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Quotes / My Species Doth Protest Too Much

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    Anime and Manga 

Steph: Are you okay with this, Feel? Helping us could lead to the destruction of Elvengarde.
Feel: [cheerfully] I've already though this through and I'm okay with anything so long as Kurami doesn't get hurt. I honestly don't care in the slightest what happens to my family or that kingdom, because they're a bunch of stuck-up pricks who can all die and rot in hell. [giggles and does a "Silly Me" Gesture]
Steph: [Blue with Shock] Wow, Feel, that's a bit harsh, don'cha think?

    Comic Books 

"Gods... are vain and vengeful creatures. Always have been. The mortals who've worshiped us for centuries would be better off without us. We gods do not deserve their love, no matter how much we fight to fool ourselves. We are all unworthy."
Thor Odinson, The Unworthy Thor

"The gods are such petty fools. None moreso than me."
Loki, Thor (2014)



Jake: And what did Cassie ask you to do?
Karen/Aftran-942: To make what small peace I could. To let this host body go free. And never to take another human host.
Jake: You'll do this?
Karen/Aftran-942: Yes.
Rachel: <Yeah, that's real likely.>
Jake: Why will you do it? Why?
Karen/Aftran-942: We are not all like Visser Three. Some of us are just little Yeerks, unimportant nobodies who are caught in this war. Some of us also want peace. Some of us want to find a better way.
Animorphs #19: The Departure

"I cannot abide how my race has become. They are too polite, too refined, too precious. Ha! I remember when elves used to laugh and fight like ordinary creatures. Now they have become so withdrawn, some seem to have no more emotion than a marble statue!"

Upon my return, my family welcomed me, fed me, clothed me, and gave me my own personal slave. I accepted the young Chev, but it occurred to me that he was acting to me as I had acted to Jabba. From being a servant, I knew what it meant to be a slave.
We are the slaves, to our own laziness, to our own comforts. We are nothing more than parasites, feeding on the lives of our fellows. This must stop.
Ephant Mon, Star Wars: The Essential Guide To Species

    Live Action TV 

"Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen - they're still in the nursery compared to us. Ten million years of absolute power. That's what it takes to be really corrupt."
The Doctor, Doctor Who, "The Ultimate Foe"

    Video Games 

Bethany: Do you ever wish you lived in Orzammar?
Varric: Great Ancestors, no! You know what Orzammar is? It's cramped tunnels filled with nug-shit and body odor, and every person there thinks he's better than you because his great-great-great-grandfather made a water clock or something.
Bethany: But they're your people. Don't you ever wonder what it would be like?
Varric: I have a good imagination. Why would I waste it on that?

"And we Wampiry, who believed ourselves elevated from humans, have proved ourselves so wrong. An eternity of luxury was no longer enough for us. The bloodline grows thinner, and more violent and reckless, the children turn on our name. As brutish and stupid as young men, as vain and temperamental as young girls. They draw attention upon us all, reignite old rivalries. The elders become insane with paranoia that they will be cannibalised in their sleep. What I speak of now was happening centuries ago. Since then? Pah. Look outside. Behold the glory of the Wampiry."

Qyzen Fess: Is often problem for my people to travel. Ships do not like Trandoshan passengers. Often captains say we must pay more, or tell to sleep in cargo hold.
Jedi Consular: It's shameful such a thing happens in the Republic.
Qyzen Fess: Is fault of some Trandoshans. Thugs, have no honour or goodness. Make worse for everyone.

Orlok: Such bravery is beyond us, Nufai. We destroy monuments that races greater than us have created. We're not a civilization; we're a disease.
Nufai: Careful, commander. Your words contain much danger.
Orlok: The truth must be spoken — our path has no future. But if I hear you speaking it, Nufai, I'll slit your throat.
Universe at War: Earth Assault


Haley: Hey, wait a minute. Aren't dark elves evil?
Nale: Oh, my, no. Not since they became a player race. Now the whole race consists of nothing but Chaotic Good rebels, yearning to throw off the reputation of their evil kin.
Haley: Evil kin? Didn't you just say they were all Chaotic Good?
Nale: Details.


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