly feelings while smelling it, even if she doesn't remember why.

  • This seems even more likely when you consider that the sense of smell has an extremely powerful connection to memory. More recent updates have also shown that Nevy and Wrathia might have been more than friends at some point.

Nevy killed herself

Specifically, she drank the un-poisoned Soul Potion first before doing so. My theory is that she took something or did something to caused her body to dissolve. Why? Firstly because that's how the original The Little Mermaid ended. Secondly, because with the death of both of her exes, Wrathia and Pedri, she felt she had nothing to live for. Furthermore, her memory loss? That's an explicit side effect of whatever she did/took. She did that willingly so that when her soul was attached to the next thing to come (back?) to life, she could live without any lingering unhappiness in her/their new life.

Not all of the potions made it to there warriors
There were hundreds of potions sent out, and important delivery's of the queen of a big empire would be big targets for pirates, or for TITANS army knowing something might be up, we might find demons unrelated to Wraithia because some random black market thug got there hands on one of them

Star Boy will be Maggie's ultimate love interest.
  • Maggie is confirmed as straight.
  • Star Boy has triangles (Maggie's shape) in the background of his silhouette.
  • When Gil is making Maggie's drink, it contains a tea bag with a star tag on it.

Pedri left Nevy because he wanted to have children.
But she couldn't. Hence why his page in the Plan seems to be focused on getting his and Wrathia's egg back while Nevy's page seems to have her signing "BABY" while surrounded by younger fish-people.

The reason Aedinfell's Sun collapsed in on itself
It's because of Pedri. He used Black Magic in a last ditch effort to kill TITAN and used the Sun to empower himself. But ultimately it failed and the Sun became a black hole. This is also why Odin hates Pedri. Wrathia may have ruined Ava's life but Pedri ruined Odin's ENTIRE WORLD.
  • Possibly jossed, as when discussing it with Ava, Odin tells her that he thinks TITAN might have somehow caused it.

Aedinfell's Sun is blocked by Pedri and Wrathia's egg
Wrathia is established to be pretty big so any egg of hers would also be huge. It would probably also need heat to hatch which Aedinfell's sun would provide. Pedri lived longer then Wrathia so he could have used the time to stash the egg there.
  • Unlikely, its confirmed the egg would be the size of a house, and while Wrathia and her race are kaiju sized they are not galactus sized

Odin is ace-aro
Because pun and because Ava's bi, Maggie's straight and Gil is gay. Also the other three hosts will be trans, non-binary or pansexual.
  • If true, that may lead to awkward situations, as Pedri refers to both Wrathia and Nevi as his mistresses of the flesh (from when he was alive) when he realizes the three of them are all on the transport ship leaving TITAN HQ.

Gil's envy
While he's already envious towards other more higher ranked Followers, if subtly so, his most visible reaction of envy will be towards Maggie. Why? Gev. Let's say for the sake of argument, that Gev and his friend Fira survived Ava's rampage somehow. And they and the four Hosts become friends. Particularly Gev and Maggie become thick as thieves. Now Gil is gay and Maggie is straight but there's so far no indication that Gev is interested in men or Gil. So far, Maggie's only positive relationship at this point is with Gil and that's because she finds him attractive. So she latches onto Gev's friendship because it's nice to be around someone you're not crushing on but you also don't hate. Gil hates every second of it but he can't do anything about it because if he does, Gev will be angry. So he focuses his umbrage on the one person he can be angry at: Maggie. Also another reason for this theory is a comment Michelle made about color-coding: the person that Maggie lusts after is blue, thus Gil. If we're following the same coding, then the person that Gil is envious of is green-haired, occasionally flushing green Maggie.

Thats not Titan
Considering technology and cybernetics are a big thing in titans empire, the Titan we see is either a giant mecha or a remote controlled drone, this would help keep up the illusion of divinity, if someone does manage to defeat him, he just sends another drone, appearing as if he can not truly be killed, the real Titan is(or was as its possible he has gone threw a brain upload or intense cybernetic modifications ) a regular not particularly powerful alien

Veevra Avvrice is the host of the Greed/Avarice Demon.
Given the Theme Naming so far, (Ava Ire, Maggie Lacivi etc.) this seems, if not likely, then at least very possible.
  • We have yet to see this character in person, but they are apparently a scientist working for TITAN and design Strategos Six's new weapons. Or maybe they are related to the host, like the brother or sister of the actual host.

The protagonists either resemble their Demons in human form or one of their fellow protagonists' Demons in human form.
No, really. Wrathia looks like a older, angrier Ava. Pedri, from the few times we actually SEE his face, seems to look like Odin, only purple and red. Maggie kinda looks a bit like Nevy. Gil looks like a smiling Tuls. And so on.

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