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I can't go back to the homestead, the shack no longer stands
They said I wasn't needed, had no claim to the land
They said, "Come on, get moving! It's the only thing for you!"
But how can you keep moving, unless you migrate too?
Ry Cooder, How Can You Keep on Moving (Unless You Migrate Too)

They called it paradise, I don't know why.
You call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye.
Eagles, The Last Resort

With their tanks and their guns,
Oh, my God, what have they done
To the town I loved so well?
Phil Coulter, The Town I Loved So Well

"Hello, Mum," Harry said with his voice wavering, "I'm back." And he hugged her, amid the noisy mechanical sounds and the smell of burned gasoline; and Harry started crying, because he knew that nothing could go back, least of all him.
Harry Potter, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, chapter 36

"You've done it! That's...wonderful. Amazing! I'm so proud of what you've accomplished, what you've endured. There's no way the people of the Vault can ever thank you enough for what you've done. You've saved all our lives. Who knows, maybe even saved the human race. [The Overseer sighs.] ...yes...that makes the rest of this even harder. Everyone will want to talk to you. Every youngster will look up to you and want to emulate you. And then what? They'll want to leave. What happens to the Vault if we lose the best of a generation? What if we are the only safe place in the world? You just gave us back all these lives...I can't take the chance of losing them. I've made a lot of tough decisions since I took this position. But none of them harder than this one. You saved us, but you'll kill us. You're a hero...and you have to leave."
The Overseer, Fallout

Well, I came a long way to be here today
And I left you so long on this avenue.
And here I stand in the strangest land
Not knowing what to say or do.
As I gaze around at these strangers in town
I guess the only stranger is me.
And I wonder, yes, I wonder,
Is this the way life's meant to be?
Electric Light Orchestra, "The Way Life's Meant to be".

"You can't go home again." That's supposed to be about maturity. It's not the same if you don't have the option.
Aveline, Dragon Age II

And there's no place like home
There's no place like home
There's no place like home
To return to
Devo, No Place Like Home

"There is no there, there"
Gertrude Stein, upon learning that her childhood home had been destroyed.

You're a Man in Black. You can't go home again - ever.

"Thomas Wolfe said you can't go home again," I ventured.
"That's right; you can't go home. There's one place where we can never go- haven't you thought of that? We can dive to the bottom of the sea and someday NASA will fly us to the stars, and I have known men to plunge into the past- or the future- and drown. But there's one place where we can't go. We can't go home, because our minds, and our hearts, and our immortal souls are already there."
Gene Wolfe, Kevin Malone

"I just want to go home, except for... I don't know where that is. University maybe, but it's really more of a dorm room."

You want to go back to where you felt safe
To hear your brother's laughter, see your mother's face
Your childhood home is just powder-white bones
And you'll never find your way back
The Hush Sound, That's Okay

Where shall I gae seek my bread, and where shall I gae wander?
Where shall I gae hide my head, for here I'll bide no longer.
The seas may row, the winds may blow, and swathe me round in danger,
My native land I must forgo, and roam a lonely stranger.
The Highlander's Lament

And you will weep when you face the end alone
You are lost. You can never go home.
Gollum's Song, The Lord of the Rings

When I went home
I found that sad to say
You must expect to be forgotten once you've gone away
And so I couldn't stay that lonely night
When I went home...
When I Went Home, Peter Pan Live!

Rose: Pearl.
Pearl: Yes?
Rose: I'm going to stay and fight for this planet. You don't have to do this with me.
Pearl: But I want to.
Rose: I know you do, but please try to understand. If we lose, we'll be killed; and if we win, we can never go home.
Pearl: Why would I ever want to go home if you're here?
Steven Universe, "Rose's Scabbard"

You can go as far as you want. But you can never go back.

Home is made for coming from
For dreams of going to
Which, with any luck, will never come true
Wand'rin' Star, Paint Your Wagon

Babies take flight, never say never
There's a home for you here
Where love is unconditional
Go to the light, never say never
Make the family you want
With the ones who really love you
RuPaul, "Never Go Home Again"

You are a monster, Nidhiki. Matoran seeing you would run screaming. You will never be cheered, never be admired, never be hailed as a savior by the crowds. What are you now? A Toa of Nightmares? A hero, Nidhiki, or a horror? No, I think you will find your place is now, and forevermore, with the Dark Hunters. For who else would have you?

Garak: Well, aren't you going to congratulate me, Doctor? My exile is now officially over. I've returned home. Or rather, to what's left of it.
Bashir: Listen, I know that this must seem bleak...
Garak: Some may say that we've gotten just what we deserved. After all, we're not entirely innocent, are we? And I'm not just speaking of the Bajoran occupation. No, our whole history is one of arrogant aggression. We've collaborated with the Dominion, betrayed the entire Alpha Quadrant. Oh, no, no. There's no doubt about it. We're guilty as charged.
Bashir: You and I both know that the Cardassians are a strong people. They'll survive. Cardassia will survive.
Garak: Please, Doctor. Spare me your insufferable Federation optimism. Of course it will survive, but as not the Cardassia I knew. We had a rich and ancient culture. Our literature, music, art were second to none. And now, so much of it is lost. So many of our best people, our most gifted minds.
Bashir: I'm sorry, Garak. I didn't mean-
Garak: Oh, it's quite all right, Doctor. You've been such a good friend. I'm going to miss our lunches together.
Bashir: I'm sure we'll see each other again.
Garak: I'd like to think so, but one can never say. We live in uncertain times.

"Hippolytus was forced to leave his Athens
because of his stepmother, faithless, fierce;
and so must you depart from Florence."
Cacciaguida, The Divine Comedy

Kara sighed and took her "sister's" hand. You can't go home again, she told herself. Especially if another you comes back home first.

Katniss: Gale? Where's Prim?
Gale: She's alive. So is your mother. I got 'em out in time.
Katniss: Got them out?
Gale: After the Games, they sent in hovercrafts. And they started dropping firebombs.
Katniss: They're not in 12?
Gale: There is no District 12. It's all gone.

Don't do to your mom what I did to mine
She grew so lonely in the end, angels picked her for a friend
And I can never go home anymore
And that's called sad.
The Shangri-Las, I Can Never Go Home Anymore


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