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Miami Law (AKA Miami Crisis in Japan and Europe) is an adventure and point-and-click game developed by Hudson Soft, for the Nintendo DS.

Taking place in Miami, it tells the story of FBI agent Sara Starling, who has to work with MD Officer Law Martin to stop the three major crime syndicates of Miami. Law Martin is working undercover to try to catch the boss of one of the syndicates, Miami Syndicate. He's given the chance to meet the syndicate's boss by the boss' right-hand man, but on one condition: Steal drugs from the warehouse of a rival syndicate, Cuban Connection. Soon, Sara and Law realize that the cases Law stole from CC's warehouse contain something much dangerous than drugs. They have to get the all the cases back, to prevent the syndicates from launching the weapons in Miami, and to stop them from causing a war with Cuba. But it won't be easy, considering that the cases exchange hands quite many times.

Drawing its inspiration from American crime dramas, it has everything you have seen in them: car chases, drug dealers, terrorists and shooting scenes. The player has to frequently has to choose which character he/she wants to play as, either Law or Sara, in different scenes. Law tends towards more actiony gameplay, while Sara has more puzzles.


This game provides examples of:

  • Almost Dead Guy: Nick, the boss of Miami Syndicate, is shot by the rival syndicate, but he lives long enough to give the protagonists a hint about the identities of the members of the rival syndicate Algol. The protagonists first think that he made a comment about his shot wound, before the contents of the CD he gave them is shown.
  • Betting Mini Game: One of the two mini games you can unlock is Texas Hold 'Em.
  • Car Meets House: Law enters the Cuban Connection's warehouse this way.
  • Double Agent: Kelly
  • Fatal Family Photo: Steve said that the reason he moved from Narcotics Investigation to work in the evidence room was that he would be able to keep his wife and daughter safe from any dangers. He dies at the end of the game.
  • The Gambling Addict: According to his character profile, Law is one.
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  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Some of the villains have a scar on their faces. Sam Browne, Law's deceased partner, had a scar going across his nose.
  • It's Personal: Law Martin wants to avenge the death of his former partner, Sam Browne, who was murdered by the Miami Syndicate.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Everyone wears the same thing the whole game. Law, after being kicked into the water by Sara, whose undercover as Kelly Camp goes home to change his clothes, and promptly wears the exact same outfit, only dry. Only one character changes his outfit in the whole game, Larry, and he just throws a bulletproof vest over his suit.
  • Non Standard Game Over: Some of the Game Overs are quite drawn out, in comparison to the "make a wrong decision and you're done. Most notably, in one ending, Sara can decide to join the terrorist plot, the success of which ends up making her father president and her his top aid.
  • 100% Completion: Completion percentages unlock minigames etc. However, it's not clear at first that the completion total includes viewing Game Over scenes. Some of them are nigh-impossible to get accidentally.
  • Sorting Algorithm of Mortality: Anyone can die in this game. Criminals, people from both FBI and Miami PD, and not to forget Jessica, Sam's stepsister, who dies near the end. If either Law or Sara dies, it's an instant game over.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: Sara seeks the approval of his father, who is a well-known high-ranking agent. In the end, when she realizes that her Dad is in on the terrorist conspiracy, she rejects him once and for all to save the city.


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