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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • Mack and Beefhouse coming from Reggie's imagination is the first hint on her views on romance. It’s not that Reggie doesn’t understand romance, but everyone from her mother (who in particular frames it as growing up to have kids) to her peers are persistent on a heteronormative version of it.
    • Another hint would be the birth of Guy Pleasant. Looking back on his introduction episode we see Esther and Reggie’s reactions to him. Both girls look with excitement, but while Esther reacted like your average smitten school girl, Reggie’s reaction on the other hand would be closer to seeing a cute kitten, based on how she calls him “fluffy.”
  • Sadmantha is a resident of Endless created when a flower swallowed Reggie's old music box. A music box that played a song that her father would sing to her. Reggie claims that Sadmantha was born from a happy memory, so why is she so depressed and pessimistic. Because she's an embodiment of Reggie's feelings toward her father, and while the memory is a happy one, her feelings toward her father aren't. Sadmantha is a living embodiment of how unhappy, disappointed, rejected and abandoned Reggie feels because of her father.
    • Not only that, but Sadmantha may in fact also be the living embodiment of all of Reggie’s depressing and sad thoughts and feelings that she pushes down since they would bum her out, like wondering what happens to lost puppies. Reggie also experienced many times situations where others rejected her for who she was (like her eleventh birthday party and trying to make friends at school) and Sadmantha only started going out of control once it seemed her new friends didn’t want her around because they didn’t like who she was.
  • Sadmantha’s insistence on talking about the sad things people choose not to think about is may actually be good. Refusing to acknowledge the sad parts of life and pushing them down can make an individual unable to move forward with their life and actually deal with what makes them sad. Talking about what happens to lost puppies and the more you have, the more you can lose is still depressing to think about though.
  • A lot of Butt Witch’s character has connections to growing up into an adult and being an adult, what with her being an Allegorical Character and all.
    • Growing up leads an individual to be more self-conscious and insecure of their appearance, more so in female development. So of course Butt Witch doesn’t like being called Butt Witch. The name brings attention to her large rear, which no adult woman would like.
    • Butt Witch fights more pragmatically and intelligently than Reggie, who just brute forces her way through most things. Adults have more developed brains than children and know there’s different ways to get what they want that don’t involve brute force.
  • The researcher who burst into confetti and pigeons before telling Todd and Esther the most important thing to know about Endless did in fact tell them. The most important thing to know about Endless is that it’s extremely chaotic and random.
  • Dr. Champion’s appearance shares similarities to Kamen Rider. Which makes sense since if it’s true he’s from Kentucky, then he used to be human. Many Kamen Riders, especially of the Showa Era, used to be humans but were changed into monsters by evil or otherworldly forces. However, they refuse to become monsters and remain human at heart. Dr. Champion may have been changed into his current appearance by Endless island but despite that and his insanity, still has a few scraps left of his humanity and vestiges of who he was.

    Fridge Horror 
  • Imagine how many children have gone to Endless Island and ended up not being able to leave after staying there too long, and not having any method to remember who they are. Now think about how many of the citizens of Endless Island (the ones there before Reggie came there) have the mindsets of children and are unable to read.
  • Reggie is shown able to sustain actual injuries that carry over into the real world, so it is very possible someone could suffer much worse with no immediate way to recover- not all powers gained there could stop a broken leg.
  • The increasing amount of disturbing weirdness the trio encounters, particularly the perfectly human looking woman that appears to them, offers them answers, then explodes into confetti while laughing maniacally, as they investigate Endless seems to suggest that Endless is a World of Chaos that actively fights any attempts to impose logic it.
  • If somebody from the normal world stays on Endless too long they start to go crazy and if they stay even longer, their bodies start to change. There's an implication that this is what happened to Dr. Champion.
  • There’s a bunch of evidence of Dr. Champion actually being a human man in the past. The man states he’s from Kentucky when every other resident of the island shows no knowledge of Earth until Reggie or her friends teaches them, he has a driver’s license that looks legit and even the picture on it can be attributed to Endless’ effect on normal items, he can actually read unlike the other illiterate islanders, and his general insanity seems to be far worse than everybody else’s. Evidence is strong that Dr. Champion used to be a man but now is trapped in Endless and has gone very insane.

    Fridge Logic 
  • Reggie was able to not only bring back the baby potion from Party Island, but also use it on someone in the real world, and have it actually work. And remember, Party Island was created by nothing more than her own subconscious. Just how powerful is the human subconscious? Apparently not only can it create entire dimensions that can be physically traveled to, but it can also create physical objects, and cause other people to transform in the real world. And all of this potential is in something everyone has in their own mind. Does this mean all the hardships in the world could easily be solved if only people's subconscious minds would cooperate with them? Could someone become God just by mastering the control of their own subconscious?


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