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Recap / Family Guy S 6 E 9 Back To The Woods

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Peter with his other family, the Handlemans. Yes, he's the matriarch of the family.

Original air date: February 17th, 2008

Peter loses his wallet at a Barry Manilow concert and it is subsequently found by the Griffin family's old nemesis, James Woods. Woods begins spending excessively to get back at Peter. He moves on with his plan and steals Peter's identity, moving into the Griffin house and even dressing like Peter. Eventually Peter gets revenge by stealing Woods' identity and telling a particularly offensive joke on television. As Woods prepares to confront Peter he is lured into a trap by Peter and Brian and sealed away in a crate once more.


This episode contains examples of:

  • Adam Westing: James Woods as an evil version of himself.
  • Box-and-Stick Trap: James Woods falls victim to this once again.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Vern addresses the audience to explain what happened to Johnny.
  • The Bus Came Back: After being shot by Stewie in "Saving Private Brian", Vern and Johnny reappear in the afterlife. Vern is a ghost and Johnny is in Hell because, according to Vern, "Johnny liked little boys."
  • Call-Back: James is disposed of in the same exact manner as he was in his original appearance.
  • Consulting Mister Puppet: James talks to Meg in her room, trying to get into the role of "father", and offers advice on how to look like a Hollywood star while still being a Big Eater... by introducing her to Mister Pukie (which is actually his index finger)! With the help of Mister Pukie, James Woods helps Meg apparently look like Reese Witherspoon by poking his finger into her mouth, causing her to throw up.
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  • Dude, Not Funny!: When Peter appears on Letterman as James Woods, the entire audience gasps when he pitches a comedy about 9/11.
  • Everybody Cries: Peter, Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland cry happily while watching Barry Manilow perform live in concert.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Vern's tone and expressions indicate that Johnny deserves to be in hell for his pedophilia.
  • Fire and Brimstone Hell: Where Johnny was sent.
  • Get Out!: James Woods threatens to shoot Peter with a shotgun whenever he's found "trespassing" on "his" property.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: In the TV release, Woods challenges Peter to a fight, with the latter telling him to meet up in the alley. James then tells that "piece of stool", Brian, to be there as well.
  • I Take Offense to That Last One!:
    • When Peter and Brian meet up with James and recount the latter's earlier fate in which he was locked in a wooden crate without an airhole and put in an enormous storeroom akin to Raiders of the Lost Ark, James was more annoyed with the fact that they forgot to put an airhole in the crate.
    • Peter pretends to be James Woods and says he's starring in a 9/11 comedy. James Woods is angered the entire time, but it's Peter saying he'll be working with David Spade that causes him to really lose it.
  • Idiot Ball: Woods falls for the same trap — "Ooh, a piece of candy! Ooh, a piece of candy! Ooh, a piece of cand ... (oof!) " — that got him caught the last time.
  • Idiot Plot: The story only works because everyone's so easily tricked by paperwork.
  • Lampshade Hanging: After trapping James Woods the same way they did before, Peter tells Brian they should just remember to do this right away the next time.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Vern is not his jovial self when he tells the audience why Johnny's in Hell.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: After James Woods stole his family from him, Peter tries to spend some time with them by disguising himself as Chris' friend, "Scooter". The "disguise" in question consists of white shoes, blue trousers, a green-and-white-striped t-shirt and a red hat, leaving his face perfectly visible. Lois is the only one who recognizes him immediately whereas Meg asks why they've never met him before, and James Woods only figures out it's really Peter by tricking him into removing his hat.
  • Pet the Dog: James Woods is actually a nicer father to Meg than Peter.
  • Police are Useless: Joe in particular falls for what James Woods has done and throws Peter out of his own house.
  • Self-Deprecation: Vern when he is introduced. "I'll tell you what nobody believes in, ghosts!"
  • Sequel Episode: James Woods is back for revenge after what Peter and Brian did to him in "Peter's Got Woods".
  • Shout-Out: The scene where James is locked in a wooden crate and put in a storeroom is an obvious reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Squee!: Meg's reaction upon being compared to Reese Witherspoon after James Woods makes her throw up.
  • Tears of Joy: Shed by Peter, Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland during the Barry Manilow concert.
  • Who's Laughing Now?: With his reputation in ruins thanks to Peter stealing his identity, a furious James Woods confronts him with this exchange:
    James Woods: You're in a lot trouble, Griffin! You motherfucker.
    Peter Griffin: Oh, no, sir. You're Peter Griffin. I'm James Woods.
  • You Are Fat: In the original TV release, James Woods calls Peter "fatso", as opposed to calling both Peter and Brian "fuckers", when he leaves the House of Chung.


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