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Why, hello there. You might know me as the host of Dino Attack RPG. I also wrote Scene 24: Johnny Thunder Blows This Taco Stand, which won BZPower's Caveat Scriptor Comedies Contest. I co-authored LMS with fellow troper Primis, and John Alexander Hitchcock took a just-for-fun Steam chat and published it as G-Man Meets the Mystery Man. In what may be a rather cruel irony, my best-known work is also (intentionally) one of my worst: BOB.EXE, that trollpasta that caused SomeOrdinaryGamers to burst out in high-pitched laughter for fifteen seconds straight. Frankly, there's not much else that's interesting about me, so move along, will you? There's nothing to see here.


... Fine, here's some tropes for you.

PeabodySam contains examples of:

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    Stories with their own pages 

    The Story of Frosam 
A 2006 BIONICLE fanfic about an Onu-Matoran named Frosam, who was destined to save the island of Mata Nui from the evil Dark Hunters. It was followed up in 2009 with a sequel, Vakama's Secret, in which Mata Nui is invaded by the mysterious Shifting Shadows, who wage war upon the populace as part of Makuta's grand plan. While planned to be a trilogy, the third installment (originally titled Reign of Shadows, but changed to Shadow Reign when the title was actually used by an official BIONICLE serial) was never written.
  • Anyone Can Die: Very few original characters in this story are safe from death. By the end of The Story of Frosam, Karak, Ikaag, Lahka, Vicee, and Skorpeo are all dead. Then Vakama's Secret kills off Ussanui and Meench Vyzumi, as well as Murtak to subvert Those Two Bad Guys. And while Shadow Reign was never written, I can confirm that it would have killed off nearly all of my original characters.
  • Based on a Dream: Occasionally, dreams are the source of my material. The greatest example would be Vakama's Secret, an entire story written around a dream I once had.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: The Story of Frosam started rather comedic in tone, especially with Frosam and Onepu's friendly bantering and the idiotic antics of Vicee. By the end of Vakama's Secret, my writing was far darker and much more mature and cynical in tone.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: Most of my pre-2008 writing tends to be full of this, and The Story of Frosam is no exception, with its early chapters having a different tone and style from the later chapters and Vakama's Secret.
  • Old Shame: The Story of Rosamu was started entirely because I've grown to dislike the original The Story of Frosam.
  • Orphaned Series: The Story of Frosam trilogy was never finished, with the entire third installment (Shadow Reign) being cancelled in favor of The Story of Rosamu.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Discounting canonical BIONICLE characters such as Gali, The Story of Frosam only has one major female character, Ikaag, who is also currently the only female character in Five Years Too Many. Its sequel, Vakama's Secret, again has only one major female character, Kiria, and she spends most of the story with No Name Given. This is something that will be addressed in its rewrite The Story of Rosamu, which will have more major female characters.

    Tohu's Tale 
A BZPower fanfic exploring the origins of the website's mascot, Tohu. It was originally written in 2006, and then a complete rewrite was written in 2008.
  • Rewrite: Tohu's Tale was rewritten in 2008, two years after the original short story was published.

    The Search for the Mask of Light 
A 2007 comedy in which Takua and his company of Toa Nuva go on a quest to find the Kanohi Avohkii; essentially, a BIONICLE-themed version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It's also a rewrite of an earlier Script Fic titled BIONICLE at the Search for the Mask of Light!, originally written in 2005.
  • Orphaned Series: Due to Schedule Slip, I stopped writing The Search for the Mask of Light just before the company reached the City of AAARRRGGHH, unfortunately leaving it stopped just short of its intended ending.
  • Recycled IN SPACE!: The Search for the Mask of Light is Monty Python and the Holy Grail... IN BIONICLE!
  • Rewrite: After BIONICLE and the Search for the Mask of Light! ended in 2006, I started rewriting it in 2007 as The Search for the Mask of Light.

    Five Years Too Many 
Written in 2009 to commemorate five years of writing stories on BZPower, Five Years Too Many explores what happens to my characters after I've killed them off in their respective stories.
  • Deconstruction: Five Years Too Many acts as a Deconstruction of the Red Shirt trope, with Gromtin struggling with the fact that he was a hardly-developed character who existed solely to be killed off.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Due to being entirely about characters I've killed, Five Years Too Many outright spoils many stories, including The Story of Frosam and The Rock Raiders Meet BIONICLE.
  • Orphaned Series: While Five Years Too Many was planned to become a full-fledged story, unfortunately I stopped writing past the fourth chapter (which was never even officially published) due to Schedule Slip.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Ikaag is the only female character in Five Years Too Many.

    Au-III Ocelli 2O7 
Written in 2011 for a school project, Au-III Ocelli 2O7 is a silly take on the Spy Fiction genre peppered with references to biology.
  • Creator In-Joke: Due to the heavy amount of Tuckerization used in Au-III Ocelli 2O7, there are a ton of in-jokes that very few people outside the target demographic of about 20 people will understand.
  • Tuckerization: Every single character is named after a person I know in real life. Subverted in the online version, however, wherein I substitute most of their names with names of Dino Attack RPG characters, although their personalities remain unchanged.

A 2014 Trollpasta based on LEGO Universe and Sonic.exe, originally written as an April Fools' Day prank for the LEGO Universe Wiki. After seeing a Colbert Bump from SomeOrdinaryGamers, it was followed up with the sequel BOB.EXE: Round 2.
  • Poe's Law: When I wrote Leaked Unreleased Darkitect Boss Battle (or simply darkitect.wmv) as a Stealth Parody of creepypastas, I was surprised by the number of LEGO Universe fans who actually believed it until they learned it was just an April Fools' Day prank. Hence, my next creepypasta parody, BOB.EXE, was deliberately written to be a lot less stealthy about being a parody... and even then, I've seen responses from readers who thought it was intended to be a serious creepypasta! This led to its sequel, Round 2, being even more blatant about its status as a parody.
  • Stylistic Suck: While not as pronounced as most trollpastas (which often tend to rely on over-the-top poor spelling and formatting), BOB.EXE and BOB.EXE: Round 2 feature nonsensical Idiot Plots that revolve around idiotic protagonists bumbling their way through a Cliché Storm created by an ineffective villain with a penchant for gratuitous amounts of BLOOD.
  • Take That!: As one might guess from their titles, BOB.EXE and Round 2 are scathing satires of Sonic.exe.

    The Story of Rosamu 
In 2014, I started rewriting The Story of Frosam from scratch. A few chapters have been posted since 2015, although I've been holding off on publishing it until it's fully written.
  • Adaptation Name Change: Nearly everyone had their names changed between The Story of Frosam and its rewrite The Story of Rosamu, even including the title character! Frosam became Rosamu, Remos became Renus, Ussanui became Lyraka, Vicee became Vishia, Lahka became Lhoka, Ikaag became Ikagai, and Toa Ulti became Toa Kayi. Skorpeo is the sole exception, as well as Meench Vyzumi to a lesser extent (his name was originally Meench Veezoomee, but it was retconned to Meench Vyzumi by the time Vakama's Secret was written).
  • Gender Flip: Ussanui and Vicee are male in the original The Story of Frosam, while Lyraka and Vishia are female in the rewrite The Story of Rosamu. This was done to address The Smurfette Principle of the original story, making them Affirmative Action Girls.
  • Rewrite: The Story of Rosamu is a complete rewrite of The Story of Frosam.
  • Schedule Slip: It's still being written, but progress is coming along much slower than anticipated.

    Cold Dishes 
A 2016 short story about an assassin and a mob boss meeting to discuss business over dinner.
  • Nameless Narrative: None of the characters in the story are given names, with the two main characters simply referred to in the first-person and second-person.note 
  • Rewatch Bonus: After knowing the twist at the end, a bunch of throwaway details throughout the story (such as the Julius Caesar portrait, "I" seeing that "you" had his back turned while she poured the wine, "I" repeatedly glancing at the clock, and "I" dropping the steak knife) become much more meaningful.
  • Stealth Sequel: Or prequel, in this case. While advertised as an original short story, PeabodySam has confirmed that it can be considered part of the Dino Attack RPG canon, as part of the backstory for Silencia Venomosa.
  • Twist Ending: Most of the story is building up to "I" and "you" forming a partnership. Then we get to the end, where "I" reveals that she was never interested in a partnership. Instead, she had come to murder "you" as revenge for him murdering her parents when she was a child.
  • You Killed My Father: "I" is actually seeking revenge against "you", who murdered her parents when she was only a child.

    Gresh - Gladiator of Jungle 
A 2017 BIONICLE Generation 2 fanfic, starring a Gen 2 interpretation of Gresh. It was written for BZPower's "The Legend Continues" contest, and ultimately made it into the final round of voting.
  • Cutting Back to Reality: The story flashes back and forth between Gresh's current battle in the arena and visions of Skull Slicer's battle in the arena. It is eventually revealed that the former is only a memory and the latter is what is actually happening in reality.