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Nightmare Fuel / Ava's Demon

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What, you thought just because the artwork's bright and pretty, Ava's Demon doesn't get creepy? HAH!
Guess what she's seeing!note 

  • Gil's death at 4 years old. GOOD LORD, that's a horrible way to die.
  • Maggie casually crushing a fairy/pixie to death while in her Inner World.
  • The scene where Ava meets Maggie in the dreamspace. Particularly how it ends.
  • During Ava and Odin’s conversation at TITAN HQ, Ava finds a dumpster filled with empty drug containers, never a good sign. Things get worse when some of those said drugs happen to be isoflurane, rophypnol and midazolam which are known as heavy duty sedatives, anaesthetics and muscle relaxants. The one Ava is holding? That's Pentobarbital, which is more infamously known as the primary substance in the “lethal injection” used in modern day US executions. It’s safe to say that TITAN’s “haven” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
    • Most likely those drugs were injected into Prudith to not feel any pain when she was stripped to her brain, eyes and her nervous system.
  • The out-and-out TITAN propaganda on this page.
    • Six's speech makes it abundantly clear that TITAN recruitment is, like most real-life cults, about crushing peoples' individuality and self-confidence to keep them dependent. They're preaching outright psychological abuse like it's good for you, and that's just as horrifying as any Body Horror.
  • Prudith yelling at Ava from the 11/20/14 update. She almost manages to out-creepy Wrathia who's yelled at Ava for 15 YEARS.
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  • The final fate of Prudith. HOLY CRAP.
  • Of the "slightly unnerving" kind, Nevy on page 1429. Seriously, she looks weird, even for her.
  • Wrava's rage is horrifying to behold.
  • Wrava slaughters an entire room of followers. Keep in mind these followers aren't malicious, and probably don't know what really goes down in Titan. Some of them were children.
  • The video finale for Chapter Seventeen. GOD.
    • It has frequent flashes of insects and monsters rising out of the lava landscape before they grab hold of someone and drag them down against their will.
    • Wrava literally raises all hell- monsters, lava, shit melting, everything. Also, think dragonflies are bright and happy? HA! The way too detailed lava fireflies rising out of the lava will give you nightmares.
    • Ava flashing in and out of black-and-white skeleton cross-sections of her skull, in time to the music. Also the moments where her eyes do not belong there.
    • The final fate of Strategos Six- they fight their best, but they're only a single life-form against a pactmaker. In the end, they get pulled under lava by hands of something. That is not a pretty way to go.
      • To our surprise, they didn't! They survived that! Now, it seems like they are contacting someone, and it might be TITAN himself.
      • Confirmed! Though Titan is NOT happy.
  • In the aftermath there's only ashes and ruins. Only the hosts, Strategos Six, and the Arrow twins are alive.
  • Gil and Maggie manage to commandeer an escape ship away from the now destroyed TITAN HQ. Odin, having grabbed Ava for one reason or another, manages to get onto the ship right before the hatch closes. Gil, remembering the destruction and terror Ava just wrought on the entire base, is promptly terrified. Once he learns more about Maggie than he'd hoped, he realizes he's stuck in a tin-can with a possible kidnapper (Odin), an attempted murderer and liar (Maggie) and a super-powered, murderous abomination (Ava, natch) with the darkness of space at his back. Fun times for Gil.
  • After years of waiting, we finally hear TITAN speak. And from what can be gleaned from the conversation with Strategos Six, there are some horrifying implications. From his implied disdain for humanoids, the seemingly low opinion he holds of his followers, and that he could be bigger than we originally thought, the Fridge Horror is very real.
  • Nevy, bless her soul, continues to be randomly creepy on page 1851.
  • Wrathia's interactions with Ava at the moment are horrendously off putting, due to how much they ooze of No Yay. Not helping the fact is that Ava enjoyed being in that Wrava state, reveling in the power she had, and Wrathia laughing when Ava suggests she could come down the "high" it gave her.
    • And now it's just getting worse, with Ava drooling what looks like lava or magma from her mouth there.....and she's....she's got poppies coming out of her mouth! They are all over her, and that potion turns out to have been a curse. One shudders to imagine what would become of the other hosts if and when they take theirs.
  • Nevy is PISSED... Also possible seizure warning because Nevy is bioluminescent and apparently her powers include Brainwashing for the Greater Good!! And she's positively GLEEFUL at the thought of doing that to Ava.
  • In chapter 23, after her argument with Gil, Ava has a breakdown and starts ripping off her own nails while thinking they're not her nails, they're Wrathia's.
  • One of the more benign examples that's given a dose of Black Comedy thanks to the context, but Pedri leaning just a little too close to Ava while she's talking to Odin on page 2157. He's a big hulking brute covered in what appears to be ritual scarring, wearing a skull mask and a necklace of what we hope aren't child alien skulls. What makes this even more disturbing is two things: Pedri is implied, like Wrathia, to actually be much, MUCH bigger than he appears and what we do see of his face and body looks a lot like Odin.
  • Imagine waking up one morning and looking up at the sky only to see that the sun has collapsed into a black hole. And since there's no sunlight, vegetation can't grow, and without vegetation, animals can't eat and neither can people, eventually leading to a resource war as the world's population is doomed to a slow and inevitable death by either starvation, spaghettificaion, or self-destruction. That's what's happening to Odin's homeworld.
    • Also, the flashback shows that Odin had his purple and square-shaped pupils when he was about ten years old, meaning he died around that time or before...
  • He downplays it in the 11/30/18 update but Odin has a huge scar he got from when he was around 10 years old. It looks very like his entire right side was split open and he had to sew it up himself. He says he "fell." Sure, Odin. Just a little fall.
  • Congratulations. It's now confirmed that, yes, TITAN does have people brainwashed.
  • TITAN's elite Followers don't even really care that much about each other. Six's reaction to their new Third-in-Command slicing apart an Engineer whose only crime (apart from, you know, being a Follower) was being in front of Taxiarch when she decided to test out a weapon said Engineer gave her? Essentially, "Good job, someone reassemble/replace that!"
  • Odin is dreaming not-so-sweet dreams. Also, it's almost certain that his fall is what killed him at 10 years old.


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