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This is the recap page for Twelve Forever.

WARNING: All episodes may have unmarked spoilers. Proceed with caution!

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    Season 1 
  1. "Birthday Forever" - Reggie rescues her toys from a garage sale and brings them to Endless Island, where they magically come to life when she buries them in the sand.
  2. "The Butt Witch Forever" - Annoyed when her mom brings her books about puberty, Reggie throws them into a volcano and unleashes a new nemesis: the Butt Witch.
  3. "Esther Forever" - Esther, the new girl at school, joins Reggie and Todd on Endless Island and discovers a cool secret power while battling the Butt Witch.
  4. "Guy Pleasant Forever" - When his big brother goes away to college, Todd creates a replacement: Guy Pleasant, a dashing, guitar-playing dog prince.
  5. "Endless Forever" - Esther, Todd and a reluctant Reggie investigate the island's many mysteries and find themselves trapped in an endless series of rooms.
  6. "Dustin Forever" - Reggie directs the residents of Endless Island in a new episode of "Space Draculas," a show she created with her brother when they were little.
  7. "Mack & Beefhouse Forever" - Mack and Beefhouse host an arts and crafts day on Endless, but a potion from the Butt Witch causes the happy couple to fight.
  8. "The Mall Forever" - Reggie's mom takes her and Esther to the mall for a girls' day. But shopping for dresses isn't Reggie's idea of fun.
  9. "School Forever" - After a frustrating day at school, the friends hold their own classes on Endless — and find that teaching's much tougher than they expected.
  10. "Secrets Forever" - Esther, Todd and Reggie discover a grocery store on Endless where all the food brings back humiliating childhood memories.
  11. "Manguin Forever" - Reggie's garden is a mess, so Esther hires a penguin personal assistant to help her clean and organize her things.
  12. "Fancy Forever" - After a style-savvy girl makes Reggie feel self-conscious about her clothes, she sets out to become the fanciest person on Endless.
  13. "The Locals Forever" - While searching for a ghost, the friends fly through air vents and spy on the wonderfully weird residents of Endless.
  14. "Reggie's Dad Forever" - After finding a box of her dad's stuff, Reggie accidentally releases a sad spirit and has to face her feelings about her father leaving.
  15. "Babysitting Forever" - Reggie babysits Kathy's nephew Ogden and takes him to Endless to have some fun. But shy Ogden gets scared and turns invisible.
  16. "Not Twelve Forever" - To impress the Butt Witch, Big Deal transforms himself into a Reggie lookalike and stirs up mischief at the Endless Island carnival.
  17. "Locked Out Forever: Part One" - Reggie develops a crush on Conelly, a cool eighth-grade girl who makes her so nervous that she breaks her key to Endless
  18. "Locked Out Forever: Part Two" - Reggie tries to figure out how to get back to Endless. But once her art teacher helps her find her creative spirit, her key starts working again!
  19. "Brown Roger Forever" - When Reggie hurts Brown Roger's feelings, the Butt Witch turns him into an angry monster and encourages him to get revenge.
  20. "Spring Break Forever" - Reggie, Esther and Todd plan to spend spring break on Endless, but Reggie's stuck in the hospital with a burst appendix.
  21. "Dance Forever" - Todd's new crush asks him to the school dance, and Esther meets a cute guy there. But Reggie feels left out and wants to leave early.
  22. "Audition Forever" - Todd tries out for a new band called Cherry Cement, but they choose Esther instead. On Endless, the Butt Witch feeds on Todd's anger.
  23. "Stranger Forever" - When explorer and treasure hunter Captain Elmer arrives on Endless, Todd and Esther suspect he isn't what he seems.
  24. "Todd Forever" - After planning a huge 13th birthday party for Todd on Endless, Reggie flies into a rage when he says he'll bring Gwen along.
  25. "Together Forever" - Fueled by the friends' fighting, the Butt Witch and Big Deal wreak havoc on Endless — and Reggie needs Todd and Esther's help to stop them.


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