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Tear Jerker / Ava's Demon

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  • Ava's misery really shines through.
  • After meeting up with Maggie in a shared dream state, Ava tells her that she knows about Tuls and that they could help each other complete their pacts. Maggie responds with, "What would you know about helping me?" and drops her into a crevice.
  • Pedri misses his wife.
  • Tuls appears to have some form of depression, as he just sounds defeated when he talks to Maggie and all he really does is think about Princess Ranunculae. He makes paintings of her constantly.
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  • The implications of how TITAN really feels about Gil are sobering. Gil gets constantly belittled by administration, his follower test was rigged so he didn't know the answers and he only gets in through Nevy's intervention, and even when he gets into being a doctor, he's screwed over again by being assigned to medical janitorial duty without his knowledge. His "friends" from school either don't remember him or don't care about him, and the other soldiers treat him like trash. And yet he's lavishly devoted to the cause.
  • Ava's social anxiety on page 1129 followed by a 7-page freakout weaving through the crowd of TITAN followers that actually DO appear to be watching her every move.
  • The fact that when Ava dies, she is relieved because she'd wanted to be for a long, long time. It really says everything about Wrathia's influence on her life, and how much strength she must have had to deal with it.
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  • Maggie states that Gil "treats me like a human being and not like a piece of trash". This implies she'd gone through some heavy stuff in the past. Despite representing lust, all Maggie wants is to be genuinely loved.
  • Ava blames herself for her fallout with Maggie. Not Wrathia. Herself.
    • And worse, Maggie seemingly knows that despite how cruel she treats Ava, the girl still likes her and implies she's a Love Martyr.
  • Ava now looks like Wrathia, due to taking the vial. She now looks like the very person who made her life a living hell.
  • Ava is heartbroken now, clearly feeling guilty over what happened at TITAN's HQ, and then we learn....she had a thing for Maggie in the past, and still isn't over it. Maggie finds it pathetic.
  • Ava is pretty much pouring out her heart, confessing to everything that has happened to her lately. She even tells Maggie she knows about Tuls. And yet, Maggie still won't admit she's telling the truth. Gil is refusing to believe her at all, even being willing to turn her in if he himself ends up being turned in. Shows how far gone he is.
    • Gil being confronted with the fact TITAN might be a criminal. He clearly knows that yes, there is a chance Ava is right, but he is too far gone to want to listen.
  • Nevy remembering her past: She was in love with Wrathia, but she left her. When Nevy moved on to Pedri, Wrathia grew jealous, and even after Nevy & Pedri worked together to kill Wrathia's first husband for her, Pedri left Nevy for Wrathia, leaving poor Nevy all alone.
    • And when Nevy ends up melting, Gil gets mad for the first time and rips Avas book apart.
  • The realization that Odin's entire planet starved to death and that this is how Odin became Pedri's host.
  • Odin confessing to Ava that in addition to saving his sun, he hoped to find his beloved sister again as well as make his parents proud, "in spirit at least". With the device he was using to find Vessels like his sister broken, he has much less of a chance to ever locate her. Ava declares on the very next page that she wants to help him.
  • In a rare moment of vulnerability, Wrathia admits to missing the heyday's of youth with Nevy.
    • The next page has Wrathia actually show regret over what happened between the two of them.
    Nevy... I'm sorry...


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