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Recap / My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S7 E11 "Not Asking for Trouble"

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When life gives you snow, build a fire with it...

"This trip has to be perfect! After all, we're not just visiting as friends. We're on official friendship ambassador business!"
Pinkie Pie

Written by May Chan

Pinkie Pie bursts through the doors of Sugarcube Corner and tears through Ponyville in a joyous blaze. Upon arriving at Twilight Sparkle's castle, Pinkie shows Twilight a scroll that she received extending Pinkie an invitation to attend the yaks' annual tradition of "Yikslirbirtfest" in Yakyakistan (which she had begging for a chance to go see). Twilight is enthused by the chance to learn more of the Yakyakistani culture and dubs Pinkie her official ambassador of friendship to the yak people.

Pinkie flies out to Yakyakistan in a hot air balloon and is greeted by a large rumbling coming from inside the walls. Upon peering inside, she sees Prince Rutherford, the leader of Yakyakistan, leading his people in a round of destructive stomping. He greets his guest and explains that the stomping is the tradition of Yikslirbirtfest. Prince Rutherford takes Pinkie Pie through the town and introduces her to elements of their culture.


After Prince Rutherford gathers his people around the communal firepit to tell a ceremonial tale, the sound of a large horn is heard through the village and the Yikslirbirtfest stomping resumes, with Pinkie Pie gleefully joining in. However, the shockwaves caused by the stomping dislodge snow from the nearby mountain and an avalanche rains on the village. Pinkie grows concerned but Prince Rutherford scoffs at her worry and says it's a normal part of the annual festival. He orders the other yaks to try to dig out the town but they barely manage to make a dent in the packed snow with lots of effort and continued digging results in more shockwaves that cause even more snow to fall on the village.

Pinkie offers to get her friends to assist in removing the snow but Prince Rutherford flatly refuses and says he and his people can just wait for the snow to melt, making do with the situation and saying if Pinkie has a problem with that, she will simply be banished. Pinkie reticently agrees to maintain her diplomatic duty, but sees Prince Rutherford's solution as ineffective and possibly dangerous to the well-being of his people. She tries to convince the prince to ask for assistance through a story but Prince Rutherford fails to understand the meaning, insisting that those who ask for help are weak and that those who try to provide help are just being nosy. Pinkie then tries to use reverse psychology to persuade Prince Rutherford to seek out Twilight but he responds by telling her of a time when he sought help and never got any. However Pinkie sees through the story and realizes it's all a fabrication to maintain his stubbornness.


Prince Rutherford follows through with his earlier threat to banish Pinkie for interfering with his leadership and she storms off back to Ponyville. Prince Rutherford continues to try to keep the status quo in Yakyakistan in Pinkie's absence but the rest of his people start to lose their confidence in his leadership. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie tells her friends of what happened and they all agree the yaks need their help but that it must be done surreptitiously in order to maintain the yaks' sense of pride.

The six friends all fly back to Yakyakistan and sneak inside the walls of the village. They get to work clearing the snow and restoring the town while all the yaks sleep. Upon waking up, Prince Rutherford sees the village is back to normal and thinks they managed to outlast the snow before seeing Pinkie Pie's tail disappear beyond the gates of Yakyakistan. Pinkie and friends try to leave before being noticed but the prince catches up to them and thanks them for helping without being asked. He restores her status as an honorary yak and offers her a horned helmet. She accepts the gift graciously but concedes that it is a bit heavy for her head.


  • An Aesop:
    • Sometimes you need help and it does not diminish you to ask for it. Not getting help when you need it can leave you in a worse situation than hurt pride.
    • When your friends need help, don't focus on getting their permission to help or changing their minds when they refuse you; just help them.
    • Many cultures have different standards than ours, and something as common and simple as asking others for help in our culture could be taboo in someone else's culture. It's important to find a way to respect those differences while still helping others when they need it.
    • Pinkie's story involving the goats is notable in that she takes a page from the Trope Namer. Aesop would often convince his master to do things by telling him stories about people in suspiciously similar situations in order to guide him to the right approach towards a difficult situation, without making it directly sound like he was telling his master the best course of action. It doesn't work, but Pinkie at least tried to be discreet.
  • Artistic License – Biology: Pinkie doesn't seem at all concerned about the possible effects bringing her cold-blooded alligator Gummy to a snowbound land like Yakyakistan would have on him. This is especially glaring since a previous episode showed how cold weather put Tank (a reptile just like Gummy) into a lethargic stupor and ultimately hibernation, though to be fair Gummy doesn't seem to be very "normal" any more than his owner is (for starters, alligators normally don't have long forked tongues they use to lick with).
  • Art Shift: Pinkie's story about the goats and cows is animated using simple line-art drawing.
  • Blatant Lies: Pinkie claims that she "subtly hinted" for an invitation to Yikslirbirtfest in her letters to Prince Rutherford. It is then shown that the letters straight up asked for her to be invited (with 16 more letters filled with nothing but "pretty pleases").
  • Boring Return Journey: Pinkie is excited about seeing the yaks on the trip in the Twinkling Balloon there that she talks all the way there to Gummy. On the way back to get the other Mane 6, she decides to play 20 Million Questions to guess what Gummy is thinking. She manages to ask all 20 million questions just before they land back at Twilight's castle. On the return-return trip with the Mane 6 in hoof, Rainbow Dash quickly shuts her down from another game of 20 Million Questions.
  • Brain Freeze: Pinkie helps Prince Rutherford and the yaks by trying out (inventing) snow recipes such as snow cake, snow spaghetti, and snow sandwiches. The yaks have little problem eating the snow foods but Pinkie gets a sudden chilling sensation that causes ice to form on her mane and tail.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: While Pinkie is playing '20 Million Questions' with Gummy:
    Pinkie: "Is it bigger than a breadbox? Is it smaller than a breadbox? Is it a breadbox?"
  • Brick Joke: Early on, when Pinkie Pie asks for honorary yak horns, Prince Rutherford tells her that they'd be too heavy for her small pony head. At the end, when she gets them, she realizes that they really are too heavy for her small pony head (in those exact words).
  • Chew-Out Fake-Out: Used as a joke on Pinkie Pie. Prince Rutherford tells her that the twig she was stomping was a sacred relic and gives her a few moments to panic and apologize profusely before telling her he was kidding.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • The badge Pinkie Pie receives from Twilight is made up of the bookmarks that were used by Discord to mark the events that correlated with the discovery of the Mane 6's Rainbow Power affinities in her friendship journal, each piece corresponding to the color of one of the six.
    • During the Mane 6's covert friendship mission, Pinkie dons her spy outfit from "The Crystal Empire, Part 1."
    • Pinkie once more fires up her drill mane, last seen in "Bats".
  • Cut and Paste Environments: The various yak huts that Rutherford shows Pinkie all are essentially the same background, with only a change in a sign in the back, and the foreground elements appropriate for the hut.
  • Deliberate Values Dissonance: The main conflict of the episode is caused by the fact that in Yak culture, it's considered shameful and taboo to ask for help from others, even if you really need it. This means that Prince Rutherford refuses to ask Princess Twilight for help to dig the village out and Pinkie has to find a way to get her hosts help without insulting them.
  • Going Native: Pinkie Pie, who hopes she'll still be an honorary Yak after she solicits her friends' help, tells her friends about the trouble at Yakyakistan in Yak-speak.
  • Growling Gut: Happens to a litte Yak due to hunger now that their food supply is in jeopardy
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: While part of Prince Rutherford's and the yaks' general behavior, Pinkie has to dance around several issues to avoid causing Rutherford to get mad and kick her out of the yak village.
  • Honor Before Reason: The Prince's insistence on not asking for help makes things significantly more difficult, to the point he is willing to starve out his people whilst waiting for the snow to thaw than to ask for assistance in having it removed.
  • Hulk Speak: As before, yaks talk this way. Pinkie do it when responding to yak traditions.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: During Pinkie's goat/cow parable, when she's trying to come up with the name of the expy for Prince Rutherford, the goats turn to look at the camera, expecting Pinkie to come up with a name soon enough.
  • Mother Russia Makes You Strong: Rutherford tries to invoke the Fantasy Counterpart Culture equivalent of this when the village is covered in snow. They will just dig the village out and if that fails then they will wait the snow out. Yaks tough!
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: The avalanche is caused by the yak's excessive stomping during Yikslirbirtfest, and even once Rutherford is clear he knows this, he still lets them stomp later, causing more snow to cover their village.
  • No Communities Were Harmed: Invoked in-universe: Pinkie's story of the goats and the cows is clearly meant to parallel the situation with the yaks and the ponies, but told by Pinkie to hide that connection as to not call out on Rutherford's insistence not to ask for help.
  • Offscreen Teleportation: Pinkie Pie runs past the door to the throne room several times before suddenly popping in from the side.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: When Rutherford tells Pinkie to leave, he refers to himself in a personal pronoun instead of the usual "Yak".
  • Planet of Steves: Every yak refers to themselves as "Yak" in their Third-Person Person speech. As this includes Prince Rutherford, though, we know that they do all have actual names.
  • Scooby Stack: Pinkie Pie and Gummy when peering into the village to see what the rumbling is.
  • Shaped Like Itself: The huts at Yakyakistan are all named precisely for how they're used. Prince Rutherford bothers to explain their purpose anyway.
  • Shout-Out: To Ice Cube, as paraphrased by Prince Rutherford: "Pink pony better check self before wreck self!"
  • Snowball Lie: Prince Rutherford used an exaggerated story of when he was a young yak as part of why yaks should never accept help (as well as earlier trying to explain away the avalanche as having nothing to do with their Yikslirbirtfest stomping). Pinkie quickly deduces that his story is impossible, but Rutherford still insists that the yaks can't accept help from others.
  • Stubborn Mule: Or rather, stubborn yak. Prince Rutherford is just too proud to ask for help, believing that the yaks can survive on their own until the snow melts. The other yaks aren't so adamant on the subject, but reluctantly follow their leader's example. One young yak even tells another not to mention being hungry, for fear of rousing Prince Ruthorford's ire.
  • Take a Third Option: Unable to convince Prince Rutherford to ask for help and seeing that the yaks can't go on this way, Pinkie decides to arrange for the Mane Six to secretly help the yaks without their asking for it. Turns out, this is exactly what Prince Rutherford hoped she would do.
  • Third-Person Person: We learn that not only do yaks do this, but that every yak refers to themselves as "Yak".
  • Totally Radical:
    • Pinkie Pie says that Prince Rutherford eventually "[picked] up what [she] was putting down".
    • Prince Yak tell Pink Pony to "check self before wreck self".
  • Truth in Television: In many real-world cultures, it is considered shameful to ask for help, but these cultures also tend to have traditions of helping those in need without asking, with the understanding that such altruism strengthens the tribe. Westerners mostly know this as the Oriental concept loosely translated as "saving face", but the practice is more widespread than that.
  • Worldbuilding: After a cliffhanger teaser in Season 5 and brief mention in Season 6, Yakyakistan is finally revealed in great detail.