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The Butt Witch's real name is...
... ...Regina .

This WMG courtesy of the fans in general and told second-hand to Sim You Later, by Mister Eighty Six (who claimed "dibs" on saying "totally called it"). Spoiler'd carefully in case the WMG is true (if it is and the WMG wasn't spoiler'd, nobody can view it and/or change it without risking spoilage and if someone is That Troper and stupidly posts "Confirmed!" then you won't know until it's too late).

  • Alternatively, her name is Full Grown, as is a common theory if we are to take her opening lines literally.

The Butt Witch would be like the other Citizens if Reggie Wasn't Terrified of growing up
The Endless island is obviously shaped by Reggie's thoughts and feelings to the point where negative emotions are brought to life as worms. Reggie HATES the idea of growing up so a being like Butt Witch who represents the concept is inherently her enemy, We Know beings of the endless become twisted by negative emotions & that the Butt Witch was summoned when Reggie threw her books into the volcano, it is plausible that Reggie twisted the Butt Witch the same way She twists other endless beings like Brown Rodger.

Plus the Butt witch Laments that the island is not the way it used to be, Such as hypothetically when another kid who looked more positively on growing up controlled the island?Plus the Butt Witch talks bitterly about abandonment to brown Rodger, which supports her being the product of a different child's time on the island.

In the series, Shane will either be Demoted to Extra or Adapted Out
The synopsis for the Netflix series states that Reggie will be joined by her friends Todd and Esther, but doesn't mention Shane at all. So he's either going to be non-existent, or a Muggle Best Friend who's Locked Out of the Loop.
  • Alternatively, Todd and Shane are the same char, with Shane just being his name in the pilot.
  • Confirmed.

Shane is going to be the Muggle Love Interest to Reggie.
And while he'll initially be Locked Out of the Loop, he's going to join Reggie and her new friends on their adventures, retaining the
powerset he had in the original short.
  • Jossed because Reggie is not into him that way. And Shane has been replaced by Todd anyways.

All the citizens of Endless Island from before Reggie got there were once humans who went mad and lost their forms.
Recall how, after five measly days of being on the island, Todd and Esther seemed to be acting pretty crazy- sort of similar to how many people of the island act. Then, you have Captain Elmer, who only remembers who he is because he has a diary with his name on it and, after fifty years of travelling island to island, has deteriorated enough to essentially be a doll. Just think about what could've happened to someone on the island with no method of remembering who they were, and no friends capable of traveling to the island to rescue them.
  • Maybe not all of them, but I think Dr. Champion is a strong candidate, given his driver's license, humanoid shape, and general insanity.

Reggie has some kind of developmental disorder explaining why she has such a hard time with maturing

Reggie's art teacher is her dad.
Both parties have red hair, and her mother says that Daryl was creative like Reggie, but couldn't handle the responsibility of being a dad. Plus the teacher embraces Reggie's creativity and helps inspire Reggie to fix her Endless key.
  • Jossed, we were shown a picture of Reggie's dad and he's definitely not the art teacher

Guy Pleasant is the show's Greater Scope Villain
He, more than anyone, seemed to be aware of Endless's bizarre effect. And maybe it's just this troper, but his line at the end of Spring Break Forever sounded like he was trying to drive her away from Todd and Ester

Dr. Champion is actually Reggie's father, Daryl.
It's been established that the island is a place you go to escape from the hardships and responsibilities of the real world, and the Butt Witch has implied that the place existed before Reggie came around. The show has also hinted that Champion may not be originally from Endless (what with his claims about been from Kentucky and his driver's license) and considering he has an adult constitution rather than a child's like Elmer, it's possible he was a grown man when he came to the island, before the place altered his mind and body for staying too long, just like it did to the thieving captain. Now, which adult man was described by Reggie's mom as "scared of the responsibilities of adulthood and being a dad?"
  • Maybe, but it was my impression that Reggie's mom knows where Daryl is, and there's no foreshadowing that I can see. I do think that Dr. Champion is a former human who was trapped by the island, though.

Dr. Champion’s real name is actually Dr. Champion.
If he actually is a human, he’ll be revealed to be a doctor in the real world and his last name really is Champion.

Whoever made the Endless also made the Train
They're basically opposites: the latter is an intrusive therapy instrument that aims for you to be more mature, while the former is a recreaton environment that drives you to insanity. Whereas the Train is on a grim and dark setting, the Endless is on a bright one. Whoever designed these places has no sense of moderation.

Reggie is trans and hasn't realized it
"She" is clearly uncomfortable with femininity as seen both in and out of Endless. Alot of Reggies interactions with the Buttwitch especially come off this way.
  • However when Reggie was having puberty nightmares by the Buttwitch, she imagined her hands and feet getting larger and her body getting hairier and still distresses over that, despite being male secondary sex characteristics. It's likely she just wants to keep the body of a 12 year old (and still calls herself a girl without issue).
  • Most girls are uncomfortable with the changes that come through puberty - assuming she's trans just because she dislikes feminine things may lead to Unfortunate Implications (such as "any hint of gender nonconformity = trans")

Reggie's crush will face opposition
While Todd and Esther will support her crush on Connelly, her other classmates will mock her for liking a girl and her mom will say stuff like "You're not gay, you're just confused" or "You just haven't met the right guy". Feeling that not even her own mom approves of her, Reggie hides out on Endless, causing her mom to think she's run away.

Reggie will be crushed
Connelly will either turn her down or she starts dating someone else and Reggie becomes heartbroken, which gives the Butt Witch something new to feed on.

Why Todd's mom left
She got sick and tired of Todd's dad never taking responsibility for their kids, so she up and left so that he couldn't dump then on her anymore.

Buttwitch was a human
But they grew up with a very warped sense of what adulthood was, possibly from abusive parents, which would explain why they act so childish despite there dislike of childlike things, because there a kid, with an immature idea of how adults are suppose to be beyond being told there not allowed to have candy and toys and other things they liked

Reggie will start to act more grown up.
At some point, Reggie will probably have a nasty fight with her friends, and once more she'll be hit with the suggestion that she needs to "grow up". Reggie will take this one more personally, and ultimately decide that if everyone keeps telling her to grow up, then she will. From there, Reggie will start acting more like an adult. Or rather, more specifically, Reggie will start acting like what she thinks acting grown up is like.

Thus, Reggie, will start doing what she thinks grown-ups do. She'll throw away all her toys and drawings, dress in drab, more conservative clothes, eat food like porridge and oatmeal that have no flavor, watch financial shows and adult documentaries, etc. She will also display no emotions like joy, anger, or sadness.

Of course, this will all just make her friends and family concerned for her because she's not acting like herself. First, they'll try to talk to her about it, only for her to fire back with the claim that she's just doing what they kept telling her to: acting more grown up. It may ultimately culminate in them all hosting an intervention for Reggie. Of course, Reggie will try to question why they want her to act like her old "immature" self. The overall lesson will be with Reggie learning that growing up does not mean giving up on everything that makes you happy and becoming a boring, miserable person. This will also cause everyone to learn to accept Reggie for who she is. It will likely be another step in everyone's character arc.


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