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Tear Jerker / Twelve Forever

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Guy Pleasant Forever

  • Todd tries to create a Cool Big Bro after feeling lonely when his real brother goes off to college. His first attempt results in Guy Pleasant, a half dog-centaur man, who is a shallow fake that is nothing but condescending toward Todd. His second attempt is far worse.

Dustin Forever

  • The destruction of the SS Dracula when the Endless Islanders go full chaotic on it.

Secrets Forever

  • Reggie's memory of her birthday. Even after giving out invitations to her entire class, no one shows up.
    • Past Judy attempting to keep up a positive attitude even when she can tell her daughter is devastated.
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    • Present-day Reggie frantically tries to stop the memory from finishing playing, begging for it to stop. We see why as little Reggie gets a Hope Spot when she hears the door ringing and instead of any of her classmates, it’s just her mom’s friend Kathy at the door. The knife is twisted even further as Kathy wonders where all the kids are and after realizing nobody came, tried to comfort Reggie by telling her losers make more money in life.
    • Before the party, we can hear the girls insult Reggie's invitations and call her weird even after she "left" the scene. She probably overheard what they said and internalized it.

The Locals Forever

  • Galaxander laments how lonely he is after his date chooses atomization in a black hole rather than spending another second with him.

Reggie’s Dad Forever

  • Reggie admitting the pain of her dad leaving and bursting into tears.
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  • Sadmantha's very existence. She was born from the memory of a song that Reggie's dad used to sing to her, which Reggie claims is a happy memory. But it's clear that Sadmantha actually represents Reggie's sadness, loneliness and feelings of being rejected by her dad.

Locked Out Forever Part 1

  • The whole premise of the episode: Reggie gets a crush on a girl named Connely and can’t even speak. She grows super insecure and breaks her key,
  • A kid calls Reggie weird, she doesn’t seem to mind too much though.
  • On her first day of school, Reggie got kicked out of a four square game, since kids didn’t think she was normal.
  • Reggie breaking her key to endless.
  • Reggie trying and failing to fix her key and growing disheartened.
  • Flashback scenes show Reggie and Dustin wearing similar looking clothes, but in present day Reggie wears a very different outfit. This might mean she got so upset with how Dustin and her mom treated her, she decided to make her as different from them as possible.

Locked Out Forever Part 2

  • Reggie, after another failed attempt to fix her key, breaks down and admits to her art teacher that her “totem” doesn’t work, even calling herself “a loud awkward loser who still plays with toys.”

Babysitting Forever

  • It's implied Ogden's home life isn't all that great, given how Kathy says her sister always dumps him on her (she also complains about this right in front of Ogden). It may explain why he's so timid.

Spring Break Forever

  • Reggie in the hospital waiting for Todd and Esther to call, while they’re too distracted on Endless to notice how much time has passed.
  • Reggie seems more interested in going right back to Endless than spending time with her out-of-sorts friends, which highlights just how dependent on Endless she is.

Dance Forever

  • Reggie seeing Todd with Gwen and Esther with an unnamed beau and feeling left out because she’s too shy to try the same with Connelly.
  • Equally as sad is when Esther is pulled away from her dance partner and doesn't have the courage to tell Reggie she wants to stay.

Stranger Forever

  • Elmer's backstory. He used to be a kid from the 50's who had a happy life, then his mom passed away. He was sent to an orphanage but soon after found his way to Endless. He's stayed there ever since, refusing to go back to the real world to grow up and get sick like his mother did. During the years between then and the present, he changed from a sweet kid to a thief and forgot who he really was.

Todd Forever and Together Forever

  • When Todd, Esther, and Reggie fight.
    • The fight is so bad, they don't stop even when they're spitting up multiple worms.
  • Reggie’s reaction when Todd says he wants Gwen to come to Endless, and Todd’s reaction when Reggie says no.
  • Their friendship was so hurt that Todd and Esther want nothing to do with their friend group anymore. It doesn’t even seem like they want to help Reggie fight the Butt Witch and Big Deal at first.
  • The kids words when the Butt Witch corners them and is about to kill them.
    • They seem to accept their fate to add to it.


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