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  • [adult swim] once spent a week talking about a hypothetical battle between a flying shark and a flying crocodile.
    • Aqua Teen Hunger Force features The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future. The outrageous stories he tells also fall under this trope. In his first appearance, his stories are about a war between toy-making elves from "the red planet" and a large prehistoric ape who is actually Santa Claus (and for some reason, he also explains where baby robots come from). In his second appearance, he talks about hyper-evolved chickens who take over the world in the future.
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  • Marceline from Adventure Time is a Half-Demon Vampire rock star.
  • The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 had (in the episode of the same name) "Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas", four of the Koopalings turned into giant ninjas in order to kidnap Prince Huge of Giant Land.
  • One reviewer for Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers explained the Myth Arc as "Space Cowboys versus Space Zombies - how did this show not catch on?!"
  • The Adventures of T-Rex is an early 90s co-production between USA and Japan born after the success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The series is set In a World... populated by anthropomorphic dinosaurs and reptiles, based on The Roaring '20s in America. The main characters are five Tyrannosaurus twins who act in a vaudeville show... but They Fight Crime!, too! They have a secret identity as the vigilante group T-REX, complete with Rexmobile and matching outfits a la Super Sentai (one should remember this show is half-Japanese). Each one of them has a power based on a different body part, and their American voice actors are imitating celebrities, from Bing Crosby to Humphrey Bogart. Let me rephrase that: comedian Tyrannosaurus quintuplets celebrity impersonators — who are also transforming superheroes — fight against dinosaur gangsters and mob bosses. How come nobody remembers this?
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  • As noted by Malory, Archer features Ray Gilette, a crippled gay hillbilly spy
    Ray: To reiterate, I am paralyzed!
    Cyril: Well, join a support group.
    Malory: For who? Crippled gay hillbilly spies? There's a niche.
  • An episode of Atomic Puppet sees Joey and AP fight a Pterodactyl-Ninja-Knight created by a time travel vortex.
  • Parodied in Avatar: The Last Airbender. All animals in the fictional setting are the combination of two or more real life animals; e.g., bat-wolves, platypus-bears, duck-turtles. The king of the Earth Kingdom is holding a party in honour of his pet bear, Bosco, and sends out invitations, the main characters, when reading the invitation, ask whether it's a string of bear hybrids. When they are told it's just a simple plain bear, they find the concept 'just weird'.
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold:
    Plastic Man: Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Because I'm seeing gorillas, riding pterodactyls... with harpoon guns... stealing a boat.
    • The show also has a scene where Batman teams up with Vampire Batman, Cowboy Batman, Psychic Batman, Robot Batman, Gorilla Batman, and Space Batman. Words cannot describe how awesome it was.
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    • Later, we got Batman being chased by skiing ninjas with lasers.
  • More scary than cool, but The Batman vs. Dracula has Vampire Joker, which is at least as disturbing as you would think. The fact that the character in question is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson adds some awesome, however.
  • Biker Mice from Mars: As the title implies, the three main characters are Martian mice who ride motorcycles. In addition, Modo has a robotic arm, which makes him a Martian biker mouse cyborg.
  • The Black Cauldron: Horned King is somewhere at the cross of demon, lich, evil sorcerer, The Conqueror and Immortality Seeker, and The Undead in general. Sure, it's all in the same general vicinity, but sources just can't agree on what he is. His horns and blazing red eyes make him look like a demon, but he looks like some sort of human undead (he is specifically referred to as a man during the movie, but nothing is ever done to try and explain the horns)… Spin-off material sometimes call him a "demon king", but Internet posited he was a lich, which he certainly looks like one, except that he doesn't have any visible phylactery. The whole thing was helped by two decisions: first, he's a Composite Character of Evil Sorcerer Evil Overlord Big Bad Arawn from the original novel, and the original Horned King, a very living The Conqueror. However, the latter was wearing a skull-like mask, which the Disney studios made into a real Skull for a Head, starting the notion that he is an undead.
  • The Bots Master had cookbots, sports bots, and yes, a ninja bot.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door: the KND once had to face an A.D.U.L.T in a 10 foot-tall, heavily armored mechanized suit with guns, missiles, and two flaming chainsaws.
  • The very first Monster of the Week from Courage the Cowardly Dog was "The Chicken from Outer Space", who was obviously an Alien Chicken. In a later episode, he somehow returns Back from the Dead, and has now become a roasted chicken without a head; so he's a Headless Zombie Alien Chicken. He also has some offspring, known only as the "Son of the Chicken From Outer Space", who also happens to be a trio of Conjoined Triplets; which would make them a Three-Headed Alien Chicken!
  • Dexter's Laboratory used this in the Show Within a Show/Three Shorts companion, The Justice Friends, combining hard rock legend Eddie Van Halen with The Mighty Thor to create "Val Hallen, the Viking God of Rock." Easily the coolest super hero in history, except possibly "Monkey" the superpowered monkey from the same show.
  • Dino-Riders: Two races of aliens fighting with high-tech weapons while riding dinosaurs!
  • The Dinosaur Train
  • In "Monster Bash Surprise" from Esme & Roy, Fig is originally dressed up as a star for a costume party, but after seeing other costumes, suddenly can't choose what costume she wants to wear. She eventually ends up combining elements of several costumes, including the original star, a ballerina, a firefighter, a superhero and a witch.
  • Filmation's Ghostbusters cartoon had the villainous minions Scared Stiff and Long John Scarechrome. The former is a robot ghost that resembles a skeleton and the latter is a technology-themed ghost pirate from the future.
  • Hilariously parodied on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, with Bloo's ridiculously over the top contest film T-Rexatron Alienwolf 3: A Prequel in Time: The Unrelenting.
  • Freaktown has a recurring character named Wereshark, a werewolf who is also a great white shark.
  • Futurama:
    • Ford ThunderCougarFalconBird.
    • And then there's also General Major Webelo Zapp Brannigan.
  • Predictably, the show Gargoyles contains gargoyles, including samurai gargoyles and gargoyle-bots. The undisputed winner, however, is Coldstone, an undead cyborg gargoyle. An undead cyborg gargoyle with three souls in one body! Souls which, incidentally, have a Sibling Triangle. Also the Mutates, who are human-cat-bat-eel hybrid mutants designed to look like gargoyles.
  • G.I. Joe: Renegades: They start with Bio-Vipers, then we get mech-suits, so it was inevitable they would create Mech-Vipers.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy:
    • Hoss Delgado, Spectral Exterminator, who is a cross between Ash from Evil Dead and Snake Plissken. He had an artificial hand whose main function is a chainsaw shooting crossbow.
    • Irwin, who's 1/2 mummy, 1/4 vampire, and 22/7 nerd, which is a result of having Dracula as a grandfather, a dhampyr as a father, and a mummy as a mother.
    • The Grand Finale movie, "Wrath of the Spider Queen," has the title character, a half-woman, half-spider alien who was born on Spider Planet in Galaxy Omega 9, but currently resides in the Underworld. But then, the Final Boss turns out to be even weirder, as he's a half-spider, half-bull god of anger from the same planet, imprisoned in a milk carton.
  • Played with in the Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 episode, "Battleship 5", prior to some butt-kicking:
    Zoom: Hey, let's play Pirate! NINJA STYLE!
    • And also parodied in a ''Simpsons'' comic book as "Mutant Nunchuk Sewer Frogs".
  • The Invader Zim episode "Zim Eats Waffles" features a flesh-eating robot demon squid that summons an army of cyborg zombie soldiers. Other episodes have mention of similar things, for example laser weasels and a mongoose dog (although the latter was courtesy of the series Cloud Cuckoo Lander).
  • Shendu from Jackie Chan Adventures is a Draconic Demon Sorcerer. For most of the 2nd and 3rd seasons, Shendu is also an undead spirit, which would make him a Ghostly Dragon Demon Sorcerer as well. And that doesn't even scratch the surface with other demonic creatures in this show, which includes Shendu's family; his son, brothers, and sisters all look rather different, some being a Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot in their own right. Especially his son Drago after he absorbs the powers of all his uncles and aunts, turning into a freaky Hybrid Monster in the process.
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes:
    • Among Heloise's inventions are giant robot clowns and a cyborg Giant Spider.
    • There was also the episode "Snowrilla" which features Jimmy and Beey meeting the titular creature: A two-headed yeti that snowboards (though he talks like a Surfer Dude).
  • Jonny Quest: Zartan's henchman, Scorpio, in "The Monolith Man", who was a fat cyborg mummy.
  • A minor case in Julius Jr.: In the episode "Dressed for Spook-cess", Sheree's Halloween costume is a "Pirate-Robot-Fairy".
  • In one episode of Kaeloo, Stumpy tries to play a game with a bunch of figurines called "ninja terrorists".
  • Kim Possible:
    • Monkey ninjas, and Mystical Monkey Powers. Really, monkeys are awesome.
    • And in one of the video games, robot monkey ninjas.
      • One episode went out of its way to invoke this with "Monkey Ninjas IN SPACE!". (The best thing about it was the title.) In a later episode, a director independently tries to use it as a movie idea, only to be shut down with a "been there, done that" reaction.
    • The Samurai Gorillas from "Gorilla Fist".
    • Sumo Ninja.
  • Captain Metalbeard from The LEGO Movie is a Cyborg Pirate Transforming Mecha with Arm Cannons and a Shark arm. He pretty much runs on the Rule of Cool.
  • Marvel's Spider-Man: The Man-Wolf episode. The crystal affects the guest hero at the climax, so Spidey and friends have to deal with a Hulk-Wolf.
  • The Mega Man series featured many unique robots, including some mentioned on the Video Games page, but "Night of the Living Monster Bots" deserves special recognition.
  • Megas XLR features another example of zombie robots in the episode "Junk in the Trunk." Guess no combination is truly impossible.
  • Discussed in Milo Murphy's Law, about a Show Within a Show based on Doctor Who.
    Melissa: How can he be a TimeTraveler, and an alien, and a cyborg?
    • The show also includes Time Ape, a "trans-chronological being" who looks like an ape with a clock for a head and is the above-mentioned time-traveling alien cyborg's brother, somehow.
  • My Little Pony Friendshipis Magic: The Changelings are Insectoid Alicorn Succubi, King Sombra is a Living Shadow Demon Unicorn, and Tirek is a Centaur Ape Devil.
  • The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh had one episode where the heroes had to deal with a gang of horse thieves. They weren't called that for stealing horses but for being thieves and horses.
  • The Powerpuff Girls:
    • In "Him Diddle Riddle", HIM threatens to dump Ms. Keane into "this vat of boiling sharks" if the girls can't solve one of his challenges in time.
    • One episode featured Abracadaver, the zombie magician, as a Monster of the Week.
    • In "Imaginary Fiend", the Girls think up their own imaginary friend to fight Mike Believe's mischievous Not-So-Imaginary Friend Patches. After a bit of debate, the girls pool their ideas together (Buttercup wants it to be strong and tough, Blossom wants it to be smart, and Bubbles wants it to be cute) and come up with a Genius Bruiser anthropomorphic bunny in a floral-print dress and combat boots.
  • In one episode of ReBoot, one game crashed, and the User loaded another game on top of it, resulting in a mishmash of a dinosaur adventure and a military game, notably including Pterodactyl jets and a Tankasaurus Rex.
  • Robot Chicken: "Space pirate monkey! From Pluto!"
  • Samurai Jack:
  • Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! featured ghosts of a Yeti, Mr. Hyde, and a werewolf.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Mentioned when Homer stood up against Mr. Burns:
      Mr. Burns: I suggest you leave immediately.
      Homer: Or what? You'll release the dogs? Or the bees? Or the dogs with bees in their mouths, and when they bark they shoot bees at you?note 
    • In a deleted scene, Burns goes on to sic a robotic Richard Simmons on Homer.
    • In a film of "McBain", the titular hero comes under attack by "Commie Nazis" flying planes with an insignia which features the Nazi Swastika and the Soviet Hammer and Sickle on top of each other.
    • In "Future-Drama," the future has several Forbidden Zones. One has flying, man-eating uni-clams guarding Burns' manor.
    • Poochie from Itchy and Scratchy is intended to be this, as he introduces himself as being "half Joe Camel and a third Fonzarelli, I'm a kung-fu hippie, from gangsta city, I'm a rappin' surfer." Also Mr. T. ("You the fool I pity.") However, he's actually a very unpopular character because of this, and annoys the viewers, the former Trope Namer for The Poochie (now Shoo Out the New Guy).
  • South Park:
    • There was a fabled discussion (among the members of KORN) over whether the apparitions of the episode were pirates who died and became ghosts, or ghosts who died and became pirates.
    • In one of the episode commentaries, an idea for an episode was mentioned involving a zombie werpechaun, or a leprechaun that was bit by a vampire and a werewolf who then died and came back as a zombie.
    • One news report was given by a midget in a bikini. Another was given by a Japanese man who looked kind of like Ricardo Montalbán.
    • Manbearpig. Half man. Half bear.... Half pig. No, it's actually half man, half bear-pig. (Or is that half pig, half bear-man?)
    • The "wizard alien" from "Sexual Healing." In this episode, the American government is trying to figure out what caused the "recent" trend of successful men having affairs with lots of women. Instead of just admitting that this kind of thing has happened throughout history and that most men have similar urges, the government blames it on a wizard alien living in Independence Hall. When a soldier calls BS on this, the other soldiers take him away, dress him up as a wizard alien, and have Kyle and Butters shoot him dead.
    • But all this pales in comparison to "Imaginationland", a mythical realm where every fictional character ever created in history lives together in some sort of Toontown on steroids. Their "Council of Nine" alone includes Luke Skywalker, Morpheus from The Matrix, Wonder Woman and Popeye. And where else could you see Santa Claus slaughtering Captain Hook?
  • Speed Racer: The Next Generation turns Chim-Chim into a ROBOT MONKEY. Read that again.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants, in "The Idiot Box", mentions Robot Pirate Island, and Squidward wants to arm wrestle with cowboys on the moon. Sadly, Robot Pirate Island turns out to be an island where robots fight pirates, not an island full of robot pirates, making it instead an example of a related trope.
  • There's an episode in Star Wars: The Clone Wars that has three Jedi and a bunch of clone troopers fight alien bug warriors who are also zombies.
  • Most of the combat in Storm Hawks is swordfighting done on flying motorcycle-biplane hybrids.
  • The title says it all: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
  • TaleSpin combined Talking Animals, Indiana Jones-styled adventures, dogfighting, Screwball Comedy, and exercises in Film Noir, Hammer Horror, zany schemes gone awry, and even its fair share of drama along the way, featuring characters from The Jungle Book (1967) fighting Air Pirates.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Transformers started with perfectly normal giant alien Transforming Mecha, but it escalated fast, with pirate robots, ninja robots, and zombie robots. It seems Mechanical Lifeforms can in fact become undead enough to qualify as zombies. This trope is almost Transformers' raison d'etre.
    • The Dinobots were the first example of escalation - Fire-breathing Transforming Mecha robot dinosaurs.
    • The Transformers: The Movie, which is about 80s-Futuristic Transforming Mecha with Viking-Helmet-Heads fighting Robot-Squids of two different kinds (and members of one kind of Robot-Squid have five faces each) has Unicron, a Robot Satan.
    • Primus, Unicron's Good Counterpart and the Transformers' creator in-fiction. Transforming Mecha Physical God Planet-sized Reality Warper robot loaded with More Dakka that's all BFGs and Hand Cannons and also turns into a planet, once seen Dual Wielding moons as Epic Flails and also once seen using a Cool Starship as a Wave-Motion Gun to close an Omnicidal Magic Black Hole.
    • Bludgeon, from G1 and the Revenge of the Fallen toyline, is a Dual Wielding Dem Bones Samurai Robot.
      • His Mirror Universe counterpart, however, is a cowboy tank.
      • A design for an Animated incarnation of the character (intended for the unproduced 4th season) made him a pirate robot tank with an undead motif.
    • Transformers Animated doesn't disappoint when messing with the Rule of Cool:
      • Prowl - a Robot-Ninja. He's a Friend to All Living Things, an alien, has Cool Shades, and his transformation is a cop's motorcycle. He has been a medic, a Bounty Hunter, a zombie, a Samurai, psychic, almost dead, a ghost in the machine, on the moon, can use an Improvised Weapon, and ended his career as an actual ghost.
      • Lockdown - his Robot-Pirate rival. He's a full-time bounty hunter, he collects trophies of his captures, his alt mode is a huge muscle car that's a mashup between a '60s Cougar and an '80s Corvette, he has what a human would call tattoos, a hook, a chainsaw, his own spaceship, and has worn a robot sized poncho. On the moon. He seems to also gain new abilities every time we see him — but then, he is a sucker for upgrades. He was designed to look a little like an undertaker with a skull for a head.
      • Lockdown is probably the closest literal use of this trope you can get. He trained as a ninja, has the whole pirate bounty-hunter theme going on, attaches robot corpse parts to himself, thus being part zombie, and is a robot.
    • Transformers: Prime inevitably brings its own combos:
      • The new, even explodier incarnation of Wheeljack, a Samurai Cowboy Robot who specialises in dual katana and grenades. As if that weren't enough, he's also an Ace Pilot — by virtue of shooting down 'cons while flying his spaceship, rather than just being a spaceship.
      • Transformers Prime is the first Transformers continuity to use genuine Robot Zombies, not just some form of mind control. So I guess that's the complete set then?
      • Transformers Prime manages to kick things up another notch in the movie: Undead Dragons that are Transforming Mecha from Outer Space.
    • Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) proves that Transformers hasn't gone all the way yet. It doesn't just have everybody's favourite fire-breathing robot dinosaur (who is also being ridden by Optimus Prime in the style of a medieval knight with a gun-sword half the size of his body). And robots with trenchcoats and robot samurais and robot ninjas. Almost all of the Decepticons are now Predacons, their mech forms based on animals that range from Robot Wolves, to Robot Crabs and Moose. And it's not subtle like Beast Wars - they often have a vehicle mode on top of their mech forms.
  • At some point in the '90s, there was a CG show called Van-Pires. In this show, the protagonists would fuse with various vehicles to combat other vehicles who turned into giant robots who woke up after dark drained normal vehicles of fuel (the Vanpires in question). They did every Saturday morning cliche in the book, but... man, mid-'90s CG cyborg car robot vampire hunters!
  • The Venture Bros.:
    • In the episode "Eeny Meeny Miney... Magic!", Brock Samson's Joy Can vision includes ninjas raining from the sky, cowboys with flamethrowers riding Tyrannosaurs, polar bears on motorcycles, and SCUBA divers with machine guns. And he has to fight them all. And he kills them all, winding up on a mountain of ninja/cowboy/dinosaur/bear corpses.
    • In the episode "Shadowman 9: In the Cradle of Destiny", the Monarch narrates one of his early attacks on the Venture compound, attributing his failure to Venture's "army of ex-navy seal cyborg ninja witches". The simultaneous flashback shows, however, that he was defeated by Venture's lone bodyguard Myra. Helper helped too...
      "These guys like their system. It's what they do. You take that away and you are looking at a bunch of pissed off nutbags with ray-guns and giant... I dunno, a giant octopus/tank with laser-eyes"
    • Fakeout: "Hey, it's that ghost pirate! Who's not a ghost. Or even a pirate, really."
    • Then there's the time Brock had to fight those Vatican karate gorillas...


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