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Heartwarming / Twelve Forever

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Birthday Forever

  • Todd trying to make Reggie feel better after her gifts.
  • Reggie’s mom apologizing for her bad Birthday.

The Butt Witch Forever

  • Todd poring through Reggie’s outdated puberty books. Similar to the bra scene in the premiere, he doesn’t laugh or get grossed out over the specifics. Instead, he displays a healthy curiosity and doesn’t do anything to make Reggie uncomfortable-at least not on purpose.

Esther Forever

  • Todd and Reggie officially welcoming Esther into their fold, even asking to sit with her at lunch.

Guy Pleasant Forever

  • Todd and his brother’s relationship.
  • Todd’s dad giving him a banjo. It’s not any guitar that Todd was coveting, but it’s still the thought that counts.

Dustin Forever:

  • Dustin and Reggie working on a new episode of Space Draculas as a podcast.

Mack and Beefhouse Forever

  • Mack and Beefhouse's relationship is shown as mature and healthy, with them talking through an argument and supporting each other.
    • When they make up after their Butt Witch-induced fight they read their adorably sweet cards to each other, including sentiments like "For you I'd bench press the world" and "You have my heart in a figure four".

The Mall Forever

  • Judy and Esther bonding during the shopping trip.
  • After initially refusing them, Judy buys Reggie the outrageous red boots she was admiring to wear to the wedding.

School Forever


Secrets Forever

  • In Reggie's birthday memory: Kathy, realizing that Reggie's entire class skipped her birthday, tries in her own way to comfort Reggie.
  • The Endless Residents compliments to the kids’ memories.

Fancy Forever

  • Reggie stating that she’s “rich with friendship” as she’s hugging Todd and Esther. Cheesy, but sweet.

Reggie’s Dad Forever

  • The gang giving Sadmantha her own place to stay on Endless. Even through she's still saying sad things, she is genuinely touched by the gesture.

Not Twelve Forever

  • Big Deal's plan was to disguise himself as Twelve to ruin her reputation, but instead he begins to enjoy the island residents treating him nicely.
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  • The Butt Witch only somewhat grudgingly wishing Big Deal a happy anniversary (of him becoming her minion), after dismissing the idea of celebrating an anniversary at the beginning of the episode.

Locked Out Forever Part 1

Locked Out Forever Part 2

  • Reggie getting a pep talk from her art teacher and snapping out of her creative block.

Todd Forever

  • Reggie planning Todd’s party. She even gets Brown Roger to be nice to him.
  • Todd and Gwen have apparently grown super close.

Together Forever

  • When the kids’ hold hands and say they love each other in the fight.
  • For Todd’s birthday, Reggie gives him two tickets to one of his favorite bands. She even encourages him to invite Gwen.


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