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It's a Sherlockian! No, it's a Ringer No, it's a Whovian! No, it's a Star Wars/Marvel Cinematic Universe/Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Fangirl! It's... Aleine Skyfire!

Though some people do call her "Aleine", she most commonly goes by "Skyfire" ("Sky", if you're a friend). She also goes by Gwendolyn Frame (on Twitter, for example), but she'll never tell if it's her real name or a pseudonym. She actually does have a life outside the Internet, although she can also argue that a big part of her Real Life is the Internet. She's a Sherlockian author with one self-published ebook, At the Mercy of the Mind: A Journey into the Depths of Sherlock Holmes and her first novel on the way. You can read more about her current work on the Deliver Us from Evil Series page.

She loves Sherlock Holmes. In fact, she adores Sherlock Holmes. And she really mourns the fact that she never got the chance to meet Jeremy Brett. Maybe she'll have better luck with Benedict Cumberbatch. (Shh, don't spoil her delusions!) Also, she regards Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes films simply to be Ironman in steampunk!London. Yeah, she really doesn't like Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes, although she likes him a lot as Tony Stark.

She can be found at the following sites:

Sky loves to spread the news of Sherlock Holmes around TV Tropes. She also likes to spread the news of her fanfics, and she likes to make pages for other people's fanfics. Doing so gives her a feeling of power and a sense of a job well done.

She lost her password to this troper name and now goes by aleineskyfire2. But everything that is said of Aleine Skyfire still applies to aleineskyfire2.

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