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Trivia / The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

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  • Actor Allusion: June nicknames the leader of H.A.M "Lex" for his similarities to him. His voice actor also happens to be Clancy Brown who voiced Lex Luthor in the 90's Superman cartoons.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Ray-Ray, as seen below. It also happened in the Brazilian dub, in which he was voiced by Fernanda Crispim, who's the Brazilian voice of Lana Lang in Smallville and Fiona in Shrek.
  • Development Hell: The reason why its wrongly accused of ripping off American Dragon: Jake Long. Development was in mid-production and stalled a few times when American Dragon hit the airwaves. By the time it premiered, there was nothing the staff could do about the comparisons other than just go on as planned.
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  • Dueling Shows: With American Dragon: Jake Long. Young American kid of Chinese decent? Inherits the mystical mantle of a wise Old Master grandparent and gains supernatural powers which skipped a generation? An Annoying Younger Sibling with similar abilities and a magical talking pug dog? Tasked with protecting and mediating the Masquerade between the human and magic worlds? The collective unconscious at work, ladies and gentlemen.
  • Recycled Script: Winick used at least one Barry Ween story for a Juniper Lee episode, doing little more than substituting a magic potion for Applied Phlebotinum, a kid brother for a best friend, and adding a talking dog.
  • Screwed by the Network: No sooner had the show hit its second season, CN began to lose interest in it. Barely advertising the new episodes before just neglecting to do so altogether leaving fans unaware that new episodes were still being shown on Fridays. The last two episodes didn't even make it to the airwaves, instead being shown on CN's video service before they too were pulled off.
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  • Talking To Herself: Ray Ray and Ashley, their voices are very similar.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • A lot things in the show were set up to be explored later. Such as how they were gonna get June free of the barrier that was keeping her within the Orchid Bay, Ray Ray's dormant magical powers, more focus on Lila and Dennis role in helping as well as Jody becoming curious about the books in June's room and spotting June leaping on the rooftops in the last episode. As well as more use of villains like Jean-Claude, Kai Yee and H.A.M.
    • Supposedly a Season 1 DVD set was planned for an early 2009 release, only for it to never be followed through on. Season 1 would eventually be released on DVD in 2013, but in Australia and the set is region locked.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here is the wiki site for the series.


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