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UFO 50 is a Retreaux game collection by Mossmouth, a five-man development team manned by Derek Yu (Spelunky), Eirik Suhrke, Jon Perry, Paul Hubans, and Ojiro Fumoto.

It was originally slated for release on PC in 2018, but since then, a Schedule Slip has occurred, and the game is listed as "coming soon" as of late 2019.

Tropes present in this game:

  • Flash of Pain: In one of the platform games shown in the trailer, the characters flash bright white when hit.
  • Retraux: Promotional material for the games in the collection look like they would fit in the NES library.
  • Spikes of Doom: The main character of one of the platform games is seen dying on a row of solid metal spikes in the trailer.


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