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Artemis should meet Doctor Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds
Am I the only one who's annoyed at the lack of fanfictions about this happening?

Myles and Beckett will find out about fairies sometime.
They have already (albeit, indirectly) helped thwart Past!Opal once, who says they won't start getting gradually more interested in fairies like Artemis? And, frankly, it would be awesome. And they'll also find out that their older brother is three years younger than he should be.
  • They might never figure it out about Artemis' age. To little kids, everyone above a certain height is a grown-up. By the time they're old enough to make a distinction, Artemis will have reached an age where it's less obvious that he looks too young.
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  • Confirmed as of The Last Guardian.

Butler has literally been to Hell and back.
In the third book in the Artemis Fowl series, The Eternity Code, Butler dies for a brief period of time and is brought back to life a few hours later by Elf magic. The process costs him a few years of his life and when Artemis tries to apologize for it, Butler remarks that "Anything is better than the alternative." The reader assumes he means being dead, but at the end of the book, Butler tricks Arno Blunt, the man who thought he had killed Butler, into thinking Butler is a ghost from Hell. To wit, he tells Blunt "There is a hell, Arno. I've seen it, and believe me, so will you." This appears to be mere hyperbole until paired with Butler's early statement that anything is better than the alternative...
  • Who'd be there, the demons?
  • Nah, some demons seemed to be all right apart from the whole "war with other races" thing.
    • Something worse...
      • Maybe quantum zombies...
      • It will be CTHUHULU! Prepare for Opal to be joined by the worst enemies any of the faries will have seen, because believe me anthing will be better then the alternative!
  • L'enfer, c'est les autres...
  • Who says its not devils, or that there are physical demons and spiritual demons
Zexion and Lexaeus are actually the Nobodies of Artemis Fowl and Butler
Things were going poorly in the Kingdom Hearts universe. A mastermind was needed to help bring things to a good end for the heroes. So, the Three Good Fairies got in contact with a distant cousin of theirs, Holly Short, of the LEPrecon, in a separate dimension. She suggested they get in contact with Artemis Fowl. Artemis, intrigued when he heard about Kingdom Hearts, decided to not only help the Three Good Fairies, but to take the power of Kingdom Hearts for himself. Through some overly long Batman Gambit, bordering on Gambit Roulette he made himself one the of six apprentices of Ansem and allowed himself and Butler to become Heartless. Ultimately, he has a plan to re-united himself and Butler with their hearts. For now, he works through the nobodies of himself (Zexion, who uses a copy of The Book of the People, his lexicon, to fight in battles) and Butler (Lexaeus, who brings any needed physical support) to manipulate the members of Organization XIII. The Lexaeus and Zexion in Chain of Memories were not the actual Nobodies but copies that Artemis had Zexion make, as Zexion is a master of illusion. He is still in the background, working towards his ultimate end.
  • Oh god, thankyou. I thought it was just me. Can I marry you?
  • If anyone writes a fanfic about this, I want a link.
  • YES! IT IS TURE! (best idea ever)
  • Butler and Lexaeus's personalities aren't anything alike. Lexaeus is The Berserker, and Butler is more of a Genius Bruiser.
    • Lexaeus isn't The Berserker. He waxes philosophical with Zexion all the time!
Juliet Butler and Opal Koboi are the same person.
Both are never in the same book. Minerva is a possible third identity for Juliet/Opal, as she is only in the one book that has neither of the others.
  • I want to see a fanfic about THIS idea.
  • Jossed. Both are in the last book.
The entire series is a massive Gambit Roulette by Artemis Fowl.
Because he's Artemis Fowl.
  • And because the entire series has been nothing but Badass Decay for him, and he needs to go back to being morally ambiguous, instead of just a sissy eco-warrior.
    • Every accomplishment he's had as a sissy eco-warrior disagrees with that.
The next book will involve not two, but three Opal Kobois.
There's present!Opal and past!Opal, but there's also clone!Opal used as a decoy in The Opal Deception. The two Opals could use the clone as a decoy again.
  • Interesting...It's never mentioned what they did with the clone afterwards, is it
  • The clone was described as less-or-more brainless, but the two of them working together could probably make an intelligent clone quickly.
  • Confirmed in The Last Guardian. Clone!Opal is a key element to Artemis' plan in the end.
The seventh Kraken is female.
And, since she's been feeing off the residual magic from Hybras' disappearance, rather than human pollution, she's not sterile. (Assuming there was another shell under the one Artemis blew up. Or they are adapting to the toxins, rather than becoming sterile, what with Shelly molting twice.)
Butler had an... interesting past before he started work as Artemis's bodyguard
That barcode? Temp tattoo.

Artemis will do the Ritual and have powers again
And he'll learn to use them without the nasty side effects.
  • In an interview Colfer said that he may use the 'Magic keeps people younger' to extend the amount of books he can write with Artemis, so it IS possible.
    • this is proof! proof i tell you!
Minerva is going to be Artemis's love interest in the next book.
The sudden lust between Holly and Artemis in The Time Paradox wasn't an Author's Saving Throw about a character who needed to be Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, it was a planned event to throw the Artemis/Holly shippers a bone before he blows that shit right out of the water.
Holly will kill Minerva
Hell, we made it through the last book without her and it's pretty clear that they're both intent on shacking up with Artemis. Minerva is just an problem to be removed. After which Holly will go to the dark side and have to be saved from herself via Artemis. Look into your heart, you know it to be true.
Artemis is Shinji Ikari.
Well, to be more specific, it's all another reality caused by Instrumentality. Artemis is Shinji, because he's everything Shinji wants to be. His parents love him, a certain redhead likes him, he can control pretty much everything that happens around him and all of the technology is tiny, the exact opposite to the EV As.

Artemis Fowl is the son of Havelock Vetinari.
Think about it. Just...think about it.
  • That is now my canon.
    • Then wouldn't his mother be. . . Lady Margolotta? Holy Hera. It would explain his 'vampire-like' smile. . .
  • Unless directly stated by Word of God, with no possible way of misinterpetation. I will assume this is true, because it both makes sense and would be so freaking awesome.
  • What would happen if they met?
    • One of two things: They'll take a liking to each other and play chess or Thud all day, or Artemis will get cocky, think up a Gambit Roulette to take over Ankh Morpork, and get blown to shit by Vetinari.
      • There is a Third Option {TM}: Havelock realizes the Evil Plan and allows it to happen, because he had found the prodigy to be the PERFECT replacement for him, now that he is getting old...
  • Ohmigods I think I love you. /fanon/
  • Come now, this is ridiculous. Artemis Sr. is missing a leg and Vetinari walks with... a cane...

Minerva suffered Chuck Cunningham Syndrome to make way for...
Random MacMillain-Dent. The time travel plus dimension-shifting is a way to travel and save Earth from a dimension outside the Probability axis.

Minerva is the author?s reaction to Mary Sue / Self-Insert fanfictions
Eoin Colfer noticed how quite a big number of fanfiction had smart, beautiful young women who felt in love with Artemis in them. Out of lack of knowledge of fandom, he created Minerva to give the fanbase what he thought they wanted: a Relationship Sue. After the book was published; a lot of fan showed their aversion toward Minerva and Colfer realized that she wasn?t the kind of character people liked. Soon enough, he got sick of trying to find a way to redeem her in the eyes of the fan and as a simple way to fix his mistake; he simply didn?t put Minerva in The Time Paradox.
  • Alternatively, since Eoin Colfer is smart enough to know bad fanfics =/= what fans want, he created her to mock those Sueish characters and she was simply pushed out of the picture once the book was over.
(Very likely not true, but I don?t want to believe Minerva was created seriously and in full knowledge of cause.)
  • This troper always thought that Colfer created Minerva to show the writers of said self insert fanfic how it feels to read that type of fanfiction.

Mulch Diggums is just Wario in disguise.
I could have sworn this had its own section already, but I guess I must have read it somewhere else. In any case, I think it's quite obvious that Mulch is just Wario in disguise, or at least a long-lost brother of his. Think about it: they're both short, stout, very muscular, gold-obsessed, flatulent men with a habit for pillaging other people's stuff.

Humanity had slightly different magic, and a different Ritual, than The People. Said ritual probably involves some form of fire, happens during the day or at dawn, and requires a sacrifice of blood.
Artemis theorizes that Humans probably had magic at some point, but have forgotten it. If we break down the Ritual into it's elements, we find it contains:
  • Water, in the form of the river which must run by the 100 year old tree.
  • The Moon, which must be full. This reflects the People's connection to the Moon, especially the Demons, but the other Families too.
  • A sacrifice of Life, in the form of the acorn, made to the Earth and/or Magic itself and/or The Powers That Be. Possibly related to the vegan nature of most fairies?
Now, if we apply the Religion is Magic idea, we can assume that many early religious practices extended from Humanity's Ritual. A great many ancient cultures associated Fire with sacrifices and the gods, we note that the number of sun-cults outnumbers lunar cults(alright, only slightly, but it's a WMG), and that the most common element of sacrifice is Blood.Thus, a hypothetical Human Ritual might require:
  • Fire
  • The Sun, possibly at Dawn or some other appropriate time, such as Solstices and Equinoxes.
  • A sacrifice of Life in the form of blood. Humans being, culturally speaking, the more Carnivorous species.
In addition, this tie between human religion and lost magic might have something to do with why it's mentioned that being on human 'holy ground' has an adverse effect on Fairy magic, or why fairies are allergic to holy water. It's solar/fire/HUMAN magic, and the two don't mix well.
  • The 'holy ground' bit is because of a hex elfin warlocks put to keep fairies out of mischief. It's called the Rule of Dwelling and mentioned in the first book. Number 1 removes it in the sixth book.
    • Fair enough. But the rest of my hypothesis stands.
    • How does the rule of dwelling effect holy water?

  • Clearly the ritual involved sacrificing a mammoth. The sacrifice is done upon the top of a hill, at the peak of dawn, the meet is then burnt as an offering to the gods, and finally the ritual requires a three hour long chant in ancient sumerian(or some other extinct language). Humans thus lost their magic because well they kind of ran out of mammoths and sumerians(or some other groupd of people that spoke an extinct language. Clearly elephants don't work as a substitute.

  • Partly confirmed. Opal states that humans used to be nearly as powerful as demons near the end of The Last Guardian.

Orion is Colfer's reaction to bad fanfiction.
I'm playing off of fanfics I've never read, but I can see it already — an Artemis who, having finally recognized his love for Holly, lives only to woo her with terms of endearment and poetry that must have sounded good in his head. An Artemis whose preoccupation with fairies has turned into a romantic adoration for fantastic quests and finding magic around every corner. An Artemis who is renowned for his intelligence, but, in practice, is incapable of planning his way out of a paper bag, but also an Artemis who is a very somewhat potent hand-to-hand combatant. (Of course, I'm also half convinced that Artemis and Holly getting so close at all was influenced by a thousand Goodship Hummus fanfics I've never read, but you get the picture.)

There will be ten books; the tenth will end it.
Ten is a good number. Ten's a multiple of five. The tradition of having to face Opal Koboi (as The Atlantis Complex hinted) in even-numbered books will be upheld. In fact, Koboi may win a round, setting up for their final showdown with a ninth book in the interim. However — despite reports to the contrary — the eighth will not be the end of it. Who ever heard of making a series eight books long? I mean, that would be as many as four twos. That would just be silly.
  • I think it was Jossed: Eoin said that the eighth book will end the series.
    • Isn't that what he said about the sixth book?
    • Yes. He also said that about the seventh book, so there's no certainty it will end at eight books. After all, eight is a multiple of four...
    • He stated that the sixth was intended to be the last for a few years, not that it would be the last one; then he got the idea for The Atlantis Complex.
  • I see what you did there (I did that on purpose).

The sixth book is called the Time Paradox because the series of Stable Time Loops was caused by a Time Paradox.
As Artemis noted in the Lost Colony, time paradoxes must have repercussions. stable time loops come out of nowhere and have no reason to exist, so the time paradox was the reason for it to exist. Since the time travelling was what caused the whole adventure, including the time paradox in the Lost Colony, then it must have been caused by a time paradox outside that Stable Time Loop. And the time paradox in the Lost Colony simply made more stable time loops pile themselves on in the sixth book.

Orion is just the beginning.
Artemis's mind will be host to a pantheon of personalities, the final book ending with the day being saved by "Apollo", a normal teen with Artemis's intelligence, but a liking of guns and katanas.
  • Alternatively, just as Orion is Artemis's emotions like love and his imagination (all that bit about Noble Steeds and Dragons and such can only be counted as delusion up to a point), the Apollo personality will be Artemis's Interpersonal skills, his understanding of human and fairy nature. He has been shown to be good at dealing with other people in the past, at least up to a point, yet the two current personalities both have trouble dealing with the world around them. Artemis because his intellect has decayed into obsessions, and Orion because he is deluded and has no idea how the real world works. But because that would make the third personality too Positive, while both the others have positives and negatives, Apollo would also probably have Artemis's Ambition and Greed. Thusly, we have three Artemis the Hunters:
  • Artemis-Artemis: The Hunter of knowledge, primary persona.
  • Artemis-Orion: The Hunter of love, the secondary persona.
  • Artemis-Apollo: The Hunter of power, the tertiary persona.
    • Also: Apollo was a sun god, the Bringer of Light. That's just too good to pass up.
  • Unfortunately this has been josseed

Eoin Colfer is Artemis.
The LEP asked him to write the series on the logic that, if humans noticed anything that might hint at the existence of fairies like the ones in the books, they would think it was a publicity stunt, or some kind of fan tribute. Also, neither "Artemis Fowl" nor "Eoin Colfer" is Artemis's real name, which is why there's no hint of his existence on the Internet or elsewhere, under either name. Artemis would be 19 as of my writing this, which must mean one of the following:
  • Eoin Colfer does not exist. The man we know as Eoin Colfer is actually an actor hired by Artemis.
  • Eoin Colfer does exist, and did write the other books which claim to be by him. He is only pretending to have written the Artemis Fowl series.
  • Eoin Colfer literally is Artemis. The reason he's much older than 19 is that some of his life force was used for a healing, like Butler in The Eternity Code.
Scenes in the books where Artemis is not present were either pieced together from evidence and accounts from other characters, or simply made up.
  • This troper believed this, before seeing it here. Nice to know that somebody else thinks the same.

Artemis Fowl is in the same universe as Hunter: The Reckoning.
What the People think is human magic are actually hunter Edges

None of it is real.
There's no such thing as fairies. Artemis is a paranoid schizophrenic who hallucinated the existence of fairies amidst the trauma of his father's disappearance. Butler humors him because Artemis is happier believing he has friends and a loving family.
  • In addition, what Artemis interprets as his mother's failing sanity and physical health in the first book is, in fact, indicative of his own deepening delusions. It's actually Mrs. Fowl who is trying and failing to get through to Artemis. She is his last major connection to reality; as reality becomes more and more incompatible with his own view of the world, she makes less and less sense to him. Her recovery represents Artemis' final break from reality; his hallucinatory world now contains a mother who acts and reacts as he expects her to, rather than a warped interpretation of the real person's words and actions.

Orion isn't a split personality; he's an Imagin. Conversely Orion may or may not be a Stand, He may also be a Persona.
  • In the case of the first: Inside of Artemis' mind we see that he is visibly fighting to be free of Orion's grip on his mind. Orion of course realized that trying to explain his existence as an Imagin would be too much work and thus stuck with the split personality story, since he never tries to materialize we can assume Artemis hasn't asked for a wish. Of course the wish Orion wants Artemis to make is the same thing his personality is based on, romanticism. Note at the end of the book Artemis bemoans the fact almost lucidly that there was no winner this time around, just a lot of people dying for dumb reasons. And yes this means that Artemis is a Kamen Rider, you may all speculate what Orion's 'Form' is just throwing out 'Archer'. Oh and how did an Imagin find its way to Artemis? /when he traveled through time (any one of several) an Imagine entered him/

  • In the case of the middle: Artemis and his human physiology messed with the Atlantis Complex and the jolt from being shot was enough to kick his self preservation skills into high gear. Orion's stand power is 'Reversal' that is he reverses the qualities of an object, able to turn a rock into a magical stone for instance, or being able to trade insufferable genius with no romantic notions for a romanticist white knight who's incredible at combat. However Artemis doesn't know what a stand IS so he can't just call upon it at will. He has to make his mind go into an overload of terror at the prospect of dying in an instance, being electrocuted will do that to you. Keep in mind that his Stand is relatively weak, he can turn a stone into a 'magic stone' but it would only have a spark of power. He could reverse himself and be strong but only as strong as he is smart. And he can't affect other people.

  • In the case of the end: Orion is a figure from mythology which most Persona are, it can only be brought out when suffering extreme trauma, it augments Artemis in ways that wouldn't normally be possible. But if this is the case what is Artemis arcana? The Moon. Artemis must confront his guilt and Atlantis complex without the aid of the people he considers his friends, and must become one with his Other Self to overcome the hardest part of his rehabilitation from criminal.

What this all means: there are either Stand-Users, Personakin or Kamen Riders in the Colferverse

Lost Colony is not written by Colfer
  • He had in fact spend the time on And One More Thing, and just let some underling write a Take That! for lousy fangirls.
  • Or it is a failed experiment, but Colfer just don't want to admit.
  • True WMG: The copyright of a sub-serie for Minerva would be out for sale after the main series are complete.

Artemis is the son of Artemis.
  • Artemis (the goddess) swore to remain a virgin forever. Hence, no kids.
    • Athena is a virgin and has children. Maybe Artemis did something similar

Artemis is a changeling.
In folklore, changelings are described as, among other things, having vast vocabularies, being green hued or pale skinned, and having malicious tempers. Artemis is a highly intelligent pale skinned boy who can be malicious (at first) about his vengeance. So, therefore, Arty was operated on in the same manner as Opal Koboi, and thus appears human. Arty was mesmerized at birth to forget both his magic, and the fairy world, and is only now returning.
  • It has always been my personal headcanon that Artemis was Julius' son, and that Julius had to give him up due to being in the military. Nonsensical, or just crazy enough TO WORK?
  • Or he lost his magic the same way Opal did. Remember the end of book 4?
  • Artemis is the son of Artemis. That's why they call him Artemis Fowl II.
    • The whole point of a changeling is that everyone still thinks it's the person's real child when the change happens. So his name is pretty much irrelevant.

You know how Orion is a competent fighter?
In book eight, Artemis and Butler will conspire to make Orion a super martial artist. When physically threatened, Artemis will have the ability to switch to Orion, whereupon he will start kicking ass and taking names.

Quantum zombies will play an INTEGRAL role in Book 8
Some kind of fluid from there bodies, likely blood, will be required to cure Atlantis Complex. This will tie in with the above "3 Kobois" theory. It will basically play out as Present!Koboi meets Past!Koboi and the combine their minds to become a super-being and use Clone!Koboi to distract Artemis, thinking it's blood is the Quantum Zombies and Hybrid!Koboi will dominate Haven.
  • Jossed - the Atlantis Complex is completely gone by the very beginning of Book 8.

The goblins are victims of Fantastic Racism
It seems to make sense. Many of the tests that "prove" goblins are stupid seem to be the same kinds of tests that "proved" the same thing about Australian Aborigines and Black People. Many of the goblins' suicidal acts could be interpreted as desparation rather than stupidity. After all, LEP and the council are hard on crime, to the point that many officers don't care about what goes on in the prison . The goblins appear to be prejudiced against politcally and economically, leaving crime as their only outlet to gain basic needs. Given all that, it's no wonder that they hate the current system
  • Foaly explains to Artemis that Goblin being called dumb isn't an insult, they literally don't have the brains. It's not them being based on their actions, it's them having brains barely bigger than a rats.
    • Who's to say those tests weren't biased or based on false data?

Foaly witnessed the near-genocide of his race
In The Atlantis Complex, Foaly at one point shouts "Not the stripy ones! They're just babies!" This is only described as an "unpleasant childhood memory." Considering that some deer (and maybe horses, I'm not an expert on such things) have mottled patterns on their hide when they're fawns, it's possible that Foaly was remembering something that happened to his own people. It's been mentioned that there are very few Centaurs, and that they're a very paranoid race. Being nearly wiped out at some point in the past could account for both.
  • Unlikely. Horses do not have mottled patterns when they're young, and centaurs are never described as part deer. However, is is possible, as a rare pattern for horses have markings resembling stripes on their legs. Foaly may have been referring to foals with this pattern.
    • ZEBRAS.

Fairy years are shorter than human ones
And the books switch between the two systems without explanation. This explains some of the inconsistencies in timelines and aging processes, but the real tip-off was Mulch having lived 300 years since stealing the Jules Rimet trophy (created 1930). This would probably put the fairy year at around 3-4 months.

Artemis and Orion are going to separate
The text of the first book was to explain Artemis's criminal origins, and how he became an international adult anti fairy mastermind. Except the books aren't quite heading in that direction just yet. Since the eighth book is meant to be the final one, the cure for Artemis's Atlantis complex will likely involve some kind of mind wipe. Before doing so however, they shall free Orion/Clone him a new body. The mind wiped Artemis will be sent slightly back in time, where he was found by Minerva over in the Alps. The natural things happen, and they get together. Orion ends up staying in haven, where he eventually ends up with Holly Short. The two super genius's on the surface however, untempered by Butlers Moral's and without Artemis's character development then pull together the remains of a certain pixies criminal empire, thus beginning a shadow war against the people for control of the world and returning to the criminal origins stated at the beginning.

Legion has become a true schizo and his delusion is the Artemis fowl world

Artemis will become an anarchist and start an anarchist revolution, turning the IRA into a Tolstoyist faction, when he wins humans will live in peace with fairies.

Artemis will become ruler of the fairies' world and use the power to try to take ofer the earth by his mid-20s.
And will be stymied in this and arrested by Garda Fletcher Moon.

The Atlantis Complex will leave Artemis with seven personalities.
  • The Dreamer
    • Orion. Romantic, and obsessed with fantasy- the dreamer.
  • The Destined
    • Artemis Fowl himself, the "main" personality. The one who acts and reacts to everyone. (If the last alter is Delirium, then this is not the Artemis with a number problem, and the paranoia. If it's not Delirium, then this is the alter with the number problems and the paranoia.)
  • The Death-Bringer
    • The alter who focuses on surviving, no matter the cost.
  • The Destroyer or The Destroyed
    • If it's the Destroyer, he'll be the alter who is cruel and cold, close to what Artemis was in the beginning of the book, but older and crueler.
    • If it's the Destroyed, it will be all of Artemis's cracks and inner feelings, all that he hides. It will be the 'inner-child'- the inner child that was destroyed.
  • The one who Despairs
    • A depressed alter, locked in sadness. All of his negative feelings locking him into a loop. Different from the Destroyed in that this alter is only sadness, and feelings of inadequacies, whereas the Destroyed is the inner-child, wanting love and acceptance.
  • The one who Desires
    • His love and affection- his real love and affection. Not just his romantic fantasy love, but his real true feelings for his family, for his friends, etc.
  • The one in Delirium [who was once/and/or] Delight
    • If Delirium, then this one will be the one that is obsessed with numbers, the one that is most like Artemis's 'normal' self. The paranoia comes from this one.
    • If Delight, then this one will be the alter who takes happiness from the smallest things in life. Joy at the tiniest thing, such as butterflies and how blue the sky is.
    • If Delirium who was once Delight, then this is either the alter who sees happiness in the most random things, even if no one else can tell, (taking happiness in the things only he can see, for example), or this is the alter who sees joy in everything to the point of ignoring everything, including taking care of himself.

Why? Because it would be awesome.It's not a perfect match-to-match, of course. After all, Dream isn't the same as Orion, but even the idea of this happening is cool.

Damon Kronksi has Kallmanns.
  • He can't smell, and the whole Extinctionism is his way of compensating.

Artemis' "war on the people" mentioned in the first book...
Is part of the 6% extrapolation written by Dr. Argon. What was the intent of this extrapolation? Maybe it was part of the movie and book rights that Argon and his associate discussed in the first book, or it was a fabrication to keep Artemis' more intimate associations with the People hidden, along with other incidents.

Minerva is older Opal, fully humanized using science, No 1, or both and sent back into the past along with the younger Opal.
  • Jossed, Opal bites the dust permanently in all of her incarnations in The Last Guardian.

Holly's amber magic is special/significant.
The book comments has her believe it is because "she is getting old", but No 1 isn't quite old and his magic is red (even though it was not at first). Qweffor's and Qwan's magic was blue despite their being alive thousands of years ago and Qwan already being an elder at that time. (Although some other powerful warlocks may have had it, if their circle was covered by a multicolored magical dome.) Opal has super colored magic with the boosts she got from the animal's brain fluids.
  • Quite possibly, Holly's amber sparks have something to do with the mix up in the time tunnel (same as how she got Artemis' eye and Artemis stole magic). It may be of demon influence (either from the tunnel or No 1 lending her his signature magic), but may have to do with human influence. Humans did once have magic. And with the magic influencing the Fowls for generations, their Aurum est potestas motto may not have anything to do with the element gold at all.

TLC says that humans have the mental capacity for magic, which Artemis unlocks in that same book. The Eternity Code implies that human life force is able to replace magic power. Natural extension - Ki Manipulation Cast from Lifespan?
  • Of course, maybe fairy magic needs to initiate the process, and human life-force can only add power to a magical process already initiated, as in Butler's healing.
Eoin Colfer will begin a new series about Humans with magic powers as a sequel to Artemis Fowl
Koboi mentions that Humans used to have magic and were nearly as powerful as the demons, the heavy-weight magic users of the Fairykind. That is a pretty big anvil of information to drop on our heads at the climax of the series. Humans lost the ability to use magic because of a lack of respect for the Earth, but with the Great Techno-Crash will come a new respect for the Earth, and some Humans might just manifest magic as a result of that. Who knows how long this will take, but I smell sequel series on the horizon...

Goblins evolved from dragons
Firebreathing, dim-witted, greedy reptiles? It's not that much of a stretch. It's likely that dragons are either almost or completely extinct, if this is the case (since there is absolutely no mention of them wheres other "fairy" creatures far less notable get a lot). Alternatively, perhaps goblins are actually the larval form of dragons: something needs to happen (perhaps the goblin living to a certain age or attaining a certain amount of treasure) for them to metamorphose into dragons. Since goblins are the scum of modern fairy society, that thing probably doesn't happen very often.

Artemis has a huge falling out with his friends and family
And driven slightly insane by this, he once again takes up a life of crime. Under the name Jim Moriarty...
  • Unlikely. Artemis has already shown a penchant for using pseudonyms, but only if they're subject-relevant puns, like psychiatrist "F. Roy Dean Schlippe."

Artemis is the child of Moriarty and Sherlock
Just think about it...All you need is some fairy magic/technology/magical technology handwave and any physical roadblocks are gone.

Other Butlers
Remember these should be individuals trained as both manservants and as combatants, visibly somewhere between European and Asian ancestry, so...

Artemis Fowl and Undertale are set in the same universe.
Both are about a subterranean magical race forced to live underground because they lost a war with humans in the past. The difference is that the fairies voluntarily retreated underground when they could see that they were losing the war, the monsters were forced underground once they'd lost. Perhaps the treatment of the monsters caused the fairies to decide they'd rather hide and be able to occasionally return to the surface, rather than surrender to the humans and be locked underground by a barrier. Notably, humans in Undertale used magic to create the barrier, and it's stated that humans in Artemis Fowl once had magic.

The new film is a Stealth Sequel AU to the original books
And the Artemis Fowl in the films is not Artemis Fowl II, but Artemis Fowl III. The events of the series mostly occurred as in the books, minus the Great Techno-Crash and subsequent events, and a generation earlier. This is why Holly and Mulch are already on Artemis' side, and why Butler seems to know more than he should. This will come as a huge twist in the third act of the movie.
  • Jossed: Holly and Mulch aren't on Artemis's side starting out - that's one of the things that actually plays out like in the books, sort of. Ultimately, however, Holly comes around to Artemis's side because her father and Artemis's father were working together, and they just didn't realize it.