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  • Weapons: monkeys on fire, bomb-dropping bats and war pigs.
  • The term polymath is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas.
    • Jean Cocteau: a French poet, playwright, novelist, filmmaker, dramatist, designer, diarist, ballet scenarist, illustrator, painter, ceramicist and even stain glass maker. And boxing manager and talent manager, too.
    • Woody Allen, according to Wikipedia is: "an award-winning American film director, writer, actor, jazz musician, comedian, and playwright". And a philanthropist.
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    • According to the artist info for these cat headphones "Traci Medeiros-Bagan is an avid vegan feminist artist that believes in the power of reclaiming home crafts and mixing mediums to create unique handmade products that reject conformity and add to the Handmade/DIY Revolution!"
    • Takeshi Kitano is a Japanese comedian, television personality, director, actor, author, poet, screenwriter, songwriter, and, one time, video game designer.
    • Benjamin Franklin. Founding Father of the United States of America... and inventor of the lightning rod, among many other crafts!
    • Maya Angelou: author, poet, dancer, actress, and singer. She has over 50 honorary degrees, and Presidential Medal of Freedom, a Grammy, and a whole lot more.
    • Julie d'Aubigny, noble-born alcoholic crossdressing fugitive-swordswoman/duelist openly bisexual promiscuous seductress, actress, and opera singer.
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    • The term "Renaissance Man" has also been used to describe polymaths, as some of the more famous Renaissance-era men tended to be polymaths. Leonardo da Vinci was both a painter and an inventor in a wide range of studies including medicine, architecture and even what we would now call robotics. Michelangelo was a painter, sculptor, and architect. Galileo was an astronomer and worked on improving several astronomical charting devices such as telescopes and compasses. Nicolaus Copernicus may take the cake though. He was an astronomer, jurist, mathematician, artist, translator, governor, diplomat, economist, a scholar of the classics, physician and topped it off by speaking four languages.
  • The Curse of DarKastle ride at Busch Gardens Williamsburg takes the riders through a castle haunted by a werewolf ghost.
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  • The imagined arch-enemy of Francis E. Dec was Worldwide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God. Among C. God's servants are Infrared Cursader Priests.
  • The Curiosity rover qualifies. It's a robot the size of a small car, armed with a laser designed to vaporize rocks, that was lowered onto the surface of Mars using a sky-crane. To look for aliens.
  • This "Brian Kid".
  • Voytek the soldier bear, a Nazi-killing, hard-drinking and smoking bear that fought for the Polish army.
  • Chinese armies in World War II. Due to the Nationalists receiving aid from USA, Britain, France, Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany (for fighting Communists) and with the Communists receiving aid from (again) the USA, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union, their soldiers wore a kitbash of equipment. Therefore, it was possible to find a Nationalist soldier in a German Steel Helmet, wearing a British uniform, using an American submachine gun, and having a local Chinese made copy of a German pistol in some holster around him, receiving air support from Soviet-made Tupolev bombers.
    • Chinese guerillas take it a bit further by using captured Japanese weapons.
    • To put that into perspective the Chinese used every small arm available in the Second World War.
    • Even the weapons themselves were mash-ups. One Chinese warlord had his soldiers use the German C96 as a sidearm but had a surplus of .45 ACP for his copies of American Thompson SMG's. Thus he created the Shanxi Type 17, a C96 in the .45 caliber. A Chinese-made version of a German-made pistol firing an American-made pistol cartridge.
  • Mother Angelica, more commonly known on the internet as the pirate nun.
  • And Samuel Pallache, the Moroccan rabbi-pirate.
  • Continuing the tradition of religious pirates were the Knights of Saint John. As if their origins as monks who were also Crusaders wasn't trope worthy enough, beginning in the fifteenth century they built a fleet and started pirating ships from Muslim and Protestant countries. So they were Monk/Knight/Pirates.
  • The vampire squid, an actual animal that lives in the deep ocean. The squid's scientific name is Vampyroteuthis infernalis, which means "vampire squid from hell". That's right: you get a vampire, a demon and a squid all in one convenient package.
    • It's harmless, though. Don't let the spiky cape-tentacles fool you.
    • Interestingly, the vampire squid is considered neither a squid nor an octopus. It's the single surviving member of the order Vampyromorphida, though it shares physical similarities to both.
    • it is also not a hematophagous animal (that is, it doesn't feed on blood) so it's not a vampire either, the "vampire" name comes from the fleshy spines on its tentacles (which are soft and actually harmless).
  • The Pirate Castle, London
  • Hobart's Funnies, a modified tank division from WWII. Go to "designs" and read on - it starts out with a flame-thrower tank and things get even more awesome from there.
  • The LeMat revolver, a Confederate pistol that combined Revolvers Are Just Better, Shotguns Are Just Better, and Hand Cannon into one convenient package. A favorite weapon of Confederate general J.E.B. Stuart.
  • The 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies featured Celtic Tap-dancing Punk Fiddle players.
  • Robosaurus the robot dinosaur, and its various imitators.
  • A peace-loving fellow in Santa Barbara has trained his cat to ride his dog and his rat to ride his cat. The resulting triple-decker pet stack regularly appears on YouTube and Animal Planet.
  • GNU Emacs not only lets you edit text, but you can also compile a program and receive your e-mail while chatting on IRC and playing Tetris. And you can download thousands of extensions from the Internet...
  • Look at any (voice) actor's career, and imagine them as a mashup of characters they've played. For example: Fred Tatasciore is a cross-dressing schizophrenic corporate executive psychic zombie robot prison warden brainwashed villain-slash-assassin man-fish that you shouldn't make angry.
  • Manny Pacquiao, the eight-division champion boxer/singer/actor/congressman/basketball player/coach/senator. We're not making this up, especially the senator part.
  • Real historical ninjas usually associated themselves with particular warlords. Now, those who were unlucky enough to service warlords on the losing side often ended up getting kicked out from their home villages and in general become outlaw and brigands. Some of them, especially those who specialized in water-based guerrilla warfare, ended up pursuing... piracy. That's right. Real, historical ninja-pirates.
    • Ninja-pirates almost certainly did exist in Japan during the 16th century, given the number of Wokou raids to Korea during that period.
    • Hattori Hanzo. This legendary ninja considered ninjutsu and ninja-ism a secondary profession, he's more of a front-line soldier in service of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Funny that his secondary profession is the one that gets infamous.
  • Depending on which rumors/stories/theories/books you believe, Christopher Marlowe was a playwriting Catholic gay atheist double-agent spy who came back from the dead to write William Shakespeare's plays.
  • The Platypus. Part beaver, part duck, part lizard, mildly venomous. All Australian.
  • Modern pentathlon, which features fencing, swimming, horse riding, cross-country racing and shooting (the last two, in the same event since 2009) in the same day.
  • The British De Havilland Mosquito and its German rival, the Junkers Ju 88, were this. High-speed bombers, dive-bombers, high-altitude bombers, reconnaissance aircraft, bomber-destroying heavy fighters, radar-equipped night fighters...the sheer number of roles and variants these two World War Two stalwarts covered would fill a whole book. The Mosquito was an extremely fast airplane thanks to its powerful engines and a fuselage made of plywood and balsa, cranking this trope Up to Eleven.
  • The Lockheed AC-130 is originally a C-130 Hercules cargo/airlift plane. Then you add Gatling guns, an autocannon, and a howitzer, turning it into a ground-attack plane. Then you add the Mother of All Bombs, because even a freakin' B-52 doesn't have a bomb bay that can fit it—but the cargo bay can! And if you don't carry too many giant bombs, you can still use it for minor airlift duties.
    • AC-130 was preceded by AC-47, the gunship version of the DC-3 cargo plane. It was not the first fighting variant of the type, as it was routinely modified to serve as bombers during World War II, while still carrying cargo.
    • Similarly, the Mi-24 "Hind" is a modified Mi-8 transport helicopter. Up-armored with hard-point wings attached to it, the Mi-24 is the only attack helicopter in the world that can not only shoot up vehicles and buildings and kill tanks, but carry troops and equipment, rescue downed helicopter crews, and relocate carrying its own spare parts. It may not be as efficient at individual tasks as specialized gunships and transports, but the sheer versatility of this metal monster has helped it in battle again and again.
  • The Gallowglass are what happened when Vikings landed in Scotland and started interbreeding with the local Celts, essentially making them Viking Highlanders, which is awesome enough by itself, but then they got hired by the famous Irish privateer, Grace O'Malley which made them Viking Highlander Pirates!
  • Destroyers were conceived in the late XIX century as small, expendable ships designed to protect larger ships of attacks by torpedo boatsnote . By World War II, however, destroyers had become larger and less expendable multi-purpose vessels whose original escort role had been extended during World War I and the previous decades to deal with aircraft, submarines, and to attack with torpedoes enemy ships.
  • The Pancor Jackhammer is an automatic bullpup shotgun revolver.

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