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Nightmare Fuel / Dredd

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  • Ma-Ma's gang catches three rogue dealers on their turf and decides to make an example of them. Ma-Ma orders them skinned alive and thrown from the top floor of the buildings atrium 200 floors up. Ma-Ma's Lieutenant, Kay, suggests they be dosed with the drug Slo Mo before throwing them off. The drug would artificially prolong the suffering during their fall to the bottom floor by altering their perception of time to a fraction of what they would normally experience.
  • Clan Techie getting his eyes gouged out by Ma-Ma. She personally gouges his eyes out with her thumbs without any medical aide or anesthetic while he is forcefully held down by some of her goons. His high-pitched wails make your skin crawl and his cybernetic prosthetic replacements after the fact appear red rimmed and sore.
  • Dredd's very first execution involves him firing a "Hot Shot" flare into the open mouth of a criminal holding a woman hostage. The mans face and head are brightly lit in a reddish hue as the flare quickly burns him to death from inside his mouth and face and then his head. He collapses slowly to the floor with his face partially charred and a puff of smoke gushing from the back of his head.
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  • The page image is taken from Ma-Ma's backstory, where she had just castrated her pimp after she cut him up. The prequel comic steps it up a notch, where she gets him to take a dose of Slo-Mo first, dragging out the pain from his perspective.

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