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Quotes / You Can't Kill What's Already Dead

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Cell: Do you think you won the match, Goku? You fool! Here in Hell, our bodies are immortal!
Frieza: You will never be able to beat me because I'm already dead!

"Where was I gonna go? Detroit?"
Saddam Hussein, South Park

"We are not among the living, and so, we cannot die. But neither are we dead."

Masbeth: Is he... dead?
[the group watches as the Horseman steps out of the burning windmill, unscathed]
Ichabod: That's the problem: he was dead to begin with.

"You cannot kill what does not live!"
—A Catchphrase of the Dark Judges, Judge Dredd

"Turn back if you value your life. You can't behead the headless, our swords and pikes do nothing.""
Temple Posting, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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