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(Threatening Shark + Stuff Blowing Up) × Serial Escalation = Miami Shark. Easy!

Oh... you want a real explanation? Well, we can try...

Miami Shark is a Flash game series hosted on Newgrounds. chronicling the exploits of a shark in Miami as it goes about its daily routine of eating dolphins, scuba divers, surfers, and pulling unsuspecting aircraft down several hundred feet to a watery doom, from small one-man helicopters all the way up to a B-52 Stratofortress. The sequel, Sydney Shark, takes place (obviously) in the waters near Sydney, Australia, as your shark aims to drag down even more absurd categories of self-propelled objects, such as crocodile-shaped passenger jets, a UFO, culminating with a nuclear missile. The third game, New York Shark, allows you to eat the Statue of Liberty among other things. The fourth game, Medieval Shark, takes place in a Fantasy Kitchen Sink, where your shark has an axe. In October 2013, Mausland released the fifth game: Prehistoric Shark The sixth game,Los Angeles Shark, features the shark rampaging in Los Angeles, and the final boss is strangely a rubber duck. It's a strange game, but that's what Wiesi and Mausland are known for.




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