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  • Channel Hop: The series was originally pitched to Cartoon Network, who produced the pilot episode, only for it to be passed on.
  • Creator Backlash: Given the show's Troubled Production and the scandal of Julia Vickerman, her replacement as showrunner, Shadi Petosky, doesn't have nearly anything nice to say about it, other than being proud of the show's LGBT themes. In fact, she left the animation industry after the show ended to focus on live-action projects.
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  • Crossdressing Voices: Actor Matt Berry voices the female Butt Witch.
  • The Danza: Reggie Abbott is voiced by Kelsy Abbott.
  • He Also Did:
    • Creator Julia Vickerman is also known for being a writer/storyboard artist on Clarence and Yo Gabba Gabba!, as well as helping with the animated opening and comic book effects for the movie Super. More infamously, however, Vickerman was also involved on The Powerpuff Girls (2016), particularly the infamous Painbow episode.
    • Writer Spencer Rothbell is known for being the head writer on Clarence, where he also replaced creator Skyler Page as the showrunner and the voice of the eponymous character.
  • Invisible Advertising: Netflix did not do particularly good job of advertising the series, with next to no promotion before its debut, and any actual acknowledgement of the series before its release just being Twitter retweets from people who worked on the show.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The English version of Twelve Forever's pilot was removed from Cartoon Network's YouTube channel following the discovery of Julia Vickerman's pedophilic posts, meaning anyone who wanted to watch it would have to go scrounge around for an illegal reupload.
  • Old Shame: After Julia Vickerman's pedophilic posts were discovered, Cartoon Network took down the series pilot from their YouTube channel. Strangely, the Latin Spanish dub is still available on its respective CN channel on the same website.
  • Quietly Cancelled: The series premiered on Netflix with little fanfare in July 2019, with the news that its animation studio had already closed down before the premiere and the season ending with And the Adventure Continues. Two months later, showrunner Shadi Petosky announced on Twitter that the series would not continue because it didn't become a huge hit that justified moving to another studio; also, the revelation that series creator Julia Vickerman had been fired for mistreating the series crew and was exposed as having written social media posts with pedophilic tones for years ultimately soiled its reputation so no studio would touch it with a 10-foot pole. Netflix did not comment on the ultimate fate of the series, but Petosky implied they were not to blame.
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  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: Creator Julia Vickerman was fired from the show during its production due to her mistreating her co-workers. She was replaced as showrunner by Shadi Petosky (Danger & Eggs), although Vickerman is still credited as executive producer for much of the series' run. Vickerman continued to promote it on her social media until a long history of pederastic social media posts she had made (including one story on her now-deleted Tumblr about her stalking a fourteen-year-old emo boy) dating back to 2010 came to light, at which point her online presence went quiet and she blocked anyone who brought the scandal up. She eventually made a public apology, claiming she was only joking.
  • Screwed by the Network: The show just had one bad luck streak after another: Netflix delayed the show's release after its completion, delayed it another month after having given it a set release date, and it also saw minimal advertising. If that wasn't bad enough, the original studio that made it went under and, after its first season, despite getting good reception, it wasn't enough to justify continuing the series at a new studio since it needed to be a hit akin to The Loud House, according to Shadi Petosky.
  • The Wiki Rule: Twelve Forever Wiki.


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