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Nightmare Fuel / Twelve Forever

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  • Any time the show goes into the darker implications of what Endless might be.
  • While Reggie is a fun loving character, her dependence on Endless is rather worrying. Todd and Esther just want to come to Endless as stress relief from their busy lives and, while they love hanging out together with the residents, still want functioning lives outside of it. Reggie however treats it like a home away from home, is very territorial about others coming there (Often claiming it as her island), and keep trying to get Todd and Esther to have the same mindset, sometimes much to their detriment such as in "Dance Forever" where she gets into an argument with Todd over wanting to leave the dance as he's trying to grow closer to Gwen. She drags Esther away who was enjoying herself (it was her first dance after all) and warps the two to Endless. But Esther, frazzled from he argument and likewise not agreeing with Reggie's sentiments, quickly leaves to Reggie's dismay.
    • In "Spring Break Forever" she sees firsthand what happens to people who spend too long in Endless and willfully pushes it out of her mind, trying to drag Todd and Esther back in the moment they regain their senses. She then ditches them and claims to the inhabitants of Endless that they're her real friends. It's a very sobering note to end the episode on since it highlights so well her addiction to the island.
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    • The thing that cause said argument? Reggie finding herself Alone in a Crowd what with Todd dancing with Gwen and Esther managing to get a dance with another schoolmate. And then her crush, Connelly, showing up putting her in instant panic mode. Considering the implication from "Locked Out Forever", she's having trouble comprehending the concept of love or, at the least, subconsciously rejecting it because it means she's growing up. Something she's completely against.

Birthday Forever

  • Judy wanting to sell Reggie’s most prized possessions without permission.
  • One of the endless residents states they’ve buried things never seen again. For kids.
  • Then the price label monster. It’s giant, has a serpent-like ribbon tounge, and eyes of death. And it’s a lot of fridge horror since it forms in a lake with similar goop that creates the Butt Witch in the next episode.

The Butt Witch Forever

  • Butt Witch forms from a volcano with similar liquid that formed the label alien monster in the premiere. Not to mention she likely ruled Endless before and tortured her subjects. Maybe that’s why the volcano mites ran.
    • Fridge Horror with how the books created her.
  • Butt Witch has a demonic looking tail here, and at the end of the season. Reggie even cuts it off and the Butt Witch is visibly pained, ouch!
  • The first encounter with Butt Witch, in which she puts Reggie under a spell that makes her think her body is morphing in an exaggerated showcase of puberty. It's just messing with Reggie's head and all but still it ain't pretty.

Guy Pleasant Forever

  • When Todd frustratedly tries to create someone similar to Aaron again after Borbo botches his previous attempt and causes Guy Pleasant to form, his next effort instead gives rise to a thing by the name of Schmaaron.

Endless Forever

  • The seemingly human researcher that approaches Todd and Esther to tell them the secret she discovered about Endless Island... and then explodes into a burst of birds and confetti. She probably was just a bit of Endless weirdness and not a real human, but it's left ambiguous.
  • The pink Cyclops thing whose insides are a seemingly endless number of rooms whose exits are extremely difficult to find (the waiting room's exit is a portrait of a rock on a chair, the portrait's exit is its rock to be thrown at the sky, the giant kitchen's is to be popped out of the toaster and the dining room with the cardboard cutouts is Twelve's shadow), leading a room which is just an empty void.
    • The creatures in the waiting room state that they've been waiting there for years.
    • And this all came about because Todd and Esther were just curious about how the island functioned. As they keep asking questions, said Cyclops suddenly comes up to the three, looks at a list... and states he was sent to eat them. Uh yeah, who exactly ordered him to do that? By the end this isn't answered and the three accept that Endless doesn't want any questions asked about it. It's weird, just accept it. Still one gets the feeling that that's a bit of a Disproportionate Retribution on the realms part just for natural curiosity.

Secrets Forever

  • The grocery store which turns embarrassing moments into food products that replay said moments when opened. It's never revealed where the store came from.
    • And it just disappears.

The Locals Forever

  • While not a bad person, Dr. Champion has a threatening design. In "The Locals Forever" his antics get a creepier tone as he lives in a derelict dark room where he pours himself milk while laughing maniacally. The implications about his backstory aren't much better either- he gives an elaborate tale about being from Kentucky and can produce an accurate driver's license, and it can be hard to really determine if it just the island is just messing with them, or if this is all real.
    • The worst part is that while everyone on Endless is weird in some way, shape or form, Dr. Champion appears to be legitimately insane.
    • Worst than that, Dude was on the island when Reggie first arrived. he blatantly said he came from Kentucky without prompting...

Babysitting Forever

  • "Babysitting Forever" has Reggie bring a five year old kid named Ogden in the hopes of showing him a fun time. And we see from his perspective how utterly terrifying the residents can be when they crowd around and greet him. The kid was already timid enough, so naturally this didn't help. Considering this happened to Reggie herself as seen in "Locked Out Forever Pt 2", you think she would've known better.

Brown Roger Forever

  • The Butt Witch's corruption of Brown Roger is pretty unsettling, drawing a mouth on him with lipstick that splits open into a toothy, massive maw, elongating his head and bulging his yellow eyes out in an animalistic way.
  • And once that ordeal is over, Reggie and Todd's argument leads to Todd suddenly BARFING UP A FLYING WORM. Specifically, Todd yells that sometimes he wishes Reggie would "just grow up", and then begins coughing and making horrible retching noises. When he's nearly bent in half, he spits up a huge, translucent worm easily the size of his arm. It looks as though the island is punishing him for going against its most important rule. And just because the episode clearly needs more Squick at this point, the Butt Witch EATS it.

Spring Break Forever

  • In Spring Break Forever, Todd and Esther end up losing all perception of time and reality... in 'five days,' and they most likely would've been there forever without someone like Reggie to save them. Imagine if someone went to Endless Island and stayed there long enough that they couldn't leave, and they had no friends with keys of their own. Well, that's pretty much Elmer's story, and he was lucky enough to have a photo of himself.
  • When Esther looks at her watch to find out whether it is nighttime in the real world, the numbers keep changing rapidly before becoming a laughing face while creepy music plays in the background.
  • Just how subtly Todd and Esther forget about Earth, from Esther forgetting who Emily Dickinson is to Todd forgetting about his sisters. By the time Reggie goes looking for them, they're acting completely insane. What's even worse, their Endless friends weren't concerned about them at all.
    • Todd’s corrupted shapeshift form. He has a normal foot and a bunch of other animals stuck together.
    • Esther speaks backwards and while it sounds like Gibberish reverse it and what she says make no sense.
    Esther: How do ye do?
  • Fridge Horror hits hard when you realize that if Reggie hadn't got sick and went with Todd and Esther as originally planned, all three would have succumbed to the island with no one to know where they are or to bring them back.
  • Guy Pleasant's actions in this episode, made worse by how he's not crazy or naïve like the other island inhabitants. He corrects Todd and Esther on how long they've been on the island in a very matter-of-fact way despite their shock, tells Reggie that them acting crazy is because they gave themselves to the Endless and when Reggie calls the inhabitants her real friends, he replies "Yes. Yes we are."
    • Adding to that his song, "Permanent Party" sounds unsettling when you listen to it later. He tells them to "lose themselves" and "let go of reality" he may be one of the craziest we’ve seen.
  • More Fridge Horror, what if the Butt Witch attacked and no one was able to stop her? She could finally conquer Endless and do who knows what to Todd and Esther, then Reggie when she came back.
  • The end, oh my god. Reggie says she wants to go back to the island. Todd and Esther look traumatized and tell her why they’re not going back. She ditches them and goes back to Endless. She meets Guy Pleasant and the others. Then Reggie hugs them and Reggie calls the inhabitants her real friends, G.P. replies "Yes. Yes we are." Ominous music plays as the camera pans upwards and cut to black. Then we get the normal end shot of the kids and Butt Witch. The music that plays is more dark than normal though. This coupled with Butt Witch’s crazed background expression provide some pretty terrifying foreshadowing.

Dance Forever

  • While the trio are talking, Dr. Champion comes by and naturally is is usual oddball self. One cut from the conversation back to him suddenly reveals he's wearing a cowboy hat. Esther wonders where he got it from all of a sudden...then the camera pans back to reveal Reggie, Todd and she are suddenly wearing them, complete with a Scare Chord. Esther quickly throws it off her head in fright. Considering what happened in "Spring Break Forever" with the pumpkins, kinda hard not to blame her.

Stranger Forever

  • The entire concept of Elmer. A boy who's been on Endless for over sixty years, and only stayed because he's got nothing left on Earth to enjoy. Like in "Spring Break Forever", he starts to lose his sense of self and turns into a whimsical, but weird boy obsessed with owning precious possessions. And what's more, despite being eternally young, he's never been able to stop his body from deteriorating, to the point where he needs to replace all of his limbs. And this is what Reggie could be if she wants to stay.

Todd Forever and Together Forever

  • We see Butt Witch for the first time since her last "upgrade" she’s practically a wild animal with a human head now. And since the worms turn her, someone human like, into this, what would happen if a real person ate one? What happens to her next is worse.
    • When we last saw her she had claws, now she had animal features. This could mean she has been feeding on more than just the kids’ fighting.
    • Makes you wonder what would happen if the Endless kids faced her like that. Would it have been more easy with not as much fuel, harder with her speed and claws easily reaching them?
  • Butt Witch was gonna kill Colin if those worms didn’t appear, and the look on her face when they do, yeesh!
    • Big Deal and Colin look horrified by Butt Witch’s meal.
  • The Butt Witch growing into a full-on Kaiju form with insectoid features like wings from eating the worms, and forcing one on Big Deal, which turns him into a beast.
    • One has to wonder what Big Deal would've become if he'd eaten as many worms as the Butt Witch.
  • When Reggie first attacks Butt Witch seems to be hurt and crying. Then starts laughing and creepily reforms.
  • It’s highly implied to kill Reggie, Todd and Esther the Butt Witch was gonna eat them.
  • The whole fight between Reggie, Todd and Esther. An argument between friends is one thing, but throw in superpowers and it gets completely out of hand. It isn't till seeing Tater Tot, Pretty Please and Beth huddled nearby, scared out of their wits to finally get them to stop the fight.
    • If they hadn’t been stopped would they have killed each other?
  • Big Deal hurts Reggie, and the wound remains when she flees Endless.