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Ava: Hey now!! You're asking a lot of me, you know?! I mean, what do you expect me to do? Walk up to a bunch of strangers and say... "I see you have an ugly alien's ghost plaguing you! Wow, me too! Let's form a resistance and kill the most powerful being in the universe."
Wrathia: Yeah... And?
Ava: I can barely talk to myself in the mirror! How am I supposed to convince strangers to believe in me when I don't even believe in me?
Wrathia: ... Sometimes, Ava... You need to pretend like the only person in the universe to believe in is yourself. Sometimes... confidence in yourself is the most convincing argument you can make. Even if it's forced.
— Chapter 8, pages 601 to 606.

"This isn't... ...So bad. Actually... I feel pretty good... In fact... I feel like... ...I could-like I might- N-No- that I will- PAINT THE WHOLE TOWN RED!!!"
Ava Ire/"Wrava"


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