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Funny / The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

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  • June in the first episode has some great lines such as telling a monster that if she catches him in her area again "you'll be wearing these size 3!" (and then calls him a dork) and discussing a monster eating the bathrooms with Ray Ray as though that's the worst part of the mess.
    • Also threatening Ray Ray with "a wedgie so fierce you'll stop growing". All in all, June's threats can be pretty hilarious.
  • In "It Takes A Pillage", June, Ray Ray and Monroe hijack a tour boat. That's right, a talking dog and a little boy manage to hijack a boat...
  • The "Save The Burping Snails" campaign in "Water We Fighting For," complete with a benefit concert for a species that doesn't exist.
  • Ray Ray and Monroe experimenting with make-up in "Make Me Up Before You Go-Go!" They really seem to be getting into it.
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  • In "Te Xuan Me?", Dennis gets tag along with Ray Ray, Te Xuan Ze, and capture the baddie of the week who kidnapped some kids. He aims a banishment stone at him.
    Dennis: I know how to use this! .....Mostly.
  • "Magic Takes a Holiday":
    • Ray Ray dressed as a chicken making fun of Monroe's overeating.
    Ray Ray: No offense, dude, but I can hear your thighs rubbing together.
    Monroe: Shut up or I'll pluck ya!
    • Monroe trying to lose the weight he gained by running on a treadmill, only to fall and crash off screen.
  • "Feets Too Big": the trip to the Sasquatch village and its dimwitted inhabitants.
    Sasquatch: Um, Richie, we got some people out here with chief business.
    Richie: Okay, but I'm not the chief.
    Sasquatch: Sure you are, dude. That's what the sign says.
    Richie: What sign? [pointed to the crudely spelled sign on his hut] Wow! Holy mackerel, I'm the chief! When did this happen?
    Sasquatch: When did what happen?
    Richie: When was I elected chief?
    Sasquatch: You're the chief? Congratulations, man! That's great!
    Richie: What's great?
    Sasquatch: Sorry?
    June: Oh, boy. Look, one of your tribesmen took off with my parents.
    Richie: Well, I don't know what you expect me to do about it. I'm not in charge here or anything.
    June: You're the chief of this tribe.
    Richie: Who's chief?
    June: You are!
    Sasquatch: Hey, you're the chief? Congratulations, man! That's great!
    [both Sasquatches get blasted with a wand]
    June: Monroe!
    Monroe: Sorry, they're just driving me bonkers!
    Richie: Oh-oh-oh-oh! I just remembered that Charlie Paulsen has been missing all day. I wrote it on my hand.
    June: Great. So, can you help us find him?
    Richie: Find who?
    June: Charlie Paulsen.
    Richie: Charlie Paulsen is missing?! Hey, we better tell the chief!
    June: You're the chief!
    Sasquatch: Hey, you're the chief? Congratulations, man! That's great!
    [both Sasquatches get blasted with the wand again]
    June: Monroe!
    Ray Ray: That was me. I'm totally gettin' fed up.


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