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Nightmare Fuel / Dredd

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Dredd surpassed its 1995 predecessor in every way imaginable - especially when it comes to scare factor.

  • Ma-Ma's gang catches three rogue dealers on their turf and decides to make an example of them. Ma-Ma orders them skinned alive and thrown from the top floor of the building's atrium 200 floors up. Ma-Ma's Lieutenant, Kay, suggests they be dosed with the drug Slo-Mo before throwing them off. The drug artificially prolongs the suffering during their fall to the bottom floor, by altering their perception of time to a fraction of what they would normally experience. The sickening wet splatters as their mutilated corpses hit the ground, and the terrified reactions of the onlookers below — including a woman with a pushchair who narrowly avoids being hit by the first body — do nothing to help.
  • The Clan Techie getting his eyes gouged out by Ma-Ma. She personally gouges his eyes out with her thumbs without any medical aide or anesthetic while he is forcefully held down by some of her goons. His high-pitched wails make your skin crawl and his cybernetic prosthetic replacements after the fact appear red rimmed and sore. Any time she's near him, it's clear that he's terrified out of his mind.
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  • Dredd's very first execution involves him firing a "Hot Shot" flare into the open mouth of a criminal holding a woman hostage. The man's face and head are brightly lit in a reddish hue as the flare quickly burns him to death from inside his mouth and face and then his head. He collapses slowly to the floor with his face partially charred and a puff of smoke gushing from the back of his head.
  • The time it takes for the food court to recover from the shooting? Thirty minutes. A floor-sweeper casually pushes aside a dead Fattie — yes, that is what they are actually called — as it mops up blood. The bodies are collected in a bin for resyk like they were dirty laundry.
  • The page image is taken from Ma-Ma's backstory, where she had just castrated her pimp with her teeth after she cut him up. The prequel comic steps it up a notch, where she gets him to take a dose of Slo-Mo first, dragging out the pain from his perspective.
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  • Ma-Ma brings out the big guns on Dredd. Literally. Dredd makes it out alive, but dozens to hundreds of citizens, including those with families, do not.
    Dredd: Oh, shit...
    Ma-Ma: FIRE!
  • This exchange:
    Kay:Like what am I thinking about right now? (imagines himself having rough sex with Anderson.)
    Anderson: You're picturing a violent sexual liaison between the two of us in a pointless attempt to shock me.
    Kay: You're good. But I wasn't trying to shock you. If I was trying to shock, I'd be thinking about this... (imagines himself doing... something involving heavy breathing)
    Anderson: (pistol-whips Kay) What are you thinking about now, huh?
  • Just to bring home just how much of a monster Ma-Ma is, she has no qualms against infanticide - including the use of Child Soldiers.
    Child Soldier: (crying) Why did it have to be us who found him first?
  • Anderson's Mind Rape of Kay, full stop. She lures him into a state of false confidence by letting him use his gun on her (he misses at point-blank range), before undressing and going down on him... only to morph into Ma-Ma, who emasculates him instead. All of this happens inside his head. Kay is so utterly terrified that he pisses himself.
  • Kay tries to execute Anderson with her own Lawgiver. When he pulls the trigger, the gun does not recognize the user's DNA. Boom. Kays hand is blown to bloody chunks all over the room.
    Kay: Any last words, bitch?
    Anderson: Funny, I was going to ask you the same thing. Bitch.
  • Judge Lex sums up the setting very well:
    Judge Lex: You know what Mega City One is, Dredd? It's a fucking meat grinder. People go in one end, meat comes out the other... and all we do is turn the handle.
  • Mega City One's status as a Wretched Hive has never been better portrayed. Citizens react to vehicular shootouts like it's no big deal, public shootings are treated like technical difficulties that just need to be cleaned up — terrified citizens are told where to find other restaurants after a massacre at a food court — and the film's entire premise is referred to as just another "drug bust", showing the sheer scale of crime facing the Judges each day.
    Dredd: Perps were... uncooperative.
    • Early on, it's established that there's so many crimes in Mega-City One that the Judges can only respond to 6% of them.


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