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  • Hypothetical Casting: Eoin Colfer has said he would have liked Saoirse Ronan to play Holly Short in the movie.
  • Technology Marches On: A fair amount of Fairy technology and equipment considered superior to the human variety at the start of the series by either the characters or the author have become decidedly less so as the years have gone by. Notable examples include wrist GPS, wafer-thin laptop computers and the iris-cam. Several Future Soldier Programs currently in development will almost certainly make the original LEP Recon jumpsuit the next casualty.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to this interview with the author, Artemis was originally named Archimedes, but he thought that people would think it was a book about Archimedes.
    • Word Of God is that Minerva was meant to appear more after her debut, but she ultimately didn't after Colfer realized that fans hated her.


  • Channel Hop: From a theatrical release to Disney+.
  • Deleted Role:
    • Miranda Raison and Laurence Kinlan were cast as Angeline Fowl and Beechwood Short, respectively, but their scenes were cut from the final film.
    • Hong Chau’s role as the Vietnamese fairy, though prominently featured in early trailers, was completely omitted.
  • Deleted Scene: The Disney+ release includes fifteen minutes of them, some of which included important plot points which instead had to be rather clumsily covered by narration from Mulch.
  • Early Draft Tie-In: Prior to the film's release, several tie-in books came out that depict a version of the film that is based more closely on the original novel. For example, Artemis Fowl: A Fowl Adventure portrays Artemis Fowl, Domovoi Butler and Juliet Butler standing together with a prize of fairy gold, as well as Holly Short performing the ritual and Fowl Manor being attacked by a bio-bomb. While all of these were key events in the original novel, none of them appear in the final film, though some do surface in the deleted scenes.
  • Executive Meddling: It has been confirmed that Kenneth Branagh was called away from working on Death on the Nile (2022) after Disney decided to “retool” major portions of the film. Though much has yet to be officially reported, evidence (such as early teasers, tie-in material and behind-the-scenes footage) suggests this retooling was quite extensive. Known changes include:
    • The deletion of Angeline Fowl and Beechwood Short, while adding in Artemis Sr. and Opal Koboi.
    • The movie-exclusive Aculos subplot replaced several subplots from the novel which were filmed, such as Artemis acquiring and translating the fairy book, ransoming Holly for gold, and the bio bomb.
    • The addition of Mulch Diggums’ narration.
  • Lying Creator: It was confirmed in July 2018 that it will in fact solely be based on the first book. When the film came out, it did end up containing elements from the second book, including Opal Koboi as the primary villain, Artemis's chat with the psychologist Dr. Po, and the film being about Artemis Fowl rescuing his father, as opposed to his mother, who in the film is dead.
  • Missing Trailer Scene:
    • The floating fairy in white does not appear in the final film, though she is seen in a deleted scene which was made available at the same time the film was released on Disney+.
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    • Commander Root's monologue heard at the start of the first trailer is largely excised from the final film (the only part that appears is not actually directed at Artemis), and some of the shots of Haven City seen in said trailer also do not appear.
    • A scene showing Holly performing the fairy ritual of burying an acorn also appeared in various trailers, but went unused in the final cut. Furthermore, the release version made no mention of the ritual, nor did it explain the significance of the acorn in fairy culture (thus rendering the acorn design of the Aculos unexplained).
  • No Export for You: The release date in Germany, Austria and Switzerland was pushed back to August 14, allegedly due to Covid-19-related dubbing issues. Releasing an English-only version was apparently not an option.
  • Orphaned Reference:
    • When Commander Root meets with Artemis to discuss terms of releasing Holly, Artemis states that while he is alive, no fairies are allowed in his property. Commander Root follows up with a knowing "while you're alive." This is a reference to the book plot where Artemis tricks the fairies into attempting to kill him in order to enter the estate, but since this subplot isn't included and Root doesn't plan to outright murder a child, this exchange is left far less meaningful and the emphasis placed on the words spoken don't actually have any further meaning.
    • Also in that scene, Artemis asks that they give him the Aculos "in one of those pots from under a rainbow, I presume." It's obviously a joke on the legend of leprechauns leaving gold in pots under a rainbow... which made much more sense in the original novel, when he was asking for gold.
    • Ferdia Shaw and Lara McDonnell’s screentests included dialogue explaining Root’s plans and the danger of the blue rinse, suggesting this subplot was intended for inclusion at some point during development.
  • Production Posse: A staple of Kenneth Branagh, he has recruited many individuals he has previously worked with in the past, including actors such as Dame Judi Dench, Nonso Anozie, Josh Gad and Gerard Horan, and composer Patrick Doyle. Gerard Horan also worked with Josh Gad in Beauty and the Beast (2017).
  • Release Date Change: Previously set for release on August 9, 2019 in the US, in May 2019, the film had been bumped to a May 29, 2020 release date. Then, the reshuffle in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic pulled it from that date and will release it on Disney+ on June 12, 2020.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: After news of his sexual allegations were reported in October 2017, Harvey Weinstein was fired from The Weinstein Company and removed as producer for the film, not that it improved its quality.
  • Saved from Development Hell: Plans for the film were announced as early as 2001, but nothing came of them until 2013 when the film rights passed to Disney. The film release was announced in 2017 to be scheduled for August 2019. Despite this, release still became an issue, as it was moved to and pulled from a theatrical May 2020 release date to a digital release June 12, 2020. In all, the film went through at least four different announced writer or writer-pairs before the pair of writers actually credited in the film was settled on.